How do I access the Medifast menu for the Bevmax 45 and 30 vending machines?

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Got a question... How do I access the Medifast menu for the Bevmax 45 and 30 vending machines? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... Does anyone else have a problem with waiting one whole hour before drinking after eating? I have been so thursty lately it's very difficult to wait the hour. Today I went golfing and the hour seemed like a lifetime because I was doing a lot of.


......... I dont want to be a prisioner to water and have to get to the point where I have to simply sit down for that hour because I get too thirsty if I'm up and about..

Will this get any better I am two months out?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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In the beginning it probably is great advice to try and do that, but my surgeon said waiting 30 mins. is fine. I find depending on how much meat I've eaten, sometimes I feel too full to try and drink, even if thirsty. (For me that a couple oz of meat). If I've had fish or cottage cheese, etc., I find 20 minutes or so seems hard to wait..

For what it's worth, it is the hardest adjustment I've had with this entire process. I am almost 11 months post op, and I still find it tough to wait....after eating to drink...

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The reason they want you to wait an hour is because when you drink it is going to flush the Medifast food out of your stomach and you'll get hungry again, thus eating sooner than if you had waited. If you're dying of thirst, then drink, but just load up on liquids instead of eating when you get hungry again soon after that. Also, if you eat more lean proteins, you will also feel full longer..

Just be careful and try to stick to 'the rules', but when you're out exercising it's a little different.. My surgeon told me an hour, but seemed satisfied when I told him sometimes I only wait 30-45 mins...

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My doctor said 30 min is good. sometimes I just can't wait, but if I've eaten a good deal of protein, I try to force myself to wait because I do NOT want to lose my hair. The other day I decided to feel like a normal person again and I ordered a glass of iced tea with my grilled shrimp and spinach salad at Applebees (yum) After about 3 drinks I could only hold a couple of bites of the salad before I felt stuffed. I probably won't do that again.I guess they really do have good reasons for these rules and they're not just being mean.LOL..

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I was given the 30-20-30 rule. Stop drinking 30 minutes before. Eat for no longer than 20 minutes. Don't drink for 30 minutes after. I set my cell phone alarm so I don't obsess about it while I am waiting to drink..


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I guess it depends on your team. I was told we could now drink up to 10 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after. I too try to adhere to that rule just so I don't get hungry as quickly...

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As you can see, we all have a problem with it. Just do the best that you can. My dr also goes with the 30 minutes! If you are losing weight, taking your vitamins, your blood work is good and you feel finethen you just continue to try to do the best that you can!! Debbie..

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Dealing with the same exact issue myself. I find it especially hard to wait after I eat something that was salty. I heard you only had to wait 30 mins, though. I don''t time it anymore. I just don't drink while I am eating, then wait as long as I can, usually anywhere from 10-30 minutes, then I drink. If it's really bad and I must get moisture in my mouth after eating, I just take a tiny sip..

I'm so frustrated with this stupid rule, even though I know there's a reason for it. I have a hard enough time eating and getting enough fluids in, I don't care to make it anymore complicated...

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