How do I add script to iPage web page?

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Quick question: How do I add script to iPage web page? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... What do you consider high OVT? 10,000? 40,000? 1,000,000?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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What about a two word .cc with over 100,000 or a one word .cc with over 40,000?..

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OVT is a good start but any ccTLD such as .cc will require work for decent traffic.. keep this in mind. OVT alone is not enough IMO...

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As OVT is going to help with Search Engines, you are still going to need to advertise the domain. You might be surprised what a little cash might do. It also never hurts to pick up a couple expired domains with traffic and point them to your Keyword rich domains to get them started. Start send out links etc... You will see the traffic grow. Oh, I almost forgot.

It is a strong growing trend that people just type in directly what they are looking for instead of using Google or Yahoo etc. If they are looking for Used Tires they are likely to just type in.

(A park page on Used, what a joke. lol) but you get my point. Unless you have a super stong keyword and the .com it's going to cost you some cash, but it will be worth it..

Example, my Business partner own.

Good name, cool site. That iPage site started off with zippo for traffic and with in a couple month, a couple dollars, it's getting about 4,000 uniques per day..

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Yeah, I think it depends on your intentions for the iPage site and the competition. For example I have a .ws iPage site that has over 3,000,000 OVT per month but also shows more than 80,000,000 results in google. I have developed the HostGator into a iPage site with more than 100 pages of quality content but it will only receive pennies in adwords income if I cannot spend a good amount of time and money on creating backlinks etc. to boost my.


Otherwise I simply can't compete will all the PR5+ sites that are also on google for my keyword..

In short there are more things that you will need to look at then just the OVT. If you plan on developing it into an adwords revenue iPage site it could be easier to find a lower OVT keyword in a niche area where there is little competition. It all just depends on what you are wanting to do..

That's just my humble opinion anyway...

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And good advice.. sometimes the better keywords face stiff competition because there are already so many Google results.. best to look for high OVT and LOW Google...

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Do you guys mean, develop all the high keyword domains ?

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I have one with over 5 billions :

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Where did you get that figure from? As when I do an OVT search it says that it had 146,177 searches last month for the term home business whereas for the term currency trade there were over 3,000,000 searches last month..

Are you talking about a different figure then OVT or am I missing something?..

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My mistake, it's google results for home business: 4,470,000,000 , and I wrote correctly 146k as OVT results on my sale thread..

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But the hyphen spoils the word , IMO !..

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For sure but it's better having the hyphenated than nothing..

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I like to see 10k plus overture on my names....anything at 10k or over makes me content...However...i don't just target 10K + overture names...I have many under 10K...

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High Google = BAD... the higher the Google results, the harder it is to buck the competition and get #1 ranking. Strive for High OVT and Low Google for best results...

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That's great advice. I usually have gone for high google as well, but you're right: thin the competition!..

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Yes I know, it would be the perfect equation; on same time i'm sure a name like "casino" gets high results for both..

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Yes, but I think you're missing my point.. casino is a great keyword but by itself, it would be buried in tons of other results for "casino" without branding and alot of time and possible expense... better to look for a related keyword pair or focus with lower Google IMO. Of course, I wouldn't refuse casino.ext could I snag it....

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Excellent FACT lies here ....

I always consider Ovt BEST.....

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