How do I password protect my yahoo iPage website?

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Quick question: How do I password protect my yahoo iPage website? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... I can't believe it. I've made more at Sedo this month than Namedrive. That's NEVER happened. I've always gotten more uniques at Sedo, but the clicks and revenue have historically stunk.

Used to get avg ppc around $0.60 / click.

Anyone else seen this too?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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It has been in affect for about 10 days or so and I have seen a big jump in rev. and clicksI have moved almost all my names back to sedo..

It is greatHope it continues..

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A shocking month at ND !!!!!.

Massively down on last month..

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At the beginning of the month my ND revenue was way way low and I thought it was just summer, but as summer unfolds it should pick up and it has been for me. Some names are down but others are up which evens it all out. However I have never really parked any names with Sedo so I'm not sure about Sedo...

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I'm with NameDrive started out a bit down early in the month,but bounced back to normal-if not higher-than before..

In that same time,I have a small group of names I keep at Sedo and none of them have seen a real increase.I do like all thier new features though,I might move a couple heavy hitters over to Sedo to try...

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Not noticed any difference with my names so far...

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Sedo's been way up this month for me as well, although ND's about on par with usual..

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I've noticed a drop of about 30% of avg click rev., but I have dropped some names, so my stats are a little muddy right now. My cut-through-the-BS senses tell me that the rev is down overall this month regardless of # of names..

I asked ND to review my portfolio and fine tune it if they can. They said they made some changes. We'll see..

Fabulous is killing ND by double rev with 1/3 of the names. Maybe it's time to switch...just never to Sedo...ever...

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I cant cover my expenses this month... will suffer badly in the coming weeks.....

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Sedo are indeed on the up it seems, I do like their new parking features...time will tell if this month is an anomaly. I've tripled my parking revenue this month with them...

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What did it go from a dime to a quarter.

... Not knocking your names, but the last time I had names at Sedo, I was making $2 a month, not $2 or better per day like I do now...

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NameDrive is cutting their payments to everyone, lowering %s and lowering traffic/click counts, and suspending domains/members without reason..

It's been going on about a month and a half...

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I'm sorry, but you're going to have to qualify that statement with some backup's a pretty strong accusation of a relatively placid company. My clicks are down and so is my rev...but not to the point that I'd make a generalization like that...

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Sounds good.

Phronesis - Can I ask what style of landing pages you have been using at sedo ? .

I'm only doing slightly better at sedo than last month but still nowhere near as good as it used to be earlier in the year..


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Actually, I hadn't changed any of my landing pages at Sedo to the new ones until just yesterday. Also, I moved one HostGator from NameDrive to Sedo yesterday as a test. This name usually only get 2-3 uniques/day at ND. I have 12 uniques and 8 clicks since I moved it to Sedo 18 hours ago. Maybe a fluke - who knows. The payout on that name appears to be about the same as it was at ND but obviously traffic is higher (not even sure how that could be possible)..

For a while, some of my financial .nets and .orgs at ND got indexed by google for the exact term and were in the top 2 or 3 in the SERPS. When that happens it's like Christmas every day. You open your portfolio every morning to see how much $ came your way overnight....I'm not an addict .....

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This is just a guess but....

If ND has a certain number of advertisers with set budgets and they got a lot more publishers in the last couple months (me being one of them) then it would be logical that everyone would make less the more people that join..

It's up to ND to get bigger budgets and more advertisers so they can pass some of that to us...

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Same here. I moved nearly all my domains (400+) from NameDrive to Sedo...

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Could it be that they are newly listed and people check newer (last 3 months) listings more?..

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Sedo has performed extremelly well this month..

AND, being August (one of the slowest PPC months throughout the year, if not THE slowest), it is remarkable...

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Sedo just changed their PPC system..

Wait for stable results untill you change all your domains and do a lot of work...

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I could be wrong, but I believe ND uses Google's Adsense...

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Did this improve for anyone? My Namedrive PPC is in the toilet, very very few clicks over 10c where it used to be > 50%..

I have 464 domains parked there, avg ppc across the whole lot is now 9c. About to move the entire thing to Sedo, or maybe back to Fabulous...

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Yeah, I have one particular name at ND that was getting $.80 - $1.50 / click and is now averaging $.05 - $.08. I was afraid to move it to Sedo b/c it is indexed as the #2 result on Google and gets a fair amount of traffic and I thought moving it may risk losing it's place. Now, there seems to be no point in keeping it there. I may even develop it to see if pure adsense pays better..

[edit] I just realized that earnings must be down for everyone on the whole b/c my affiliate earnings are down about 40% month over month, and they are based on what my affiliates have earned...

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After stats, I unfortunately I must confirm a aprox. -25% down at ND..

While maintaining traffic and quality constant ;(..

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After the changes and bugs at sedo .... and the drop in rev's I saw at ND ..... I moved most of my port to fabulous. I've never used them so we'll see...

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Wow I cant believe everyone is doing so good at sedo this month my earnings have dropped at sedo like crazy since they switched over..

Still same amount of traffic, much lower clicks and now clicks are only worth .03 - .05 cents a piece rather than .15 - .25..

I'm going to be dropping these guys like a bad habit, they're "new and improved" system has helped me reach "new" lows in revenue and "improved" thoughts about what to do with my HostGator names...

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Maybe ND overpaid us in the past... and they feel the need to adjust that a little.

No offence... just my wild guess.

I am getting more.


Clicks at ND.

...some crappy names I have..

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I also had a huge drop at Sedo this month..

Never seen anything like it...

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