How do I add my to my 360 profile?

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Quick question: How do I add my to my 360 profile? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Could HostGator selling go full blown mlm, where we charge to obtain.

Memberships into our world. I gotta hand it to this.

Company, pretty well thought out..



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I agree whole heartedly with that idea. I believe it would be an awesome thing if we could work together to sell each other's names to end users and take a share of the profit for our trouble. There would be a much larger number of high quality domains available to market as well. I don't know about the monthly fee though as that is the main thing that puts me off nambebuff..

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The monthly fee could be small, as in $5-10. If it was free, then everyone could join and just sit there and do nothing. Paying a fee (even a small one) means that brokers will either be active or stop brokering IMO...

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Bad idea for the long run. You would have companies getting deluged by people working for the same outfit offering up the same name at different prices - not professional at all. For many HostGator names there are only so many end users. I wouldn't want my names sold that way. If I have a name I want to sell to an end user, and can't sell it myself, I would find a single reputable broker and let them do their thing...

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Who on earth would pay a fee for the right to try and sell someone else's garbage domains at inflated prices? Endusers generally do not buy domains from cold calls, they typically know the exact domains they are interested in...

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Well, if cold calling is part of brokering a name, then I agree. I just think that a lot of us have contacts with other resellers and speculators and if we could somehow pool our talent, and focus on only premium domains, it would work. Of course a minimum profit would have to be set for the domains that are being brokered. The devil is in the details...

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With the upfront fee and a monthly fee I will pass, you can basically link to any HostGator listed at sedo or afternic with your referall code and get a cut of the action with no monthly fees for referring a buyer, would have to see the full portfolio of domains they have to sell and the minimum prices accepted to see if it could work for you I guess, if a ton of domains with reasonable prices this idea could work, but if not a ton of domains all with super high prices and 1,000 brokers trying to sell them might not be worth the fees to make an attempt...

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The NameBuff opportunity review that follows is just my humble opinion.. went the MLM route when they started up..

I haven't seen any MLM activity from the .WS crowd in quite some time so perhaps their MLM program has gone belly up..

After reviewing the NameBuff iPage site and BizOpp, I'd like to share my reaction with you for whatever it's worth :-).

NameBuff is a Wild West reseller..

NameBuff is more a BizOpp ,there's nothing MLM about it..

They claim that they have staff that search day and night to find domains..


I think they need new staff..

NameBuff says on the BizOpp page that they have between 200 and 300.

Domains that are priced to sell between $488 and $500,00..

On the main page ,they show some sample domains they own..

Do you think they put their worst names there?.

Neither do I!.

Here are the domains:.

Are these good domains that could sell for between "$488 and $500,000"?.

Not likely in our lifetime..

I don't know what criteria NameBuff uses to determine a desirable domain..

One of my criteria is demand..

If most or all the extensions are taken by different Registrants, and you can get the .Com version ,I 'd say you have a desirable name that you most likely will be able to sell...because somebody will want it..

Looking at NameBuff's list, all the names except and. ONLY have the .Com registered..

That means to me nobody wants these names..

Good luck selling them!. is Parked and For Sale.. redirects to

Could you sell for $488 to $500,000?.

If yes, I have domains I'd like you to Broker- no upfront fees!.

Now look at

Here I thought they had a gem because the .Net,.Org,.Biz and .US.

Extensions are registered..

In fact, I was going to register the .Info until....

I checked Google and all those extensions are dead. No live sites..

No Parking pages. Nothing..

Only redirects to

So I did a Who-Is for those 4 other extensions and lo and behold, they are all registered to NameBuff..

I also checked to see if IntensiveGaming is regged with any foreign extensions. Nope!.

So another so-so domain..

So... I did NOT register the .Info.

That means you can register it for under $2 or wait for RegFly's.

60 cent .Info promotion.


I'll reg it ...and you can sell it for me for between $488 and $500,000.

And I'll give you the same commission split as NameBuff...without any.

Sign-up or monthly fee..

Any takers???.

My Summary:.

Register junk domains thru a Reseller account at the discounted RegFee..

(Heck,you don't think they paid more than RegFee for any of those sample domains listed, do you?).

Get suckers, er, I mean domainers, to broker the domains for you for.

Prices far,far beyond their worth and have them pay for the privilege..

If someone can find a "mark" and does sell a name, heck, share the wealth..

Sometimes you can find a "Mark" under the Greater Fool Theory..

Charge an up-front fee so the BizOpp seems to have value..

Charge a montly fee of $12.95 so two more domains can be regged each month at discounted registration prices for the Brokers to sell..

(If the monthy broker' fee is used to pay for the domains that the broker's will sell, that may explain why it will take a year to get up to over a 1,000 domains. Heck, it takes time to find "brokers".).

If no names are sold, no commissions have to be paid..

Let the Brokers put in the time, money and effort to market and advertise these HostGator gems...meanwhile paying the monthly fees..

Sounds like a good deal... for NameBuff!.

The above is just my opinion after reviewing their Offering..

If anyone does joins, let us know how you make out..

Happy Domaining,.


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Well said, nuff said. Btw way I was wondering about the whole. thing. My sister presented this program to me and I.

Let her have it...

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