How do I edit my iPage web page?

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First of all How do I edit my iPage web page? Hoping for any comment. Another question... Hi everyone....

I registered a HostGator a year back. Its and I started a forum which basically was a discussion board about India and it's culture and cuisine etc. I had this forum up and running for about 6 months.. it received a decent traffic. I wanted some moderators on my board , so I did get some people who volunteered to start moderating on my board. One of them was this guy called Suresh.

I met with an accident and was hospitalized for about a month and half and during this time, I had to temporarily shut my iPage site down as I was not in a position to look after it. I was desperately waiting to start with my iPage site when I was discharged from the hospital and this is what I see, my mod (Suresh) has registered a HostGator which is a .net version of and the forum is exactly a xerox copy similar to mine. He has copied my idea.... and he had no courtesy to ask me or tell me about it..

I need your opinions guys, what do you think about this?.

..and a typo in my thread topic... it is supposed to read: Hey guys, do you think this is fair??? lol ( My brain is in a standby mode today.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1 for sale link:.


It doesn't look like he thought the HostGator was worth a lot of money. Accordingly, he might not fight that hard to keep it..

You should also google "" and analyze his posts to see if this information can help you..

Since you have both registered the domains in India then you should look to your laws, customs and culture for ideas about how to settle this issue. If all else fails, you might find your remedy here:.


My layman's advice is to first contact him and state your case. He might just cease and desist. You can google "cease and desist" to see what such letters look like. I cannot advise you what to edit from these google sample letters, so be cautious about citing any law..

Good luck...

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Thanks for your opinion guys, it really helps! I will keep you guys updated about what happens....

I did contact this guy a while ago via yahoo:.

Ok for those of you interested here are some of our chat transcript. Here you will see how difficult it is to communicate with this guy , you might lose your cool even if you are trying to be, making him understand your point ..

Seems he is a kiddo.... who did not make it to the high school yet..

Bs_hosting: fine.

Bs_hosting: you didnt told about you.

Lucky_persona11: acutally I was hospitalized for more than a month and therefore I had to shut my iPage site down temporarily and when I come back you have your own version of , when did this start....

Bs_hosting: I just started one month back.

Bs_hosting: so you are the owner of

Lucky_persona11: yes ofcourse...

Lucky_persona11: I dont see any harm in starting a forum ... but why did you choose and why did you copy my idea?.

Lucky_persona11: did you not get anyother HostGator or concept?.

Bs_hosting: what happen to HostGator name.

Bs_hosting: I didnt got HostGator name.

Lucky_persona11: whose HostGator is

Bs_hosting: .com.


Lucky_persona11: is owned by me, who owns

Bs_hosting: me.

Lucky_persona11: correct, you could have got some good HostGator like a .com dont you think so?.

Bs_hosting: I wasnt thought.

Bs_hosting: but I can change name.

Bs_hosting: anyway it's fine.

Lucky_persona11: and it would have had been great if you could ask my permission first before you could start my concept...remember forum was started by me.

Lucky_persona11: anyways, you did seem to be a nice guy as far as I knew,, from the forum.

Lucky_persona11: thats why I made you my moderator.

Bs_hosting: my riends had asked about

Bs_hosting: and it was closed.

Bs_hosting: I waited for this for few months.

Lucky_persona11: yep, I have decided to start it again....

Lucky_persona11: now listen,i have a good idea or a plan to share.

Bs_hosting: ok.

Bs_hosting: yes.

Lucky_persona11: anyways... here I go.

Lucky_persona11: You own .net and I own .com we both can be owner of one site....

Lucky_persona11: what do you say?.

Bs_hosting: but it is friends permission.

Lucky_persona11: meaning?.

Bs_hosting: anywya say.

Bs_hosting: let then I will ask them.

Lucky_persona11: who is this friend?.

Lucky_persona11: and why do you need their permission if you own this HostGator urself?.

Bs_hosting: it's been forum.

Bs_hosting: and I promissed not to sell.

Bs_hosting: unless ask with members.

Bs_hosting: or not to give.

Bs_hosting: someone.

Bs_hosting: but what you have tell me.

Lucky_persona11: I am actually not getting you .. it's plain simple like this.... both domains what you and I own are the same : you own and I own and we can merge it into one forum and share the revenues...

Lucky_persona11: and ofcourse you can get a good amount of traffic with my HostGator since it is a .com tld.

Lucky_persona11: I hope you know what I am trying to say...

Bs_hosting: I understod.

Bs_hosting: for .com or net.

Bs_hosting: I dont mind.

