How do I access the iPage web page that I started building last nite?

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Got a quick question: How do I access the iPage web page that I started building last nite? Many thanks for any response. Second question.. Just got paid for my 3rd sale...I followed the advice of one of the members(wish I could remember his/her name) and sold: for $2000.00.

I am looking forward to some future sales....

I wish everyone on NP sales as well..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Glad you did well. BTW is that US$2000 or NP$2000 ?

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Did you price the name beforehand or get an offer out of the blue? Any negotiation?..

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In a previous email, an NP member said that one way to reach an end-user was to do a search via a search engine. So, I did a search for wwrep. Using the results I came a across a company whose name was WWREP, but their HostGator name was

So, I went to their iPage site and contacted them via their CONTACT FORM with the subject "Domain Name Acquisition." My message was short and to the point. I told them how I believed my HostGator name more accurately represented their company name. Within two days I was contacted by their President and it went from there. They paid my via PayPal. Just received payment this past Monday..

I decided to approach companies whose business model revolves around "direct search." One of them them purchased six German HostGator names from me for $3,000.00($500/per domain). They did not want to pay my initial asking price. They told me they didn't want to insult me with a counter-offer. I came back with a statement that I laugh at now. I told them:.

"I do not see counter-offers as an insult, I see them as an opportunity to re-evaluate my position.".

I finalized that deal two days later...The executive I dealt with knew it was my first deal and was very patient with me. He basically had one of his colleagues walk me through the process. Consequently, I usually give them an updated listing of my domains just to let them know what I still have..

I've re-invested some of the money I've made into .mobis. Regardless, of what some people say, they will be worth more than the registration fee. I've already come up with a game plan for any of the HostGator names I MIGHT acquire(keeping my fingers crossed)..

Good luck to everyone,.


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You gave sedo $200, that was dumb, those bastards are laughing at you..

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Issues? a congratulations would suffice,.

If you have major issues with Sedo(which you clearly do) there are other threads to post in,saying that the seller has made a dumb decision and calling Sedo B*****,when all the OP is doing is reporting a good news story about their sale is not the right thing to do..

Well done Anglinn a very nice sale we would all be proud of!!!..

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I agree, it is a nice sale, I have my own issues with the system. I sincerely apologize, I did not intend to take anything away from the nice sale, again I'm sorry...

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Thank you for sharing the story with everyone. Well done being proactive in finding a buyer for your HostGator name!.

"I do not see counter-offers as an insult, I see them as an opportunity to re-evaluate my position.".

Spoken like a true professional. I love the way you said that..

Take care,.


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No need to apologize,we all have bad days,i to have issues with similiar things..

Just thought it best we didn't take the gloss of Anglinns sale..

Thanks for repyling anyway,shows real class to do that in the way you have..


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Thanks. Bob, it has been a long day, actually a long week for that matter, I kind of went off the handle which I regret having done now looking back at how immature my comments were. Anyway, thanks for understanding...

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Wow... Congrats! and thanks for sharing Your story..

Great sale!..

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I appreciate you sharing your positive experience with us. Thanks!!..

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