How do I get a drop-down Medifast menu for my Tumblr?

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Question I have... How do I get a drop-down Medifast menu for my Tumblr? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Hi everyone!.

Well, the countdown is on -.


Date is February 22nd. At times I wish it were over and I was well on my way and other times I cannot believe it's here so fast. You name it...I am feeling it. Is this how you all felt right before your.


? I would appreciate any "words of wisdow" you could impart upon me. I'm afraid of the post-op life..

Thank you so much for.


This and for any thing you feel would be helpful to share with me..

Getting scared of the future and the unknown....

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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I felt the same way, and I tell you the first week is kind of hell, at least the first few days, but happily you are on meds through most of it and it goes by quickly. I'm going on one month post-op and it seems like it was just last week. I'm so glad I did this. good luck..

Comment #2

Thanks, Kelly! That is certainly a reason to do the "Happy Dance" Congratulation! What an amazing accomplishment..

Pattie! Congratulations. Can you share a bit more with me? How you felt pre-op vs. post op? How did you conquer the fears? How much have you lost?.


I so appreciate your time for helping me out...

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I'm with you honey. I'm scheduled for 2/17 and I'm getting scared too. I'm so afraid of the post op life. What if I do something wrong? I'm stressing out. But we will get through this and be happier and healthier for it...

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Again, thank you. Krystie - sounds like we're really "in this boat together" You're right - we WILL get through this. I'm here for you, too!..

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I can tell you that for me pre-op, I wasn't really nervous at all. I had put so much time and consideration into my decision that I had no doubt that without the.


..........I would die. I was killing myself with food. I was so depressed I was suicidal, and after convincing myself that my youngest son was so embarrassed by me........I chose to do it..

I later found out that my son wasn't embarrased of me, he felt bad for me. He was afraid knowing he was leaving to go into the Military, and he was afraid that when he left, he might not ever see me alive again..

Wow, what was I doing to myself and my family. I had no idea they were that scared for me..

The day of.


, the only thing I was nervous about was from the pre-op prep. I had spent most of the night before on the commode and was all gassy and gurgling..........I was nervous as hell that I would have an embarrasing accident on the table, under anesthesia. My mother told the nurse.............can you believe that.........the nurse told me not to worry, we clean you up and you never know. Ummm not helping........LOL>.

After I was sore, I won't hurts. They give you good meds in the hospital, of course you don't.


That good at all, because they are constantly coming in and taking vitals, giving you meds, that damn PA system, lots of noises and just not a place to.



When you get home, take your pain meds, sip your water, walk, and rest..

Before you know it, your feeling better, and losing. There are plateaus when you aren't losing any weight, but you are inches. I would take many measurements the day before you go to the hospital for.


And write them down............then after a month or two, recheck those measurements..........this is something I didn't do, and regret..

It's amazing how fast your face and neck thins even start to look younger..


I helped some..


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I had alot of the same experiences Kelly had I am now 51/2 weeks out and the only regret I have is that I didn't do it sooner...

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I felt mostly the same way. I really wanted it over once I had my.


Date though. I had gone through all of the requirements and just felt really ready. I knew that the.


Was in God's hands. It also helped that I picked one of the best surgeons around. That boosted my confidence. Recovery wasn't so fun, but it actually went pretty fast for me and I didn't have much pain because I just took my pain meds. It was just a month and half ago for me and it already feels like it was forever ago. It's funny how fast time goes when you are not waiting for something to happen, but how slow it goes when something important is coming up...

Comment #8


I just had my.


7 weeks ago. I've lost over 70#. I walk taller, I have more confidence, I feel beautiful again. I truely cannot put into words how great this.


Is. If I never lost another pound after these 2 months. I'm thrilled. And, if they told me I would have to have it done again tomorrow. I'd be there with bells on! It is scary, but I PROMISE this is the best thing you will ever do for yourself..

Good luck,.


Comment #9

I am truly touched by your kindness and the time you took to write down your throughts and inspiration..

Thank you from the botton of my heart. What a GREAT group you are. I am so blessed to have you all in my corner..

Thank you...

Comment #10

Hi everyone!.

Well, the countdown is on -.