Lucky_persona11: I am not getting u.

Lucky_persona11: what do umean by that.

Bs_hosting: I am just talking that nothing will difference between com or net.

Bs_hosting: r you scissor22.

Lucky_persona11:i can divert my HostGator to your site... so that my indianscoop and urs indianscoop becomes one.

Bs_hosting: everywhere.

Bs_hosting: to contact to you.

Lucky_persona11: what??.

Bs_hosting: but didnt got touch.

Bs_hosting: ok.

Bs_hosting: so how you make money form forum.

Bs_hosting: you said combining.

Lucky_persona11: yes.

Lucky_persona11: combining....

Lucky_persona11: are you new to the internet?.

Bs_hosting: but how?.

Bs_hosting: I was asking hoe you make on that.

Lucky_persona11: it's simple, I will tell u.

Lucky_persona11: but first tell me, who designed the forum for u?.

Lucky_persona11: and who is this virafroda?.

Bs_hosting: she is admin.

Bs_hosting: lives in UAE.

Lucky_persona11: ok, how did you make her an admin.

Bs_hosting: and moderator too for AYS.

Lucky_persona11: ok... thats fine...but what made you make her an admin for your site...

Bs_hosting: I doesnt like to raom as admin.

Bs_hosting: and she is big than me.

Bs_hosting: so I made her to stand.

Lucky_persona11: so you mean you are not an admin. you dont have controls at all?.

Bs_hosting: I can have but tell.

Bs_hosting: what you mean.

Lucky_persona11: I think I am not able to communicate properly to you through the chat medium.

Lucky_persona11: tell me , what language do you speak better?.

Lucky_persona11: do you speak in hindi.

Bs_hosting: yes.

Bs_hosting: any.

Lucky_persona11: are you from hyderabad?.

Bs_hosting: I said I am owner.

Bs_hosting: yes.

Bs_hosting: I had full controls.

Bs_hosting: etc.

Bs_hosting: but you need to tell me how you gonna make money.

Lucky_persona11: ok,for that I need to know the iPage site design. who did the iPage site design for you ? .

Bs_hosting: I am.

Lucky_persona11: I am means... you mean you designed the logo and the banners and the forum colours and stuff.

Bs_hosting: yes.

Lucky_persona11: are you a webdesigner?.

Bs_hosting: nope.

Bs_hosting: but do small designs.

Lucky_persona11: well... so dont you make any money out of sign profits and the banners which are there on your board.

Bs_hosting: only adsense.

Bs_hosting: I ahad removed sign profit.

Bs_hosting: since it is dead.

Lucky_persona11: ok , whatever, but you are making some money right.

Bs_hosting: yes.

Bs_hosting: but what your plan.

Lucky_persona11: there is no plan as such buddy, it's plain and simple. Your iPage site is and mine is both of them are the same HostGator "IndianScoop". If you go to see has greater value, because it's a .com HostGator and therefore people prefer to type .com then .net therefore this HostGator will recieve more traffic. Now if both these domains and are joined /combined , we can get a better traffic ..

Bs_hosting: I got it.

Bs_hosting: I will think and tell.

Bs_hosting: since friends adviced for me.

Lucky_persona11: I am not intending to start a new board for if I start I might get all the traffic what your iPage site gets....

Bs_hosting: it's your wish.

Bs_hosting: on that part.

Bs_hosting: but I need permission from friends too.

Bs_hosting: ok.

Bs_hosting: bye.

Lucky_persona11: bye.

Lucky_persona11: tc.

Bs_hosting: =;..

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I would not put the future of my forum in the hands of someone who first steals my idea. That way he gets his share in the revenue and thus gets a reward for copying your idea. It's your decision, but I would not do this...

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I dont know about you guys but I would have broken my keyboard if I had that chat on messenger..

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One more concern: the guy's English is clearly not very good. He often misunderstands you or at least pretends to not understand you..

Even if you make a clear agreement, he could always fool you again and claim that he didn't understood you perfectly because of his bad English..

All I am saying: if you want to really develop the iPage site into something well established and frequently visited, then I would not take the risk of going into a corporation with someone that may be unreliable. Why would you take the risk? If your forum is good and you have the better TLD, why would you be afraid of competition? I'd not take the risk if I were you...

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It would be in his best interest to put the forum up under another name. Lots of spillover will come to your .com if he doesn't...

Comment #7

Just bring yours back online. Your ".com" will get some of his traffic and I think they will gravitate toward a forum with an Admin they can understand. You've got the big advantage of being able to communicate. Just ignore him...

