How do I make my iPage url shorter than what it is?

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First question I have is How do I make my iPage url shorter than what it is? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. With the year comming to an end, I wanted to share with the NamePros community how my first year in the HostGator name business has been. My original goal was to make enough to ease the cost of rising tuition rates, and here's my year end stats:.

Registered 30 at an average $9 = $270.

Registered 1 for $130.

Total invested $400.



: 6 domains for $2,783.

*.com $69.

*.com $300.

*.ch $639.

*.com $1250.


*.com $275.


Highest offers declined for domains.



*.com $512.

*.com $400.

*.com $100.

*.com $50.

*.com $15.


So I have netted $2,383 for this year with 5 being sold since June. With next year being my last year of school, my goal for 2007 will be to make enough to cover the cost of tuition($5,000+) I've learned a lot in the last few months and with the.


Unregistered premium names I may have to start buying some names in the aftermarket..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Very good records!.

I started my HostGator business on this July (So almost 4 months past) and invested around $4,500 for the business. But the sales just reached to $2000 (Includes my latest Aution on Sedo at $1,050 which don't receive payment yet ).

My main mistake is that Purchased too many Domains in the first 2 months when I was fresh to the industry. Totally I own about 200 domians currently but lots of them are not so valuable infact..

However, I also learned many for HostGator business in past months. And I believe I will make much better in 2007..

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You are off to a great start.. You made ten times your money and still have lots of HostGator capital. Best of luck next year....

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Not bad, keep up the good work. This is my approach when I started in HostGator business years ago. Now buying more in after market..

Good luck to you and to every new domaineers..

Best regards,.


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Nice for the first year!.

If you want to sell for more in 2007 I have some nice domains for u.....

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Nice that all worked out for you and made a nice profit.

I hope it will continue to progress like this and even better..

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Maybe you could give us some insight as to the names you sold and how/where you sold them? I started off my domaining career with a big sale (well mid xxx) that I actively promoted to endusers, and then I haven't had much luck since.

Any insight would be appreciated...

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It's been exciting learning something new. However, I'm a long way off from being anything close to an expert so I'm bound to continue making mistakes that are going to reduce my ROI. I only hope that with great websites like, I'll make better and better choices and invest my money wisely. Thanks guys!.

Well, the first HostGator I sold was on ebay for $69 and that was the first half of the year and this continues to be my only sale on Ebay thus far. About mid year I listed my domains that I wasn't developing into websites onto Sedo and for a few months I was getting offers regularly and I sold a few..

But recently I decided to go after potential end users by looking up websites relating to my domains and trying to find a contact email either through a iPage website or whois. I have found this to be the fastest and easiest way to a sale. The most difficult part is knowing what to tell them when they ask the price. Now, this is critical because if you get greedy and ask for $1,500 when really you would be happy with $250 then my guesse is your going to lose a potential sale. I've had the chance to communicate with some very smart and savvy CEO's doing this and these people are not looking to get ripped off. IMO when discussing a sale, our opinion of the domains value is REALLY close.

And try to get them to use part of their budget to buy a HostGator with unique traffic..

So if you don't like the "wait and see" approach of listing domains then aggressively seek out end users. And if your still not having any luck selling the domains you have, then let them go when they expire or develope a few to raise the value...

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Congrats - very well done..

This is my first year in the business as well, most of my success I have found with in all honesty, seeing an oppertunity and attacking it. Very little success when it came to regging new names and converting them..

I started off this year with a huge sale as well. xx,xxx (just under 20) and that pretty much catapulted me into this industry. I have since re-invested about 7k in premium HostGator names in the aftermarket and an additional 1k in other domains and business concepts. (including

I have found success in Expired HostGator auctions and thats where I will continue to work through. Finding loopholes and brand new services has helped build my portfolio (ESPECIALLY LOOP HOLES!!!)..

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I deffinantly need to start seeking out those expired names. I had my eye on two of them a few months ago that IMO were worth $250+ each that sold for less than $25. I just don't spend enough time looking at these auctions but deff need to...

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I'll tell you that expired HostGator names are absolute gems. Ive picked up a few today and won another on auction. Looking for a clean sweep for the next one, Ive got a nice one lined up to finnish auction tonight!..

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Your first year is much better than my first year..

Wish everyone better next year...

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