How do I fix my Drupal website? My web hosting provider is iPage.?

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First off, How do I fix my Drupal website? My web hosting provider is iPage.? Thanks for any comment. Second question.. Here is my RAW auction tally from the live broadcast, including PADDLE #'s AND pass bids for your information (and speculation).


I uploaded it to google so you can see it w/o excel...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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What kind attached file is it? I could not open it...

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Its an excel workbook. Here:.


I uploaded it to google so you can see it w/o excel...

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The link just opens a signup page for google spreadsheets ;(.

As a general refuse to give more of my private data do Goo... I am just sorry to say "I pass reading the file" allthough it would have been intersting..

Will try elsewhere .....

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Excellent!! THANK YOU!.

Some of these $ numbers are off the charts, great news for us...

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All the sales are posted (with a slight lag) at.


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Great work, Tim..

Now the interesting thing would be to compare your list (Which I assume was all the LIVE auction results) with the list from last night that Monte posted or the list that they have reposted at the marketplace link to find out which names you're missing - as they would be the ones that sold in the hallway..

For example, and I know I keep ragging on this one, but you have listed as a "pass", but Moniker lists it as "sold" for $2,900 - and I know this one wasn't in the broadcast and wasn't due to be up towards the end, so it wasn't part of the shouting at the end either..

In any event, an accurate listing of hallway "buys", even though we won't know the buyer until March 24th at the latest, would be useful..

-Allan (Crosses his fingers that all of the hallway buys weren't by the same person/company...)..

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I was able to run a list of domains that sold in the hallway last night. I didn't save my results, but and were the two that stuck out. Most of the other ones that sold in the hallway were priced from $5-6k. If I remember correctly, there were only about 8 that sold in the hallway (that were posted on Moniker's iPage site before the results were taken down)...

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Results are back up, just FYI, and they match what Monte posted last night here, although I can't promise they matched what the original marketplace iPage site was reporting..


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I've just heard from a reliable source there were a lot more than just 8 domains that were put up for sale in the hallway "fire-sale." This source has put the number at around 60 domains that either were or could have been liquidated for their reserve, or near-reserve prices. More information to come.....

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Did really go for $650k? I think that is totally overpriced to be honest..

I'm also surprised to see going for as low as $80k, I'd have valued that way over some of the others there..

Thanks for the list!..

Comment #11 included a profitable iPage website and several other HostGator names as well...

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Ohhh ok, I didnt know about that. The price seems a lot more sensible now, I didnt even think to check if there was a iPage site there. Cheers again...

Comment #13 also had a nice revenue stream. I think it was a pretty solid buy...

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When does moniker allow individuals to submit domains for sale in the next live auction?..

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I do know the story behind actually..

It was sold from this guy privately to somebody for 100k a few years ago. Possibly 3-4 years ago. Then that person sold it quite quickly for 200k..

How it got back down to 80k is beyond my imagination, although I have read stories that there are TM issues with this domain...

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