How do I get my Medifast menu tool bar back?

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Got a quick question: How do I get my Medifast menu tool bar back? Looking forward for any response. Another question on my mind: Hi friends bit despondent as in 10 week I have lost 56 1lb. that includes my 2wk pre op diet, pleased with that but weighed self today and put 1kg on, this I dont get as I am not having more than 400 too 500 calories if that a day at moment as I am struggling to get on to soft stage, in fact my surgeon may have to stretch my opening a little as I vomit anything past pureed back up. I am living on soups and low cal squash and tea with full skim milk so why the gain? want the bypass to work for me. I normally weigh in a morning but coulld all my fluid on board make me heavier in evening.also want to ask is there anyone out there who could only take fluids but not soft Medifast food who had to have a stretch? thought they only did that if you could take neither fluid or food,would like to add that I am doing gentle.


Now and walk and watch my Medifast diet carefully as I want this to work, please reply many thanks xx..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Hi Elora hun,.

Fear not..... the body is playing silly buggers for you messing with it....

It will move agin your by far from done yet....

Early days... early days....

Keep to the rules and it will all turn around.. fear not.

Buzz xxx..

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Hi Elora,.

Plateaus are not fun and we tend to associate them with failure..

Plateaus are our bodies' way of telling us that hey we need time to consolidate things here, or you aren't feeding us enough or in some cases we are eating too much..

In your case consuming 500 to 600 calories is basic starvation Medifast diet and unless you are getting your protein in (60-80g in my case per day) the body will think it needs to HANG on to stuff in case you truly mean to starve it for good..

The key to using your WBS tool is drink the fluids, eat the protein and move every day..

Oh, and don't weigh yourself daily. We fluctuate with fluid on a daily basis so put the scales away and only do it weekly or even better monthly..

Hang in there,.


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Forgot to say that 56lbs in 10 weeks is AWESOME!!!..

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I can't really add anymore than what's been posted. This too shall pass! Our bodies are wired in such a way so it will survive many things such as potato famines!.

Don't give up!.



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Yhaxx so much for the replies,i am drinking loads of the good fluids and taking protein powder in them when I cant tolerate smooth Medifast food I put it in my drinks and soups now and have an.


Programme now so I will not give up and as you say my poor body has been through a lot bless it so I must be patient with it lol, thanks friends, it so good you all out there xx..

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Have you been taking measurements? Often when you stall, your body is adjusting, taking a breather but things will "shift", so by tracking measurements you can see that you are still losing inches..

Seeing those numbers change even if the ones on the scale stall can help keep you motivated..

Also, what's your water intake like? Keep in mind, 1 CUP of water weighs half a pound (not sure of the kg conversion off hand) so if you are retaining any water, that can make a difference. I think that's why I tend to weigh myself first thing in the morning, so hopefully my body is at it's "low point" for water levels, giving me a consistent barometer to go by..

As far as the scale goes, you have to weigh how much it motivates versus frustrates you... and if the scale tips in favor of frustration (pun intended), it's not healthy....

And if the scale does upset you that much, do like others have said... throw it away! well.. maybe not forever, but maybe try going a month without it...

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Hi mclee yes my water input was very high when I weighed at tea time about one and half litre and yes I will.


Scales alone for while as I dont want get depressed thinkin my bypass failing, you see I have dieted naturally before with Medifast diet and.


And always plateu at 42 iib then on it creeps, was worried this is gonna happen again I suppose and having had.


I was thinking oh goodness i.


This works for me but I know it will,my calorie intake is not much at moment, cant get off pureed stage, just tried a thicker meal again and lost it yet again, my surgeon said I may need a bit of a stretch so going see him on 26th,i keep trying to do next stage though he said not too but if I cn do it without that it better but it not happening for me at moment...

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