How can you upload ur website in iPage website?

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First question I got is How can you upload your website in iPage website? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. Have you ever count how many new domains you reg a month?.

Or do you limit yourself from registering new domains? Let's see!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I've bought over 100 today alone. I've got an excel sheet I've been collecting names on for over a year's time has arrived - I'll race you!..

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Where do you buy em? I've got papers all over the place with.

Names on them. Never thought of a spreadsheet.


You've already got me beat..

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Some weeks I'll go without regging any. I might get one or two a day every now and then, but will usually reg about 100 at a time when I do start regging...

Comment #4 is the best place for cheap bulk .ca's. Their control panel needs an overhaul but you can't beat their pricing. Their service has never let me down either in almost four years..

Edit - 10dollar - you should start paying me for dropping your name so often!..

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Depends some days I search and am lucky if I find one or two I would like to reg other days lots..

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Can you tell me how much if I bulk reg on Thanks!..

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Best to fire them an email or place a phone call and tell them how many you want to register or transfer etc. They don't seem to have anything set in writing so pitch them your deal!..

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10-25 a mo I would say....sometimes I buy more DNs than I actually reg...

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Last two days I've been registering like CRAZY , i.e 45 domains...

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On an average I register 4 domains in a month!..

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It really depends on the month and what I am searching for. Some months I will only register one or two, and some months I will register closer to 25. I don't set any limits on monthly registrations, but in general I would say I fall in the 10-25 range..


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I try to limit myself to a few a month. Under 10, if I can manage it. That way I can be sure of making quite a large profit on all the parking and suchlike..

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It depends on the domains I will find and the amount of domains I sold the previous month. Usually I have a stack of 400-700 names all the time..

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I reg around 30-50 a month.

And sell them fast...

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I have started registering more after the cctld's were launched. I could get a load of NICE domains...

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What extensions are everyone buying? I'd reg a hundred .com's a month too but there are none worth regging that often...

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By pack or per one cigarette ? .

I'm regging 2 - 3 domains in month.

But sometimes more..

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I used to reg about 3-5 names every day on average. Now maybe 1 or 2 a month. Trying to make something happen with what I've got and buying more premium names to sell...

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They sell smokes in singles? ... Only packs and cartons here....

My brand a pack is $10.50 canadian and a carton - well I can't count that

Comment #20

$10.50?! Ouch...may as well call it crack! Do you have to steal to keep the habit?! lol..

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Not yet!.

But I have to give up one habit - domains or smokes....Hmmm..

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I want to say 40 a month average theres the months I reg a lot and the ones I dont so average 40 a month...

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Seems most of us reg 0-25 a month ya...

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Definately smokes! You'll live longer and so your domains will be worth more..

Lately, I reg one HostGator every day or so so I am in the 10 - 25 catagory. I am up to over 160 domains now. Woo!..

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