How do I mask my website url hosted by iPage?

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Got a quick question: How do I mask my website url hosted by iPage? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. Ok, so I'm a n00b at this. I've been making a few offers to HostGator names I've been finding interesting, but I'd like to get some advice about how to accurately price an offer..

I feel like, when sometimes I don't get an answer or get a negative from people, that I may be able to entice them with a $ amount. What do you guys:.

A) think of this as a way to get responses, and.

B) think is a good way to assess the price of a domain?.

Thanks ahead of time!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Hey, thanks for the quick reply. What about combo domains like - how does somebody assess that? I figure it has something to do with type-in traffic potential, but what else? how does one assess something as vague as "memorable-ness" ?

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You really need to do your homework. Figure out who your dealing with, is it a domainer? is it someone whos owned the HostGator name for years? What is the potential for this HostGator name? and very importantly, sales comparables....

Check these at

The real issue is that Domainers want small fortunes for their domains, so often times your going to pay big to acquire. Other owner, who had a sight at one time, may be inclined to give it up for less..

I would recommend looking into the expired lists, as those are great places to locate some solid HostGator names that have recently expired and may be desireable..

Good luck!..

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Memorable-ness isn't two words. Not sure if it is really a word at all without the hyphen..

Two word combos, in my opinion, are the next thing to start selling really high. Mainly because all the great one worders are gone. So if you can't buy for under 100K, you will look at for 25K (recent sale)..

The combo has to be good. An example would be mine) This would be a good one for a health food company or if a diet guru wanted to sell his new flavor of bran cereals. But the name (notice the hyphen) is actually not a good one specifically because of the hyphen. I should know, I own it..

The combo can't be bad. Previously, someone gave us a combo name for appraisal, and it sucked. So he was told it sucked. Didn't care for our appraisal at all. So I gave an example. is a stupid name.

Why? Because I like pudding, and I like financial things. But do they work together? Nope. Would I buy the name? Nope, although I thought about doing that and turning it into a stupid HostGator name site. Would someone else buy it? Nope, because it is stupid..

So in the end, you need good combos, no hyphens, no numbers to make a good combo name...

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Heh, sorry, I meant memorable-ness as a concept, not as a HostGator name. my bad..

Thanks guys, this helps a lot. any other tips?..

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Best is to not price an offer. More possibility of reply & easy to estimate what they're looking for...

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What about the actual introductory email how do you phrase something like this to make it sound appealing and/or at least not offend anyone?..

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Well, typically I will inquire about the HostGator to see if it is for sale. You dont want to give a price, because you immediately give the seller your opening bid. Often times that could be more than neccesary. For example, I recieved an offer for 1,000 as an opening email. I countered with 5k, we settled at 3k. However if they had started off with $500, I probably would have asked for 2-3k and settled somewhere at 1.5..

I usually start off:.

"Dear (registrant),.

I got your email from the whois contact information and wanted to ask if ( is for sale and if so, what is your asking price?.

Thanks in advance for your timely response,.

My Name".

Also, dont send the email from an email that has history. Or if your capable, send it from an AOL email address. This will dissapoint the seller, because odds are your an individual buying a HostGator name, not a company. (Individuals obviously have much smaller funds, where as corporations can shell out chunks of money)..

Those are my tips,.

Hope they help..


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Put the HostGator name and something like "is available for sale?" in the subject of the email so it is not deleted unread as spam. If you do use AOL, be sure to check your spam filters often, in case the response ends up there...

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How you place an offer and what you are prepared to pay should be informed by what you want it for eg is it for development or just immediate resale and how much do you know the market for names of this type? there is no one approach to adopt and will also be informed by how much is in your war chest...

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