How do I change from Google Sites to Godaddy or iPage for hosting?

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First question I have is How do I change from Google Sites to Godaddy or iPage for hosting? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. I'm still a small player in the game of both domaining and owning websites for revenue etc. But I'm interested in finding out how many people are self employed full time by either parking domains, or earning money off of websites, or a combination of both..

Wether you are or aren't I'm interested to hear any tips or words of wisdom you might want to pass along to me or other new players to the game..

Thanks in advance. I love to learn...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Full timer here too. Was also running a webhosting company until recently, but too much time is involved for very little profit, so I pulled out of the iPage hosting business. Now I just sit back and enjoy the benefits of owning websites/domains for very little effort LOL.

I just wish I got involved in the early 90's..

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Full timer, since not so long ago (less than a year), quite stressy at times, needs a lot of work, but rewardable...

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I'm an RCP, former advertising exec, too many domains, too few sites..

I wish you well Justin. You seem dedicated to this phenom..

Ditto! Can't keep it all..


Can we go back? Is that machine ready?.


This sums it up quite well...actually very well!.

I think you asked a very good question and I enjoyed the responses..

As you can see, you are getting a good mix. Some of us have other professions and backgrounds and do this on the side..

Some of us have done this for quite sometime for others and have been in the industry full time but realized the potential of doing it on your own is more rewarding and lucrative. They have the knowledge base to do this..

And some like tetrapak are getting into it fulltime and has summed up the intitial problems you can encounter..

Again, I too have enjoyed this thread..

Oddly enough, I see potential in all my HostGator names as sites. That is a big factor for me behind registering domains and even making purchases. But I don't have the skills or time to do this. But I am teaching myself programming skills and languages and picking up bits and pieces along the way..

I have made excellent contacts through these forums and have been communicating on-line with several members. I have made some new business associates. I give advice and I accept advice and have had asked for and recieved help and quality advice on projects or quirks. I have a very varied background between the military, advertising, and medical professions. I can apply the later two best to my interest in HostGator names and websites..

I think the key here is to take any advice (including mine) on surface value only. Consider all the advice given, weigh it, study it, ponder it and decide for yourself what is best for yourself...

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I'm a writer. I do freelance when I need the $$$ but I've been working on a novel since mid 2005..

Domaining is just a hobby of mine...

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I don't earn more money, because the day has so few hours :/.

If you really have a strong passion about your work, it may take some time, but you will be successful! I wish you the best of luck..

I'm also a learning addict.

But be careful. Information overload can be a problem...

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I have 2 jobs , nice investment in the stock markets in addition to import and export business. I don't have enough time for domaining and always say that I will clean my HostGator biz but I believe it is addiction, I sell most of my valuable domains and after a while buy new ones. Any help???..

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I'm getting close to sustaining myself on HostGator stuff and other side businesses I'm involved in, but not quite there yet. I still work a FT job during the day as a client relations supervisor in a national real estate appraisal management firm. I'm "doing my job" right now, lol...

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I tried to get into full time, but since the money generated can not sustain.

A normal living, I have to go back to a full time job. Hopefully with a FT job.

I can buy more domains...

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I personally tend to concentrate on several really good domains opposed to having a few hundred decent/poor ones...

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Statistician. No real income from domains at this time...

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I'd say I'm about a quarter of the way to making a healthy living off of domaining..

I'm relatively new to domaining (about 1 year) and have only gotten serious about it over the last 4 months or so..

Like anything else, it takes persistence, creativity, and a little luck. It may seem like easy and/or quick cash, but that's only because of the aspect of the internet - the idea that anyone has the opportunity to make it happen with the help of the net; no matter your age, status, location, race, "work experience", etc..

When you sit back for a moment and think about, it's no real shocker that anybody can do anything with the proper motivation, but I suppose it's the aspect of generating your income on autopilot (or close to it) that appeals to us all!.

I wish you the best of luck..

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I to am addicted to learning and yeah those info overloads can hurt...

Im currently unemployed as the sugar season is off, but I hope to find an income from the net(maybe from domains) I love learning new stuff and at this moment I'm hooked on domaining..

Good luck to all, hope to see ya's at the top one day..

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I've just left my FT job, and am planning on getting by with a mixture of freelance work and advertising revenue from sites I own. Advertising revenue is currently about 20% of what I need, so I'm hoping that with more time available to work on my sites I'll be able to grow it to the point where the freelance work is optional...

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Domaining isn't the only way of making money on the web. I for example only sold one of my domains, many years ago (for $500). I prefer to monetize them..

Buying and selling domains isn't for everyone. And if addiction kicks in, like g80ty said, you can loose more than what you earn..

Someday soon I will write my complete strategies, from almost 10 years of trial and error. Keep an eye on my profile, or add me to your buddy list:.


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I am only a part time HostGator name owner and collaborate on a few sites. net income wise, I am bit in the negative, but that doesn't bother me too much. my losses are small compared to the possible future succeses I could attain. Yea domainers definitely neeed to be more pro-active in turning their domains into websites...

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My turn,.

I m new here and maybe one of the few greeks that entered this market..

I m still building up my 'army' and at the same time I have separated my domains in 3 categories:.

- the ones I park.

- the ones I convert into minisites.

- and the ones I ll develop.

I m almost done with selecting parking services so next step is to create the minisites,.

I hope until 2008 I finish one of the websites I need to develop and hopefully this ll be a mobi one..

Its not a full time job and I dont think it ll ever be....

Its my hobby and I really like because I communicate with so many people and do business from my house..

I thought I d buy many many many domains and monetise them but now after 2 months of experience, I m concetrating buying good domains with average costs, if I get money from them then I ll move to big fish..

Right now I m just paying everything from my fulltime job BUT I have multiplied my 'earnings' so until the end of this year I should be even..

Just to give you an idea: I ve spent about 2000$ and I m getting back about 100 per month....just with 30% of my domains in action.(numbers are not real, I just want to show you the percentage).

If I dont get even I dont care, I just have fun with this......

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Full time college instructor..

About 25 domains..

About 9 small content websites..

Internet income pays for hosting/domains, and a few pizzas now and again..

> working towards FULL TIME internet income. i'm the SLOW and steady type..

Of course, by the time I "get there" the internet will be extinct. LOL.

Good luck to all...

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I work as web designer, part time domainer / iPage site owner...

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Yah, I'm not making enough money to live off of this income alone, but I think with an extra 1,500 a month I could be there. I suppose though that if I calculated all of the time I spent out on earning what I do now, it wouldn't be a very large hourly wage lol..

But I really enjoy running websites and communicating with others about similiar interests..

Thanks for the all the replies and keep them coming..

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Working as a developer, iPage website owner and domainer..

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