How do I make a website my own on iPage?

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My first question is How do I make a website my own on iPage? Thanks for any response. My other question... I used to like RegisterFly and has recommended them several times on this forum and to friends but lately I have had huge problems with RegisterFly almost every time I needed to renew one or more domains which have resulted in downtime of some of my websites..

Because of my good first impression did I have a large "pool" of RegisterFly good will but the pool has dried out....

RegisterFly support has been useless. Always get the same answer which in general is "It is not possible to renew domains right now, try tomorrow, there is nothing I can do." I accepted this the first time because IT systems can go down but I have got this answer several times within the last months and that is simply not good enough..

The NP member "Regfly" has been very helpfull and taken care of some of the problems but in the long run is this obviously not a good way to getting your problems solved..

A registrar unable to renew domains is not of much use..

I have now started to transfer away my domains as they come up for renewal and I will certainly transfer away all 3 letter domains I currently have with RegisterFly..

Think I will stick to GoDaddy and eNom from now on...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I have noticed that they transfer over domains and I am sure such a huge amount of transfers will result in some problems but it is just not good enough too keep having problems for months and simply tell the customers that nothing can be done and you just have to wait a day or two and then might be lucky to get your HostGator renewed...

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The best suggestion would be to to register the domains there and then transfer to another registrar..

Thats what I am doing. I register lots of .net's for 2.99 $ and then transfer the same to another HostGator registrar...

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Regfly is terrible. I have lost so many names, many if which I simply could not renew because their system wasnt working, and no one bothered to reply in their 'support' system..

I also had domains disapear from my account..

They are just horrible...

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I still dont understand why there are so many posts about RegFly...its pretty clear that they cant do 1+1 so why do people continue to use them?.

Sorry about your losses. RegFly has, and will always be an awfull registrar...

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I have been with Regfly for about 5 years.....

This company continues to sell services it can't support ....particularly for high volume domainers...

Registerfly support is unable to fix anything because they are a victim of their own control panel it appears.....

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And you've been using them for 5 years ? .

I'm afraid you are taking chances with your domains..

BTW another thing to take into account is, now that they have their own registrar credentials they are transfering names from Enom to them upon renewal. If your names have expired, problems will occur with the transfer. So don't renew late, or better yet transfer away..

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Beware that when they did transfer names from their enom reseller account to their own registry in my case, they also changed ALL whois contact information to their own without changing it back. They do this so THEY approve the transfer instead of YOU. I lost some names there due to this, because my name was no longer in the whois to get notificaiton of expiration..

I recently move all 700+ domains I had there out!..

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Now REGFLY support is AWFUL, those fellows dont understand my questions and give me BLEAK responses..

I really wouldnt RECOMMEND this .....

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