How do I contact iPage support?

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First question I have is How do I contact iPage support? Many thanks for any comment. My other question... Does anyone here know Erich Mueller?.

How can that happen?. has been sold at sedo auction since Oct. 29, 2006..

And sedo confirmed buyer for long time and I still not receive payment yet..

Emailed and called Erich few times and never get any reply from him...

Does he still work for sedo?.

What should I do about this?.

Received first email from Erich Mueller.

Friday, January 12, 2007 6:28 PM).

Hello Bill,.

Unfortunately, Sedo must cancel this transaction. The buyer could not be reached to inform him to make payment. If you wish, I can provide you the buyer’s information so that you may take appropriate legal action against him. I apologize for this situation and encourage you to send me any additional questions or concerns that you might have..

Again, I apologize for this situation..


Erich Mueller.

Key Accounts Manager/Transfer.

Is this real from sedo?.

Lots of members know that sold at sedo auction!!!.

Thanks for your help and suggestion!.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Can you believe it!?!! Eric has just set a record or something for my .be! Only 6 days!!..

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Hi damitssam,.

I think that I saw you post bad transaction with Eric before..

I send pm to sedo(Mara) and she is really good rep. She told me that she will let Eric contact me yesterday. But never receive any email from that guy... It's almost two and half months...

Need to contact sedo manager about this..

Thanks all for your help!.


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I just had a great exchange with Keith White. Prompt response. Great service...

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We should rate the sedo people here so that they will read the review and will be more prompt..

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Naming and shaming..

We should do that for a lot of companies. Maybe the bosses would read it and fire some of the useless halfwits they employ...

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Who is the top manager at USA?.

Thanks all for your time and help!.


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Not sure but I beleive the USA office is a bit of a mess after the fire - did you not get a reply from Mara ? .

I finally got a reply from the Europe office and sedo (usa) has now finally acknowledged that one of my buyers has paid.

No idea about the other one yet ??.

Apparently they "claim" to have paid ??.

Good luck, you may want to try and get in touch with the europe office instead to speed things up ? .


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Great idea for a iPage website especially for cell phone carriers and credit cards if they give you bad service put their name on a website!!! dont forget the irs stiick it to the man lol..

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Im lost. Your assigned one rep every time you sell a HostGator name? If he does not respond your screwed?..

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Ban? Secret? would be easier if you didnt quote the spam.

Sorry cyb..

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Received email from Erich Mueller: (Friday, January 12, 2007 6:28 PM).

Hello Bill,.

Unfortunately, Sedo must cancel this transaction. The buyer could not be reached to inform him to make payment. If you wish, I can provide you the buyer’s information so that you may take appropriate legal action against him. I apologize for this situation and encourage you to send me any additional questions or concerns that you might have..

Again, I apologize for this situation..


Erich Mueller.

Can we trust sedo? They already confirmed the buyer and they talked to buyer last week....

From : <nicole. :: Transfer Team.

What should I do about this?.

Thanks for your help!.


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If you ask for the buyer's info, as they say you can, then they'll ask for your attorney to write them to give him the information. They won't just give it to you. Kinda funny how they make it sound easy to get but then they refuse to pass it to you without you paying an attorney to work for you. At least this was my experience with a non-paying buyer and requesting his info from Sedo...

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Got this letter from rep at Sedo-.

Dear Mr. xxxx,.

Welcome to Sedo, and congratulations on your sale. The negotiations for the HostGator have been successfully concluded, with the final agreed price standing at $US550. We will now aid you in the transfer process..

We shall create an invoice in your name and place it in the buyer's user account. Once the payment is safely in our secure escrow account, we shall ask the buyer to make a transfer request at his registrar, or, if the buyer has an account at the domain's current registrar, ask you to move it to his account. In the meantime, please make sure that the admin-c email address is correct and functional..

Once the transfer has been completed and the Whois information reflects the new owner, we will then process payment to you. Please ensure that your bank details or PayPal address in your user account are correct and up to date..

Should you have any further queries, or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us..

This is an automatically generated notification. Please do not reply to this email..

Best regards,.

Dejan Jovic.