Date is February 22nd. At times I wish it were over and I was well on my way and other times I cannot believe it's here so fast. You name it...I am feeling it. Is this how you all felt right before your.


? I would appreciate any "words of wisdow" you could impart upon me. I'm afraid of the post-op life..

Thank you so much for.


This and for any thing you feel would be helpful to share with me..

Getting scared of the future and the unknown....

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Okay.. this is NOT going to be a popular reply... but!!!.

Women totally freak out over this.


More than men, okay I said it!!.. whew.. lol (don't shoot the brave

I have read so many comments from ladies on here freaking out over this or that.. and I can't help be see a common thinking that they are still on a Medifast diet after.


And that the whole concept of this being a new lifestyle change catching a solid grasp!!.

You need to relax.. and accept the fact that you have done your homework and trust your decison and those of others. I too freaked out we all do.. we would be insane if we didnt.. lol. this is MAJOR.




Out loud... When you have your.


I will have been oficially one year out.. and am doing great... We all fear the unknown.. it's normal.. dont discredit those feelings.. you will be fine.

Forget about calorie intake and never never forget to take all of your vitamins.. it's not all that tough.. Good Luck!! throw out your scale and never count calories and you will do most excellent!..

Comment #12

I just had my.


Two weeks ago. The pain after the.


Was hard for me as I knew it would be, but I've heard others say they didn't have much pain. My incisions healed quickly but I still have pain from a nerve that was apparently caught in the stitches. It's lessening every day though, it gets more painful towards late afternoon and evening. The first few days after coming home I had tremendous cravings, but they ease up in a few days.. Some people don't have cravings at all. The protein shakes get repulsive, so buy some unflavored (unjury) so you can mix it in a variety of things from soups to milk with Torani flavorings..

The most frustrating thing that no one told me about was after the.


I gained 10 lbs.It was devastating to be in all that pain and not have a loss to show for it. Just this week (week 3) I dropped 10 lbs in just a few days. In the next 2 days I dropped 5 more. I am ecstatic and finally I have a real.


That I may actually get to a normal weight in the fairly near future. That.


And the feeling of the weight coming off makes everything worth while..



This helps. I tried to give you the good and the bad cuz if you're like me you want to be prepared..

Good luck on this first step to a brand new you...

Comment #13

I am a week before you on.


Date. I can't say I am worried I just want it over with. I had my final doctors visit yesterday and I can finally say I am ready. So good luck and continue.


Post everyday, this is where I have received most my support...

Comment #14

Mo Mo Mo me little treasure,.

Its really not uncommon to go through the thoughts you are.... lots of us think what the hell are we doing, why take the risk??? We have all heard about the complications and figures of fatalities which can scare not only us but our loved ones wittless..

Your time will come, you will go ahead fearless because you have not come to this likely..

Try to calm down and think of the future, it's not a Medifast diet that you will fail at it's an aid to help you loose weight and control many medical problems.... Its a tool that will work....

During recovery you will think.. What the hell have I done.We all do

After a short recovery you will be on cloud nine and living the dream as you find a new lease of life, as every organ and muscle relieves in the change..

You will feel awesome, you will look awesome..

Life is great on the other side of GBS....

Just listen to the tone of the replies, words written confidently and possitivly....

GBS rocks.....

You can do this, you will do this, and you will do well. Just remember to let us know just how wonderful you fell month after month after month....

Support here is amazing, and you will be too...

Fear not, it's not that hard as the operations takes care of hunger making it so much easier to stay in control.....

Wishing you well, your not alone all the time you have us....

Give yourself a better life, feel the way we do, you desreve it..... it's all up to you..

Buzz xxx..

Comment #15

To all my new friends..

All I can say (with tears in my eyes) a big heartfelt thank you for taking the time to wish me well, send me encouragement and helping me as muh as you have - and I know will continue to do so throughout my journey..




Comment #16

Hang in there! I just had my.


10 days ago and am still on the.

Liquid diet.

So it's kind of gross but things were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Before the.


My sister-in-law helped me make a list of all the things I'll be able to do that I couldn't before and whenever I got cold feet I would take it out and look at it. When I think of something new I add it to the list! It's been very helpful to me. Good Luck!..

Comment #17

I guess I was more like UpNorthGuy, no panic here. I had done all the.