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Why on earth would you EVER tell someone who screwed you while you were incapacitated in the hospital not to mention someone that is impossible to understand, "let's become partners!"? Why why why?! I'm stuck in a situation where this guy I paid money to develop a iPage website for me developed the most craptastic piece of designery I've ever seen with buggy programming to boot, and what you're doing would be like if I asked him to partner up with me on the next iPage website I want to make! I'd shoot myself in the foot sooner than doing that, and hopefully you'll realize the same with your situation. Bottom line is he stole your iPage site from under you when you were defenseless...there is absolutely no way to justify doing that, and he's the last person in the world you should want to do ANYTHING with...

Comment #9

The other question I had is, did you really need to take a forum down while in the hospital? Why not have had auto backups and tell a Moderator that you DO trust to take care of things? Just make an annoucement and tell everyone your situation so they don't think you died..

Maybe things would have slowed up but you don't have to be their 24x7 for a forum to stay alive...

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Hi Guys,.

Why you think it's unfair?.

When somebody registered .COM and make .NET available, of course others can register .NET or any other TLD they like unless .COM is well-know branded..

And same that when somebody started disccussions on a topic, can he stop others talk the same on other Forums? Of course NO. The same like we talk on Domains on NPS also on other Forums such as DNForums..

If the .NET guy copied your design and layout, you can complain to his server company and I am sure they can help you. But looks he has a different layout than yours....

So my idea is that Nothing is unfair in this case. You should just ignore him and make your Forum be more attractive...

Comment #11

I agree making someone like that a moderator was a mistake. Be thankful he registered the .net, as he just gave you the perfect excuse for letting him go...

Comment #12

Hai guys.

I am the owner of and I will give datail explaination why did this guy harassing to me and merge the data.

I was a member of and always I was active their and helps to people.once a while I seen this under someone signature and I joined it I seen how our indians are doing? and this sunny admin of was posting more PTR scams in forum that dont pay to members. so by seeing this my heart felt sad that they are lossing valuable time to this ptr scams so I had started posting all information even owner names so by seeing my experience this guy sunny had asked to help his forum and asked if you are interested please I want to be you a moderator as you had a lot of experience.

As I was not interested in doing moderator to his forum but asking again so I tdecided him that I would be a moderator for some time only and it would be 3 to 4 months as I dont want to stay here but I will make one of best forums to indian members I had promoted a lot and brought a lot of members and most of friends joined by listegning my words and the forum I made more fine and helping to newbies etc as the forum was growing and it was in good condition and my time was comming to leave his forum.

And I believe this guy may be invested in paid response and paid exposure scams and when that sites had closed so he suspended the forum and then he redirected to sedo to sell

Time passed away and the forum didnt come and few of my friends asked what happen to the forum as I said I dont know but what I would believe means he may be losted in paidresponse and exposure.

I contacted to him form the email but I didnt got reply from him at all I did again but no reply..

So I decided my self to open

Here ill give deatails between and

Indianscoop had only this below forums.

Welcome center.

Paying programs.

Not paying programs.

General discussion.

Indian recipes.

Advertising etc.

But which had a lot of features for ecommerce forum.

We had money exchange and about search engines.

And more which doesnt meet to any indian forum and most indians knows to me and my honesty.

Once upon a time I given incetive to signup people for my forum and I forgot later the link where it is so I made a search here in namepros and I seen it was matching two results one is to my incentive and ther is he selling forum.

Take a look here.


And also search at sedo.

Why dont you post your orginal copy so that people should believe you.

He is sended and email where I kept it under my signature in my forum and asked me to contact on I had agreed and added him on messenger and talked from the begining he is saying you dont have enough traffic and merge data so we will earn more money.

This guy belongs to mumbai that is what world knows what is mumbai.


The chat between me and him on yahoo he edited.

Guys if you need any answers ask to me I will give answers to you.

My forum will go to register through the hyderabad soon.



Comment #13

I didnt accepted for doing moderator when he asked by seeing my valuable posts and experience.From the day I joined his forum he was harassing to help that you had experience and had a lot friends including PTr owners.I had posted nearly 200 worth of good posts and brought more members to his forum.

Did he paid anything to me for this job or to post.

Here in name pros I would get 6 cents per post but all I did as for free for him since I want to make a good community and given him a limited time to come his forum.

Even when their was heavy floods in mumbai I had helped to his forum.

As I am not a domainer or nor I wish to do HostGator business to sell that domain.

Anyway thanks for your feed back I will buy a com HostGator and will start forum on that also I donate this HostGator to charity but I never merge data with someone.