They say dont reply to this mail - then reply where? They never took confirmation from me before finalising the price for my HostGator and raising the invoice... dont know whats happenging. I have almost 90+ domains parked at Sedo. Should I move them out?..

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I really do think we should rate sedo reps.

Mara - the last hope.

Tom Fell - Mara's trusty assistant.

Dover - you'll never want to deal with sedo again... ever..

And from what you guys said so far:.

Keith - fast.

Eric - terribly stupid.

Anyone else = watch out.....

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Nice list Polurnet!! I like this idea, let me add to it..

Heather - not much help, took a really pissed off email to get anything done..

And if we're rating all Sedo staff....

Tim Niziak (Key account manager) - very helpful in getting a HostGator delisted, that was a while ago though....


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Thanks all for your time and help..

I hope that Mara can help me to fix this problem..

Have a nice day!.


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And there I was thinking Sedo was a reputable company in the HostGator industry. What are they playing at???.

Time to shift all our business elsewhere?.

Any recommendations where?.

Our actions will speak louder than words on these forums IMHO..

- Vince..

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Not at all; do you consider waiting for months for a simple transaction good business?!..

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I emailed a rep from Sedo a fair few days ago now and still haven't received a response. Not about to name-and-shame, but I do think it's a poor show from such a big player in the business...

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I think you're upset at the wrong party in regards to the transaction souring..

That is the typical email Sedo sends when the buyer backs out..

Now could the buyer have backed out due to poor communication? Possibly. However, the first email is sent after the buyer makes their offer and you accept it and fill in the registrar details, etc..


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Wow! I've had 3 sales in the past 3 weeks or so. A couple of days each for the first 2 and last week on January 11, I sold one and had money in my PayPal account 22 1/2 hours later! Have to give credit all the way around. Quick response by Sedo (Ara & Gregg on my 3) and quick paying buyers as well. No delay by Sedo whatsoever. A+++..

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Not at all, it is pretty pathetic actually.

- Just not so sure calling individuals names will help any..

Does anyone know the telephone number for sedo USA or Sedo Europe ? I have looked through their iPage site and can't find any anywhere.


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Just wanted to mention that I just had excellent support from Gregg Bois from Sedo Germany..

One thing I can't understand is, as Sedo is one of those companies that needs to carry out all their business on the Internet, why don't they implement a Web-based support system?.

That would surely help everyone, including their management, to track everything and be more efficient (age of support ticket, qty by rep, etc ... )?.

- Vince..

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Very true - It would be the sensible way to go - I'd also like the option of cancelling a sale if it was'nt paid within a certain time, I don't remember agreeing to wait over 2 months for someone to bother paying the bill !!.

I want the name back on the market FOR SALE - NOT sitting in limbo land for ever !.

However sedo seems unwilling to do this for me despite asking a number of times !.

(I think a much larger pending sale of the .com equivalent may have something to do with this IMO) - I am left guessing.

Due to lack of communication..


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"Communication is Key," someone mentioned in an earlier thread regarding this issue..

Sedo is an.

Online business.

As such, every one of their agents should be johnny-on-the-spots when it comes to email. Period..

Ultimately, it's a failure of leadership at Sedo. That kind of instruction and business ethic comes from the top down. Management ought to model it, demand it and reiterate it every day. It's just good business. Today's $200 HostGator seller/buyer might be tomorrow's Everyone should be treated with the same courtesy and respect..

That's my humble opinion...

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It may be humble but it's spot on IMO.

I'd phone them up and sort it out if I could find a bloody phone number.


Maybe next time I privately get a $x,000 sale I will NOT send the buyer to sedo to pay for it - there are other ways !.


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That's the perfect post. I repped you for it earlier..

Unfortunately it's not just Sedo, most online companies are the same. That's what's really missing from the online world, and definitely one of the things I miss most from real world dealings..

I guess the lack of any physical contact just encourages it. After all, no one really has to answer for anything. In real life, the customer has a voice and the salesman has a face. Online, it's virtually impossible to get your voice heard or even acknowledged, and there's little, if any, opportunities for everyone to group together and stand up for what's right..