, was confident in my choice of surgeon and procedure..



Was amazing. Even in the first few days, I felt better than I had in ages. Oh yeah, a little discomfort was there. It was like I had tried to do crunches. I took lots of naps and followed orders. No problems here..

Just take a deep breath, exhale and move on into your new life. Congratulations...

Comment #18

Good luck to you, I must say i'm jealous, I have been denied for the sleeve and I just sent in my appeal letter, i'm praying that they will re-consider, hoping to join you all soon on the loser's bench,..

Comment #19

Again, I am very humbled by all your kindness..

Thanks, friends!.



Comment #20

I too didn't really panic beforehand...I was so excited to.


My old self behind. I too was just upset I hadn't done it sooner!! I will be a year out on March 18th and have lost 128lbsI'm only 4 lbs from onederlandit all seems like a blur!!! It's not easy and don't let anyone tell you you've taken the easy way out!! As everyone says, it's a tooland we all need support and someone to lean on quite a bit!!! Best of luck to you on your journey to the new you!! We will be sitting here on the losers bench w/ open arms!! Best wishes....let us know how things go...only a week left!!! woo hoo!!!.

Xoxoxo Erica..

Comment #21

Thanks, Erica! I'll soon be joining the BEST bunch of losers ever!.

Xoxo Marie..

Comment #22

Please know that ALL will be fine! God will carry you through Honey! You are making a super fantastic decision to live your life healthy! I am with you and are very proud of you. This journey is a definite rollercoaster ride but one you will remember for the rest of your life!.

It gets easier as time goes by!.


Comment #23

Thanks, everyone! Wish my.


Were today...I am sooo ready!..

Comment #24


Five dayspost.


So a couple of quick notes from the trenches. First - search here for what to bring to the hospital and bring it..

Second - go home under the influence of plenty of meds, that pothole a mile down the road that you don't even think about anymore -one hit and you're gonna think about it..

Third - Come back here right away, even when you just lurk (typing under the influence of above meds can be iffy) you'll feel better..

Fourth - figure out how you are going to get out of bed, or where you are going to.


The first few nights. Sit ups are hard and so is using your legs to bring the recliner upright..


Your husband is a good tugger. Practice..

Sixth - Be sure you have a secondary way of measuring your progress. Take your measurements now, take your blood pressure, just something that should get better even when the weight doesn't. I can't emphasis how important this is for mental health. I'm doing great with the weight loss, but my blood sugar numbers are higher than ever and that was my main focus - i'm so glad I have an alternate focus..

Seventh - Get a notebook to log what you're eating and drinking and keep it really current. My late morning I've forgotten what I've eaten and what pills I've taken and the amount of water etc. It's all important - it's just not memorable..

Above all, you've already second guessed yourself enough on this journey. Prepare for it and then go for it...

Comment #25


Thanks, my friend. This is all really great info. I will heade your advice on all 7 topics - paying close attention to both #3 and #5!.

I'll post soon. Don't think I'm taking my laptop to the hospital so, if I don't post before hand I will post afterwards to let everyone know how it went..

Say a little.


For me on Monday!.


Comment #26

Some great comments here but wanted to add my wishes for this exciting/nerve wracking time. You will be so happy and no doubt, surprised by how quickly the new you will emerge..

Remember to take measurements starting today, and maybe once a month there after Often we'll lose inches when we don't lose lbs..

I also encourage newbies to take a picture each month, because sometimes we can see the difference in photos, when we don't seem to see it looking in the mirror. It's also a great way to remind yourself of your progress and how far you have come..

I started a journal, and I add my monthly weighins in, as well as challenges I have and how I handle themMight consider a journal. I keep my month photo updates, and measurements in that binder too..

Keep us posted and let us hear from you once you are home..


Comment #27

I wish you good luck and definitely remember the excitement and the fear I felt before my.


On 1/25/10. One thing I was not prepared for was the mental issue. Everyone told me you won't miss Medifast food and won't want to eat. That is absolutely not true. Your mind knows what time it is and we have been programmed to eat 3 meals a day. I am still having a lot of issues with it.


I started to develop pneumonia and had to be readmitted to the hospital. The pain is quite strong in the beginning but in a few days it will subside. I will pray for you and Good luck...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.