How do I get rid of my iPage page?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do I get rid of my iPage page? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... With the increased ppc for names I have just moved from an adsense / mini iPage site to Sedo parking..

Have already had 760 hits in just over 1.5 days and a ctr of nearly 16% , ppc appears to be around 0.13 euros..

Early days yet but with the hits being similar to the mini iPage site the ctr /ppc from Sedo and without optimization is twice that of the mini iPage site - so far..

Will see what one month brings...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I just moved a traffic .in that peformed rather poorly at every PPC service over to Sedo last night...and today when I checked it had a $1.91 click! The category was "dating" too which I didn't think paid quite that well..

It was my highest .IN click ever at Sedo and my second highest .in click ever.A few months ago I had a $5.00 click on an (!!!!) at NameDrive but that appears to have been a fluke..

I use Skenzo for all my traffic but now I will definetly give Sedo another shot..Especially since they just sent me an invite for SedoPro :-)..

Comment #2's views/clicks are soaring at Sedo. Out of nowhere. We're yet to see how this converts into sales though...

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I have had one click for $2.57 for.

! wish I could get hundred's of clicks for it!!.


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All this hype about Sedo, I had to test the waters again!.

I've just moved 5 traffic domains over and I'll keep you updated on how they do...

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No, I do not have a Sedo pro account although have had the invitation..

What the results are showing so far is that the Sedo returns are 50% better than adsense..

I don't know about other parking providers. I do use but that is solely idns...

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After 2 days or so I am already liking the new Sedo PPC. I find that my names have a lower CTR but a higher ppc average. I had one credit card name make $4.51 with 2 clicks! I almost peed my pants but then I have a few other names which are music/email related that made $0.03 - $0.06 per click... Some domains are yet to receive a click so I don't have too many stats to show. Anyways thought I'd give you all an update, if all goes well I'll move some of my bigger Indian traffic domains over for the REAL test..

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1st Day of September ppc for is down by 40%.

- hope it was not just a come on by Sedo..

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I saw on DNF that somebody got a call from Sedo informing them that Sedo had mistakenly put Indian traffic on the US PPC... and so that is why we've been receiving such HIGH $$$ per click! If this is the case, PPC for indian domains is going to drop big time once they fix it...

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Wish they dont do that at all. I have lots of high ovt adult domains in .. Let me reap the benefits......

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I'm still getting amazing PPC results from my Indian traffic, sure hope this stays because if it will, I know Sedo will be getting a lot more customers..

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Sept revenue for my India domains sucks! I know on one HostGator Sedo changed the ppc from $2.57 to $.03. I figured it was to good to be true. How is everyone else's ppc for Sept 2006 so far?.


Must have been a come on!!.

Guess what you saw on DNF was very true!! Darn!! How does Sedo expect anyone to keep their India domains park with them, if they pay next to nothing for ppc?..

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But if you move to sedo, could your traffic stop? So unless you have natural type-in name, your traffic would be less and less if you park your name. Am I correct?..

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I guess it really depends on what keywords you are using. I am still getting really high clicks on indian domains for Finance names...

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But sedo are feeding you with adsense ads - so I'm confused as to how it could pssibly be lower - cept for a mistake..??..

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I'm starting to think there's no pattern at all to Sedo's madness.One of my traffic may get an average of .28/click one day then falls to .02 the next..

There is no stability at Sedo at all..

I recently added to Sedo a really good traffic odd extension,but an amazing banking/credit category high paying even in Pakistan.Day one it made $18+ with average of $1.16 per click,now just 5 days later the average PPC has already dropped to .89,then .76,then .59 today.How low can we go?..

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Click amounts on my Indian domains saw a nice surge of improvement at the launch of the new system, but unfortunately they seem to have returned to their previous $.02-$.05 now..

I'm not sure if this says more about SEDO, or more about Indian traffic in general, at this point..

I survive in this business by selling names, not by traffic clicks, so I'm not going to get too upset or worried about all this... but I must admit, it was kinda fun & exciting to see that little burst of extra income for a while. It made loggin in each day, fun...

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I am the same. Most of my HostGator income comes from sales. ppc is mainly incidental..

I did the switch for a period of time to check it out. Now back on a mini site..

Still continue to see wild swings on ppc for other indian names but then I do not get particularly good ppc for the majority of my names..

Payment also depends on which ad they click on - mine seem to choose the cheapies...

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Sedo's pattern is simple. They are making changes whenever they see that they will have to pay out some money!!!.

I gave up long ago thinking I will make $XXX per month from parking..

I agree with Wot. I have them parked at Sedo, in hoping of selling domains. Some day they probably won't even pay to park..


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I like SEDO, overall as a company. And some very nice people there..

But honestly, I'm not a big fan of parking to begin with..

In fact, up until last year, I just forwarded most of my domains to a single page that said "The HostGator address you typed is FOR SALE. Contact us". My names did not make any money from clicks sitting there, but I sold a lot of them, and visitors often contacted me to enquire..

Sometimes, I think about returning to that simple solution.....

Again, because selling names is my priority, not getting people to click ads...

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I agree 100%. So I just leave all my domains parked at Sedo, even if I just make $XX a month from parking..


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Experiment continued:.

Adsense income on the mini iPage site was dropping off so switched back to Sedo 2 weeks ago - for some reason it took a few days for the traffic to start picking up but income is now growing- yesterday saw the biggest one day return with over $15 ..

With the amount of traffic gets with a .com I would be making really good money - maybe will pay better in the future..

Anyway, the answer appears to be no answer , just keep experimenting...

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