How do I access my (very) old iPage site?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do I access my (very) old iPage site? Thanks in advance for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hello.

There is (still unreg.) a .com HostGator which gains over 218,000 $ at

The is 5 letter long but it is not like a single word or smthng..

Still do you think it has any value considering that $ appraisal?.

Edit: it looks more like

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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For the record, I agree with Josh. It may be worth more than reg fees and thus be a solid reg, but I wouldn't say that simply based on what Leapfish appraises it for. Using standard tactics like OVT, Google, Alexa, Link pop, other exts taken, etc...

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The way that leapfishe is currently configured high valuations tend to come more from listings. they used to have a different system where other things were taken into account such as, if it were a dictionary word etc.,.

You may find in looking up the the archive results there wasent much if any iPage site but was logged. for instance the name has 45 archive listings but when you check you will find it had been sitting dormant on a parking page on godaddy..

Look it as a tool, but not as it's actual value it can be helpful. Backlinks as someone said and alexa ranking are better indicators of traffic. If you are parking you may also want to consider keywords as well..


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I agree that these online appraisal sites are crap, but I disagree with this statement, simply because you never know what the next big thing might be... Is it a long shot??? for sure, but it is still possible....

BUT, Am I suggesting that we should all go and reg all of the 5-6 letter combos that might turn out to be some great new company some day?? nope... unless someone else is buying.....

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Any special meaning?.

I can sell you 1 at 10% of that number so that you can resell at 1000% of that number..

Good deal??..

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I own and leapfish just told me that it is worth $6,375.00.

The only reason I own this name is because it used to have OVT w/ext but it no longer does... I still get a bit of traffic and a click now and then but it does not make much....

First person to offer me $2500 gets it!..

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I actually called out a iPage site on it once, they had a "promotion" for one free appraisal, I had an ok name that I was curious about so I signed up and filled out the form, they told me it was worth aout $5,000 so I emailed back and said I was short on cash and needed a quick sale so I would sell it to them for $2000... For some reason I never heard back from them at all....

I think if you are seriously going to offer a service like that you have to back it up with cold hard cash.....

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Like so many peole said before, these automated guesstimates are useless..

I gave it a try, and some of the results were ridiculous..

I enetered a few names that I sold within the last month, and they were WAY below price (I assume because of the way the script looks at the extensions)..

On others, it gave me ridiculously high guesstimates.....

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Looks like I'm the owner of a 18k HostGator and didnt know it haha..

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LOL.. what a... whan an organisation gave you 218k appraisal ?

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Well that means there are millions worth of domains out there still unregged..then I guess everybody will be a rich domainer oredi after regging all those $XXXXXX appraised domains...

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Any name which you think you can at bottom line flip for more than reg fee you should reg...since you are not sure of even this then the appraisal is worthless isn't it?..

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Hmm... according to leapfish is worth $110, I wonder if Google know ? .

I agree with the above - automated guesstimates are useless..


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I don't think they purchased it for the HostGator name..

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LOL, I have a name I'm going to let drop that is worth $6K.

What a joke...

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