How do I access the file manager site to update my website on iPage?

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Got a question... How do I access the file manager site to update my website on iPage? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind:

I plan to set up an immigration legalization process information link site. We (in the States) are having a huge issue on our immigrant workers law..

Please advise if yo feel this name is offensinve and if so ..."howso".

Thank You.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Fonz is correct. You might want to get something more along the lines of legal immigrants, legal workers, legal worker programs, or something and leave race out of it. It's not an offensive name really, but going more generic helps because the generic terms are usually searched more anyways. Not that I'm aware of what's taken already or might be the best you can get, in which case, leave it at that and develop...

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Not offensive (Not Offendable), but not a great name for your purpose anyway..

I let a dozen immigration names expire, and think about the .us possibilities since you're obviously heading that direction.


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Agree... The .us names would be suitable for your purpose..

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Nevermind, I see this would be for employers not the employees to find legal immigrant workers..

I thought it was the other way around...

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As long as the iPage site content is factual and non-biased then I don't think this is offensive at all. The DN by itself is not too offensive either, however I am not latino nor an immagrant. Just my thoughts...

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I'd use my HostGator -

I think illegals are "offended" every time they are classified by legal/illegal status...

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Legallatinos doesn't "sound" well in spanish..

Do you like these ?:.

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Yeah, legallatinos doesnt sound well in spanish. Maybe you should find a nicer .us HostGator instead of that .com..

With respect to latin immigrants, I think it's not offensive for them anyway...

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The HostGator name sounds like it's for an adult site, not a legal immigration site...

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Thank You all for the feedback. I wont be using the names. or ..

I agree the name sounds like a "barley legal" porn site..

Thank you all again for the advice. Some good valid points taken ..


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The fault with this is that "latinos" are not from Spain (.es). They are from Latin America, which is spanish speaking countries of the Americas such as Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, etc...

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Is the name offensive, maybe to some, but it is very descriptive and if you are offended by it you will surely be more likely to remember it. I think you have a nice name on your hands...

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Thank you for the feedback. I've had 3 people suggest it sounds like porn. Yet I also agree that one way to invoke memory is to aggitate. Any opinions on what name would be better?.

Thank you again.


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If you have to ask, there is a good possibility that it will be offensive to at least some people. I'm not Latino, but I can see how someone could take offense with the name. A Latino person might find it offensive to be defined by his/her legal status, for example. If you feel on a gut level that a name might offend some people, chances are, it will. It's probably best to avoid a name like that..

Good luck on your site!..

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