The first logo was.


Most people said that is not good again made another logo.

The more traffic comes to this moneybookers thread where most will face a lot of problems for withdrawing cash to india and the use of MB to the world.


However I made a mistake by becomming a member to his forum and buying this instead of choosing another domain.anyway now I will look another HostGator and transfer data to that domain..

I will contact to RJ and I will be forever away from namepros forum because I dont want to see a complaint on me that I cheated.



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Suresh, withough knowing all the details I believe Scissor's account for several reasons. Your actions to start a competing forum on the ".net" with the same name speak volumes about your lack of charecter. This is a sneaky, doublecrossing move. Find your own original name to start your forum..

I find it hard to belive that if he was really "harrassing" you to become a moderator, that you would have agreed to do it. Do you realize how ridiculous this sounds? More likely he asked you to be a moderator and you said "yes"..

Suresh, your story does not add up...

Comment #15

Don't worry about it. Get your .COM forum back up and running and you will mos tlikely still do better than he is. I would also go on his foum and PM all those that were formerly your members that you are back up and running. Sure, that's a little shady, but then so is he so who cares?.

I have a feeling that if you just put your forum back up you will do better simply becasue ifwhat you are saying is true about this guy, who in the hell will want to deal with him over you?..

Comment #16

Well, I think you are right. I thought I was being generous to him, as I assumed that he was a nice guy with no intention like that....anyways thanks for the suggestion..

Well, I really had great plans to develop this HostGator and build a great community out of it. Now the only problem is I would not want 2 different forums on .net and .com , you know what I mean..

But ultimately , you guys are right., my bad, I thought of partnering with him... thanks for you input on this Gerrit..

Well, he has actually created a new forum just like mine with the same topics... just making small changes here and there.. now that he has already started with a forum similar to mine, I decided on keeping my iPage site on hold.... so I made a iPage blog which is not yet ready. I think it does not make sense having 2 forums on .net and .com running on the same HostGator name...does it? And yes, you are right there, he can surely register .net since I made it available and therefore he is fair in that sense, but I would not appreciate him copying my idea of creating a community with exactly the same topics being discussed... ofcourse now he has changed some topics after reading this thread...

I hope that helps !.

Ok, here is this guy finally.....

So Mr. Suresh, you like arguing and proving that you are right, eh?.

You said, harrassing.... Its high time you know the difference between harrassing and requesting. Would you accuse you boss of harrassing you when all he does is request you to complete you work???.

Your point again seems to be totally baseless... it's high time you stop your crapiola posts. I am yet to figure out what PTR scams postings I made at go to that forum and check it out yourself, my username there is james_d22 , once you go to my profile , you can check the threads started by me. And then consider coming back and posting about it, rather than posting BS like this..

And I remember asking for some volunteers at my forum for moderating, for which you agreed, and so did the other two Ratna and Sheetal.I did not force it on you to take up this work, or rather in you words harass you... and nor did my other mods complain. Additionally.i did not discuss about any payment for that moment because the forum had just begun, and until it moved in it's right direction, I could not share the profits with you'll unless I make it first....

I did make post a notice on the forum that it was temporarily stopped.And what do you have to do with me selling my domain, it's none of your business. Stop worrying about it, thats my lookout... :S.

If you are so much concerned about my selling my domain, then you should have had brought it from me for a price. I would not mind using my idea for that HostGator after I sell it off.... but I have not yet sold it , and using the concept at this moment means stealing which is unfair. I hope you get my point.... if not then keep pondering on what I said and understand it..

By the way, I am yet to understand you trying to sell your HostGator too... what about this one here:.

Once upon a time I given incetive to signup people for my forum and I forgot later the link where it is so I made a search here in namepros and I seen it was matching two results one is to my incentive and ther is he selling forum.

Take a look here.


You also said the chat is edited, I think you are lying again coz this is exactly what I have in my history...but yes I edited to add this point ,"Seems he is a kiddo.... who did not make it to the high school yet." is that ok now??? Do you realize what I edited......

Thank you..

Comment #17

Thanks for your reply I will be happy to answer with you as many as you want.

So you mean I have to close net HostGator and start on a com HostGator ? .

If I wish I do but however I have not yet planned but I said I will throw te doamin or keep it with me only forever.

The answer comes from his forum private messages and even their is one or two posts in his forum that I would leave from his forum.

If he do a backup then you realize what I was saying.

Why I did accepted means because of members shouldnt waste their time in clicking however I once again say it was limited time to stay in his forum.

