How/can you put flash movies/animations on iPage?

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Got a quick question: How/can you put flash movies/animations on iPage? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. I was wondering, following on from my earlier thread regarding taking up cheap transfer offers and stacking up the years that way, who has the longest registered domain. I dont mean owning one registered in 1997, but how far into the future it is registered for..

So anything past 2006 basically..

My longest registered HostGator expires 12th July 2009.

Anybody got more??..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I know some people registered their .net's for another 10 years using registerfly's NETSPECIAL to make it only ~$25 for 10 year reg...

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Mostly longest for me is 2 years because of the .ph registration requirements for new domains..

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Its good to lock down a HostGator and then you can forget about it and wait for offers!..

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I only register for one year at a time. May 5th, 2007...

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Same as CriminalOrigins.

My latest regged domains will last the longest. So some domains I bought yesterday will be there for 1 year and the rest will expire sooner..

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I wouldnt do it with a normal HostGator that I am hoping to sell, but the HostGator mentioned in original post, expiring 2009 is my.

Which is worth little or nothing to most people, but alot to me. Unless I received an amazing offer I want to keep this for as long as HostGator names are still needed..

As mentioned before, I take advantage of those 'special offers' for transfers, each adding a year onto the reg. Great way to add the years on!..

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I have none on long term contracts. It is best to see how the name develops in the first year before tying it down for a few years..

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I am like a lot of you's and only reg for one year into the future..

Who knows where the internet will be at in the far future or if there will even be one then?..

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Will register for a long period if we plan to develop it as part of business or something..

If we plan to sell it then will register it for only one year. we can renew it later...

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Well even my own personal developed websites that I don't plan on selling I only reg for one year. I guess it's a personal preference (never mind the end of the world - HAHA just kidding!)..

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By ICANN policy, domains can only be registered for 10 years, so you shouldn't find anything past 10 years from today's date, if done today. Therefore the longest date you could possibly find would be this date in 2016..

Network Solutions was offering a 100 year registration, where the registered for 10 years and gave you a promise to renew for another year each year automatically for another 90 years. I seriously doubt anyone took them up on it with the cost of $999 per domain..

I have a few personal domains registered to 2007 and 2009, but I don't want to have the maximum. If you were at the max of 10 years and became unhappy with a registrar, you could transfer and pay the fee, but your registration could not be extended by the year if it would exceed 10 years...

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I never thought of that - cheers!.

Interesting posts all round. I dont know why I like to register this HostGator so far in advance. Maybe it's because I have the money now and know it is a good use. I would hate to lose the net, or something happen somehow where I couldnt get online for a while, such as being in hospital etc, and then come back to find I have lost it. I guess it's more security in the mind at the end of the day...

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Hehe, I have - January 2011 expiration date! I WIN!..

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Can I crown you the winner overall then... or will we see somebody with an even longer reg!..

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Most of our HostGator names are registered for the maximum period possible, ten years in the case of .coms. We usually develop our domains and have long term business plans which involve investing considerable sums into building their brands etc. so obviously would like to keep the domains as long as possible.., for example, is registered until 30 March 2016...

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Wow, I dont think anybody can beat you two guys!.

2016... very nice indeed...

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