How do I change the Medifast menu in Facebook template?

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Got a question... How do I change the Medifast menu in Facebook template? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... So lately.. I haven't been able to really eat anything. I'm supposed to be on stage 2 diet, which is soft foods but I can't really eat any of them without discomfort.

My stomach is a bit sore and tender, too, kind of like I did too many sit-ups but I haven't done any. The thing that gets me is, I was eating stage 2 Medifast food just fine a week and a half ago, before I was even technically supposed to be on stage 2.

I try to swallow small amounts as slowly as I can. It's gotten to the point where I'm scared to eat. I guess I have to go back to.

Liquid diet.

, and that really sucks because I know I'm not getting enough nutrition from crap like pudding and mashed potatoes. I need to find a really kickass protein powder that I like without dropping a small fortune figuring out which one to get. This makes me sad and nervous. I.


I didn't bust a suture in my pouch or give myself some kind of ulcer. I know I can be over paranoid about it but still..bad things tend to happen to me. Or rather, I let bad things happen to me cause I don't know any better... I'm getting so weak. It's hard doing all this alone. I wish there was some kind of Gastric Bypass convention I could go to and try out all kinds of products like protein powders and various flavors of mush = /.

Ugh my tummy doesn't feel so good =(..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Yeah I just tried to eat chicken noodle soup sans the chicken and the noodles and barfed it all up. I'm scared..

I did however, go to GNC trying to find Ultimate or Max whey protein powder and they didn't have either one so I got this other stuff called Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 by GNC brand called Pro Performance. It has a whopping 60g of protein per serving, 2g of sugar, 280 calories. I'm drinking it now in 50/50 soymilk and water mixture and it isn't bad at all. The guy at GNC said that this formula makes the body absorb the protein faster or something along those lines as well. It dissolves well and tastes good..

Anyways, until I can find the Ultimate or Max, I might use this stuff in the meantime. In fact, it's probably all I will be able to consume for a while... >...

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Hey hun, I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling so well. If you cannot even hold down liquids, you might have a stricture, and I would contact your surgeon ASAP. A stricture is just an overhealing of where the pouch meets the intestines and scar tissue forms and makes the opening smaller. It's something that can be treated fairly easily via endoscopy, and they can open the stricutre using a ballon type instrument. My friend had one and the doc repaired it. She is doing just fine now. Good luck to you! Feel better soon...

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I agree with teemarie. It is a good idea to call your surgeon before to long. You don't want to let yourself get into a bad spot..

Even if it's not a stricture...better safe than sorry..

As for the mush and powder...go to your neighborhood GNC or other health Medifast food store. Quite often they have flavors of different protiens. ask for samples...they often have them under the counter for folks who ask..


Things are resolved soon...keep us posted..


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:( Sorry you are having a difficult time. I echo the statements made by those above. Call your surgeon and keep him up on what's going on... hey that's why we pay them the big bucks) there are a few complications (ulcers, strictures, etc.) that are easily resolved but can make you feel pretty miserable until dealt with. You want to have him/her rule out those..

Sounds like you are really chewing well (that's important) and so is moisture of the meals... crockpots are a great in the beginning they keep meats really moist another great thing are dips. I was/am a big dipper... most of my proteins get dipped in a Greek yogurt based dip I have a bunch of recipes on the blog here's one example:.


As for protein shakes I love mine. 22 grams of protein a scoop plus the milk is a big dent in your daily requirements. Here's the 411 on the one I use:.


You aren't alone :) You've got a bunch of cyber pals..


You are feeling 150% soon!.

~Michelle "Shelly"..

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I agree with everyone really should talk with your doctor to make sure it's nothing medical that needs taken care of. Sounds like you found a half-way decent tasting protein powder but remember our bodies only absorb about 30 grams at one time and anything over that is wasted so just be careful. I really.


You start feeling better quickly. Keep us postedCall the doc in the morning if you're still feeling icky..



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I just spoke to my Surgeon's nurse and she advised me to go back to stage 1.

Liquid diet.

Until she can get me in for an endoscopy. =(.

Earliest will be Wednesday, at the latest I can come in next Tuesday. I.


I don't need an endoscopy or whatever procedure it is they are thinking of doing. I told her I was really scared that I hurt my pouch and she said not to worry, I didn't hurt my pouch so at least I'm not freaking out about that....

I suspect that I may be one of those people with a super sensitive stomach that can't tolerate anything with sugar or carbs like bread, pasta, etc. /cry.

I should have never read the.


Notes that they gave me at my last check-up. I couldn't understand all the medical jargon in it but I did read and understand the part where the staple gun MISFIRED and they had to use sutures and do some kind of stress test to fix it. That made me all queasy inside thinking omg the last thing I want to happen in my guts is a misfiring....

I want to ball up in a big comforter on my bed and.


For 2 days...

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Hey Oda,.

It is true that the body can only digest up to 30 grams of protein at a time, so I recommend, splitting that protein shake into 2 seperate meals. Secondly, I know that everyones NUTS are different. But, I'm not allowed to have mashed potatoes, pastas, sugars, etc. I would say that you may not be tolerating them. My suggestion is to cut out the carbs, for your bodies sake and for added weight loss!.

Good luck,.


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Sweetie.. you arent even a month out.. why in God's name are you doing sit-ups?.. Give yourself time to heal and worry about the protein and crap down the line.. right now just get in what you can!!!!! You didnt gain this weight overnight.. it isnt going to come off overnight!!!..

And rest up!!.. this IS major.



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LOL thanks but I think ya misread me there...I haven't done a sit-up in like 5 years... the most exercising I've been doing is walking/bike riding for about 30 mins a day, but I had to quit doing that the last couple days cause I didn't really have the energy...

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