I was not ineterested in running forum.If I was interested running forum then I do on that time only but this guy just closed and tried to sell but when I started he said he got $500 for his domain.

Do you believe this?.

I asked then sell it but he told no I am not wishing to sell.

I know that HostGator dont cost more $$$.

Ofcourse see his another domain.

Domain name: TVSTUFFS.COM.

Creation date: 29 Jul 2005 14:46:19.

Expiration date: 29 Jul 2007 14:46:19.

Let me know if you have any questions on this issue..

Comment #18

Yes he suggested best answer and even armstrong said it and I am looking an answer for it because nayway you would do same things later..

Yeah ebook lover.

I agree with you why he not starts his own forum? but his answer was wrong.

And he is still saying that topics are same LOL he must produce a proof but he cant.


Now only you are telling a lie here that I changed topics please prduce proof what I changed.

Yeah I am in so many forums why you cant find me in google?.

Ohhh you said dont leave forum and help to you but I agreed because you were a indian but however the time came during floods and finally you tried to sell your forum also.

MY boss will pay money to work but not like you free work and I did for you free that I made a mistake to you.

I am laughing man to see you their in your chit chat posts that is paidresponse.


Yes I know your name their did you seen me their at any time?I think dont know because you had only 250 posts.

I already said in the above post that you may losted money in paidresponse and it proved by seeing your posts in GPF.

I havent asked to you pay money to post or getting members but I did all for free for to build good forum.

I had their nearly 1200 posts.

Yes you did it temporarily closed when paid response was burning.

So you came from hospital to lock temporary or how you did it? and why you later kept it at sedo.

Yeah I know thats not my business but you told here that I stealed thing from you.just prove it then only others will believe.

You doesnt have a money exhange forum or your signprofit doesnt approved anyway it was not on that time.


Again you makes so funny posts.

However you didnt proved anything except that you had .com domain.

I am giving the last answer also for HostGator return.


Yes you did it and removed after I asked r you scissor at namepros.

If I didnt made a high school that is why you requested to me for a moderator.

Ohh I forgot what about your other moderator esha.



Comment #19

So you need proof, I did not back up the forum database probably that was the worst mistake I did, but I do know my members on my forum who will not be wrong. They have all been trusting me and they know that I am the honest one around.... I will have them post about my forum very soon... keep checking this topic ,it will be updated shortly..

And with regards to the rest of all the crap you have posted, it does not make sense to me and I think it's pointless arguing on

But hey, you want proof, it's coming soon ..... I think I appoached to you about this politely in the beginning and I think you are used to the latter...

Comment #20

Ok I think so you doesnt have the did I stolen your database?.

Yes I too trusted to you but you didnt kepted the promise also said that you didnt opened the forum for making revenue.

However no one knows in this forum that how is you forum and you are telling to bring your members here and post to them.I think you may pay money to post them already my friends told they would join here and answer to you but I said no leave it off.

Becasue 1000 lies cant make a lie to be true.

You had opened in gpf about indianscoop why not you opened their one thread?.

Because you get good answers.

You also said the logo was the same of mine.

Anyway I am looking a new way and never think that I will merge data with you or I will give that doman to you.

Sorry to hear that you have to face that you cant bear later and dont come to me or on my messenger.

Anyway I was looking to remove that name and get another name and it will change in one to two months so your all BS ideas doent work at all.

If you didnt opened the thread at in indian sub forum then I would definetly open their and I will post..

Comment #21

This thread is getting too hard to follow with the broken english....

Someone care to summarize?..

Comment #22

Are you nuts??? I did not keep the database because I wanted to start my forum fresh.... and I dont find it necessary to keep answering your stupid questions.... why do you keep running around the bush with your silly posts which nobody would understand..

With regards to me getting my members who were my loyal members at , I dont need to pay them because they are a bunch of webmasters who own websites not lurkers like you... understand?? and they have actively participated in my community, they are aware of what happened to me and my forum and they dont find it great to keep cribbing and complaining about it. They would still support me.... they are not full of shit like you, and I am just saying, if you need I can have them post their views about me and my board. And let me remind you , my header/logo was different then yours... but the concept , layout , topics and the idea of getting a forum out of that HostGator is that, I dont have time to keep repeating this same thing a 1000 times..

So to put it all in a nutshell, your post does not make sense to anyone.... go get a life dude...stop worrying about it now, I know what I need to do now..

Hi there PolurNET,.

I think I have done my best to summarize what is said. Sometimes looking at his posts, I fail to do that too....

Thanks for your feedback.....

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.