How do I get my iTunes Medifast menu back to normal?

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Quick question: How do I get my iTunes Medifast menu back to normal? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... I am noticing a lot of people at work complimenting me and it's nice but then I feel a little bad. I don't know why. I tend to cover up a little bit more and then I get those looks from some 'still' heavy people. My sisters are heavy as well.

I feel like sometimes I am abandoning them. It makes me want to cry sometimes! Is this crazy???????????..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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I do understand how you feel. I have one sister (out of 5) that was my "fat eating buddy". Now when she sees me and compliments me on how skinny I'm getting, I just feel bad because I know that I have been blessed to have the insurance to cover it and the overwhelming desire to change my lifestyle for health reasons. She has the same health issues as I had but she is 10 years older and really doesn't have the desire or motivation to do anything different. I just want her to live a long, healthy, happy life but her weight will take it's toll...

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Ditto on that UpNorth.........

You'll see all sorts of people and feel "bad" but don't let it hinder your journey, we are all on our own Journey's. They will take care of themselves the way they know how and their journey to healthy will happen when they are ready. Be a great role model and show them the best can be....

Seeing you do so well might be the key that gets them moving towards healthier choices..

All the best.....


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What a great topic...and super comments! I love what UpNorthGuy says about not letting YOU be the one to hold YOU back any longer...gosh we do that, don't we?.

I thought Morethanready's comments about how our relationships change with our eating buddy's and how we feel badly for those not moving ahead as we are trying to..

And Karla, you are right about sometimes others seeing changes we've made can , in some cases, move them towards a healthier lifestyle, but we do have to accept that sometimes we actually do have to know we may represent something THEY don't want to be reminded of..

It really struck me in this topic, and these comments, that although we talk about the exciting new things in our life post.


, we all need that connection and relationship with people who are important in our lives, and it really can be a stumbling block, and discouraging at the least, when we see ourselves making changes, while others are stuck in the old ways we are so familiar with. Sometimes there is a moving on or away from those people we once shared so much with. And that is hard, no two ways about it..

But having said that, I would NOT trade how great I feel now...but would and am working to nurturing the relationships I value, and accepting some may have to change or be let go of others. You know?.


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You know, I think Ron needs to be a personal ambassador for GBS. He says things that really hit the nail right on the head, inspiring or otherwise..

Kudos to you Ron..

I myself eat up the compliments. As a matter of fact the other day someone said my hubby better get some weight off, cause I'm looking beautiful and men are gonna be after me...........LOL..

I wouldn't go that far, but I liked hearing it.........of course hubby has nothing to worry about. He's been there from thin to morbidly obese, sickness and health. He's my Big Daddy..

It feels so good after years of feeling so bad.........I'm not letting anything or anyone stop me........I'm on a roll and loving it...

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Thank you all so much. You are totally right. Its funny how we DO need that connection with people isn't it? My sisters and I have always eaten together. And they are all motivated to.

Lose weight.

For sure, always have been. But it's a hard process. they know I love them, and they totally love and support me, don't get me wrong. Its just I want us all to be happy. Thanks everyone! I have been feeling like this for a couple weeks now. Ever since I got to a point where it really feels like I'm shrinking. It became really noticeable...

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I wouldn't allow myself to feel bad. We can't be responsible for other people's actions, thoughts, opinions and even weight. I find myself feeling bad FOR others who are heavy and have not made a decision or commitment to lose the weight and become healthier for a longer life..

I made this decision for me and me alone. I wanted to be healthier and I wanted to live longer. I've been getting those looks from people here in my office. The ones that say 'who does she think she is' and you know what...I know who I am..IM A LOSER...LOL..

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Wow, great topic and great responses!! You all are so inspiring, and upnorthGuy great new pic!.

I was just feeling the same way about a co-worker, I feel so bad for her, she is a wonderful person and she has tried everything to get her weight off. I have offered to walk with her and she just was like no no I can't so I asked her why not? I think she is one of those who is afraid of being thin, I know that I always have been and everytime I would get a compliment I would back slide and put the weight back on.. so here is to being thin and getting compliments.. embrace them.. and you can only do so much to those around you it is up to them to help themselves as you have. (great philosophy we will see if I can actually embrace it)..

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I understand this completely too! My great aunts are heavy women, one of them is very supportive about me, the other is seemingly always down about my.


... Oh well to hell with her! lol Seriously though I know it is because she wishes she had the guts to do something like this for herself. She has tried every fad diet, bought every piece of equipment for her home and still does nothing really to keep the weight off, like SO many of us have all our lives..

I know I am doing a great thing for me and my children. I look in the mirror every day and I feel like I am seeing a different person as the days go by! I am LOVING the compliments, I am totally seeing changes. My friends are all skinny brats that eat like pigs and exercize their brains out! lol SO upon going out to dinner with them last Friday night, I realized I need to trian my friends to shut up about my Medifast food and learn that what I need to eat to help me.

Lose weight.

Is no longer the same as what THEY need to eat to.

Lose weight.

They will come around and they will get it, cause I have no problems telling them straight up what is what. I love them for who they are, but they don't know about me like I do, so we will all learn as I go though this process..



You soon realize this is NOTHING to feel guilty for, your making a life change to make YOU better, what is SO wrong with that? So many people here have such great advice here for you. Listen to them all they are AWESOME friends who have been there too!..

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I so0oooo agree with all of you! WE did this for US...not someone else and you need to take each and every moment available to LOVE yourself...DON.T hide in your big clothes....celebrate the new you...take the moments you need to be PROUD of you and the new journey you are on! It is a new HEALTH style for you and it is GREAT! Shout it to the mountains!!!! I LOVE ME~!!!!!.

Have a great day and pppppttthhhhhhhhhhhhhh! To those who detour you from you well being! :).



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