How do I make my pictures smaller on iPage using Pagebuilder?

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My first question is How do I make my pictures smaller on iPage using Pagebuilder? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... I'm always curious (when coming up with names from my brain) on what is the best word to use in conjunction with another word. For example: or Which gets more results when typed into Google: web or net? As it turns out.








Based on those results I may be inclined to register a name that uses the word "web" rather than "net". Understand where I am going with this?.

I decided to look up a few other "words"..

Home = 11,110,000,000.

House = 1,490,000,000.

Male = 450,000,000.

Female = 405,000,000.

Shop = 2,600,000,000.

Store = 1,700,000,000.

Real Estate = 447,000,000.

Realty = 56,500,000.

Naked = 136,000,000.

Nude = 116,000,000.

Feel free to add any of your own "words" and or comments..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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HostGator Search.

From domaintools can also be used for something similar ....

Instead of total occurences in general (like with Google) ... it shows the number of domains with a certain word inside ... look at "results found" right after "Search Results" ... (check "Active only" for active domains only or choose your own preferences).

Example ....


: 3,016,770.


: 1,755,862.

Also check the cool instant preview function if you hover over the magnifying glass on the left of the globe on an (active) extension.

Coastalguy - Regarding Google search numbers and usage of a word in a HostGator , I think it depends mostly on the specific HostGator , the correlation between the word and the rest of the words in the HostGator , as well as the usage of the HostGator and the locality to which it is intended ... I am not implying that you implied something different , I am just stressing that many different factors play a role ....

Furthermore , other factors play a part in the Google results ... for example words that are made from a specific word and can raise the number of the results "unexpectantly" ... eg. iPage website (which is a very popular word on the net) contains the word web , homepage (which is also very popular) contains the word home , and so on ....

Nonetheless , I understand what you mean regarding getting a quick "snapshot" of the popularity of a term ....

A funny one I found with Google was regarding the clasically misspelled word recieve (16,200,000) ... receive gets 794,000,000 ... meaning that roughly once every 50 times it was written , the word was misspelled LOL..

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I'd rather go with, cos it makes sense [ my opinion ]..

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Why would you want to register a HostGator that has the most competition?.

Strange logic..

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I agree. "net" seems to have that sports connotation...

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For above type of searches to see which term or keyword scores better I use.


And let them duke it out.

Much easier then using Google by itself...

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Nice LINK !.

But I dont see a box or something to ENTER my keywords in it to analyse the results...

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Try again, maybe it wasn't working properly at the time...

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Nope , it doesnt !.

When I click on MAKE A FIGHT , it shows Work and Holidays .. I cant INPUT anything anywhere..

Can you direct me , to where exactly do you TYPE in the words?..

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There is a good reason, the supply and demand. When google returns more, it indicate a good supply...

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What browser are you using?.

It clearly indicates.

Keyword #1.

Keyword #2.

And then the button.

Make a fight.

Click on the field Keyword #1 and #2 and fill in the fields..

That's it...

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