This is precisely the reason we need a fully functioning DNOA (domain name owners association), and hopefully in a few months we will. Then maybe we will have the opportunity to be heard as a group and finally give this industry some ethics and corporate responsibility...

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Thank you for the rep. I wholeheartedly agree with you..

It's ironic that all the technology we've created that's supposed to enhance and further human communication actually serves to further distance and disconnect us..

Don't even get me started on how infuriating it is to call customer service and have to talk to a bloody machine! Do businesses not understand how dehumanizing that is? I work in a small business. I answer the phone a lot. It's amazing how relieved and appreciative people are when they get an actual human on the line..

It's my contention that any large bank or credit card company who replaced all their automated systems with humans on the telephone, and marketed solely on that idea... Call us and hear a human voice every time... would see the money they spent on human resources returned exponentially in profit, as new customers would come in droves..

Know what I mean?.

It boils down to what years ago I named the Mariah principle: Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

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I think everyone knows what you mean! Well, everyone except big business execs of course, all they see is a balance sheet and a long list of shareholder demands..

It's quite similar to the call center job exports actually. There's a marked change there too, the public voted with their voices and finally some businesses are starting to listen and are using that as a selling point. Jobs for people in the same country, get to speak to someone with English as a first language, more security, etc..

One day your idea will be embraced too, when some bright young exec finally realises!..

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I just called Erich yesterday. He said that he never contact the buyer because the buyer is speaking French. How could he finish the transaction without contact buyer? Sedo also can’t give out buyer's email and telephone number too. They only can give buyer's address. (Can not sure that's address is correct.) They do have right email and telephone number. It’s done deal.

He told me that he will send email to me today about buyer's contact info. I still not receive it yet....

That's not fair!!!.

Thanks all for your help!.


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And let's not forget....This is NOT a free service they offer......

Time to step up to the plate here SEDO......

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Still not receive Erich's email..

Really can't trust him!.


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Damn......thats crazy.

He did eventually reply to me with a similar story about a french buyer - I basically said if the buyer has'nt paid within 7 to cancell it so he did.

Did'nt you have any luck contacting Mara ?, she usually deals with things straight away..


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Did any of you guys ever get paid yet ? .

My payment shows as being paid on 31.01.07 - No sign of the money though and the HostGator still shows it is in sedo's transfer account and not my buyers!!.

All in all - very dissapointed.

$300 commission for sedo and it looks like they still have the name and all the money.


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Hmmmm until now, I have not had any problems yet, and I hope I will never have to encounter such problems..

Yes that Erich guy is my rep too. another rep of mine is Georgina woods, she is great and fast..

The last transaction, I have received my payment via wire transfer in about 3 - 5 days. pretty fast. The buyer paid fast, I pushed fast, everything was fast..

So I guess it all depends on the other side to make it smooth ehh...

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I dealt with Dover on my first Sedo transaction in 2006..

The seller's offer was made on January 2nd..

The buyer and seller came to an agreement on January 2nd..

The buyer paid around January 5th..

The transfer was completed on March 5th..

The last rep I had was very helpful and friendly and only took two days total I'll have to find his name...

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I think the thing that is frustating me most (apart from slow emails from sedo) is the deal was made privately between us by email - I only sent him to sedo to pay cos I thought it would be in both our interest due to the amount..

I Should have just asked for a cheque eh !!!.


Nice, I think less than week should be enough.


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Hi All,.

Many of the transactions mentioned in the thread have since been taking care of. Situations do arise where transfers take longer than expected. With each transfer we work to ensure the HostGator and funds are securely transferred, to do this we require the cooperation of both parties. Transfers can get held up for many reasons which are beyond our control. For example, one party is one holiday and does not immediately initiate a transfer request. But do I understand some transfers can be more complicated than others, this is a reflection of circumstances specific to that transfer, if you encounter such transfers please don't hesitate to contact me..




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Its kinda funny that Erich didnt reply maybe he got canned lol..

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Are you serious ? You may not click on your own ads. PPC providers treat this as fraud..

BTW Sedo pays only for the 1st click. Other will pays for multiple clicks..

But if they find out you cheat they will terminate your account and freeze your gains..

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