How do I get to use all yahoo iPage pagebuilder features?

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Quick question: How do I get to use all yahoo iPage pagebuilder features? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: Another no from me - they've been useless, had no offers on any domains listed there. Have had much more luck with Sedo and have had offers on domains at 1plus and Plesmo too....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Are you a registered member or in the AFTERNIC member board?..

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Hi Amber, thank you for taking the time to respond here..

A serious question if I may....would Afternic consider eliminating it's annual fee and perhaps make the money it needs in other ways - higher commissions on sales for example?..

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Hi ekal,.

Taking my "Afternic Hat" off for a moment and attempting to think as a member (and based on feedback I've received on this subject in the past), I would personally rather pay $19.95 a year to list my names, rather than pay a bigger commission on my sales. For the cost of one week (5 cups) of coffee, I get my names exposed to a huge audience of buyers for an entire year. And it is entirely possible that I will earn that membership back through affiliate commissions..

And please, no thanks needed for responding to questions here. The best way for a company to improve is to understand it's members (or prospective members.

). Getting the opportunity to interact with you all on these forums is great!.

Best regards,.

Amber West.

....and yes, I am aware, I spend too much on a cup of coffee..

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Not sure higher commission is a good idea either, Sedo already eliminates a minimum.

Commission on domains parked with them and just takes the flat 10%..

With so much venture capital and money floating around in the HostGator industry these days (Marchex etc) I'm surprised that Sedo or Afternic don't go after some outside funding and do a real advertizing drive in business related media. If they don't, just a matter of time before a new startup prepared to take the risk comes along...

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As I said earlier in the thread, personally I don't mind paying $20/year as a membership fee. Yes it's a fee, but it's not unreasonable, and I particularly like that it's being used to pay for the relationship Afternic has with, which essentially sends someone searching for an already-registered HostGator name to Afternic's marketplace. I would like to see more HostGator marketplaces with relationships with whois providers..

I could be speaking from ignorance here, but it doesn't seem to me that Afternic as a percentage of the whole has a lot of parkers. People list to sell (certainly true of me mine are at Sedo/Namedrive/Fabulous). This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, and I think Afternic would do well to think carefully about this..

There is a serious hole in the domaining community that is waiting to be filled. There's a demand, with no supply business 101. If Afternic established a segment of it's business dedicated to marketing domains to end users, that would be a *very* valuable service. Afternic could justifiably charge a larger membership fee (or maybe have tiered membership fees for people who want to pay for personal brokering service). It's sorely needed in the domaining community, particularly with so many HostGator marketplaces (*cough Sedo*) considering advertisers their clients instead of domainers, which puts much of their focus on parking revenues instead of commissions from sales..

Amber, I'd be happy if you might pass those thoughts along..


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Interesting ideas here. Personally, I'm happy to go for the "no win-no fee" option and sacrifrice a larger portion of the commission if it means success..

Lasher has a good point - sometime soon a company is going to start advertising "21st Century Real Estate" as if they meant it - TV Ads, newspaper ads etc. Theres a real opportunity to take domaining to the next level and out of it's current (but growing) niche..

If companies can still spend to widely advertise $10 dial-up internet, then they sure can advertise a iPage site selling $1/2 million dollar domains...

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It all depends on the quality of your names, $25 is nothing if you have quality names - afternic does have a wide audience and myself and a few friends have had quite a few sales with them...

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There you again ! , lol ... It is 19.95 $.

So, you were the one who send me an EMAIL for the support request .... Well I am sending you a PM right now. Just want to sort out a few things..

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Definately not worth paying for an afternic membership, sedo is free and sells a much larger volume of names. Afternic is very fortunate to be in operation at a time when the market is bomming, I doubt they would still be in operation if it wasn't for that...

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Looks like it's a no for me as well , but what a great money spinner ?

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I have been selling domains for many years now and never ONCE sold on at afternic. it was a waste of $10 back then and if the price has gone up it's still a bigger waste..

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I'd pay a $xxx membership if sedo had one. I wouldn't signup again with afternic even if it was free..

Pretty much my experience with afternic. Useless. Bidders just don't pay and Afternic won't help much. If it's good enough to be sold at Afternic, you bet it can be sold at sedo...

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Hope to join when Afternic abolishes it's member fee thingy to get names listed...

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I dont think they are gonna do that for now...

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Well, is their company, is all up to them..

With more players coming into the market.. I will turn to alternatives..

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Been with them for 2 years.. I thought after the first year ok had a few offers and one sale.. Lets give it another year.. Yet the same happened to me like Crooky.. 6 bids all non payers..

So my subscription has just come up again for renewal and this time.. They are not getting a cent...

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