How do I program a cron job on iPage?

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Quick question: How do I program a cron job on iPage? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... As you may have noticed, on Sedo's home page they only feature .COM auctions in the "Auction Listings" box, providing less visibility for other extensions that are at auction there. I wrote to them to suggest that they change that to feature either auctions ending soon in ALL extensions, or notable auctions in any extension. After all, people with .COM auctions aren't paying any extra to get on that front page feature..

The reply I got was this:.

"Thank you for your email and for your suggestions. Currently, our system.

Only puts .COM domains on the homepage auctions, but I will pass your.

Suggestion on to the technical and marketing department. Although only .COM.

Domains appear on the auction homepage, we have seen prospective buyers bid.

On domains that are not on the homepage listing within the last few hours of.

The auction.".

So my suggestion was passed along but who knows what that means? I'm thinking that if enough of us wrote to Sedo regarding a change in the way they handle these, that they might actually do it. It would be simple enough for them to do..

So if this bothers you too, send them an e-mail! Let's see if we can get it to change.....

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Exactly. While gets front-page featuring, your StockExchange.TV would be missed by many Sedo visitors...

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It looks like there is no more extension discrimination. 6d 21h 26,667 $US. 4h 39m 4,500 $US. 6h 4m 100 $US. 10h 30m 450 $US. 10h 59m 300 $US. 14h 10m 1,000 $US. 15h 7m 190 $US. 18h 7m 160 $US. 21h 0m 110 $US. 22h 32m 700 $US. 1d 0h 100. 1d 6h 60 $US. 1d 6h 250 $US.

All in consecutive order of soon to be ending auctions and a is in the mix as well..

It looks like the auctions that are close to the end are being showcased on the frontpage..

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And my $5000.whatever auction gives Sedo a higher return than the crappy $ For that alone I would expect to be placed high or compensated for a lower grade of service(i.e. smaller percent commission for sedo).

If they did it by time left on all auctions, that would be more than fair. But they pick the front pagers and until they change that, people should get what they pay for and not hid behind

FRONT PAGE LISTINGS. 6d 21h 26,667 $US. 4h 32m 4,500 $US. 5h 57m 100 $US. 10h 24m 450 $US. 10h 52m 300 $US. 14h 4m 1,000 $US. 15h 0m 190 $US. 18h 0m 160 $US. 20h 53m 110 $US. 22h 25m 700 $US. 1d 0h 100. 1d 6h 60 $US. 1d 6h 250 $US.


Starting with these. 353 EUR 3 17m. 100 EUR 1 45m. 1,000 $US 1 2h 43m. 4,500 $US 24 4h 31m.

Shemalephotos... 550 $US 2 5h 17m. 328 1 5h 50m..

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I guess that's not the case, based on klm's observation. I'm not sure how the got in there, but they definitely aren't just showing the soon-to-end auctions....

I hope you've all written to Sedo to complain about this and those of you who are reading this thread but not posting! Hopefully we can get it through to them that this isn't a satisfactory way of handling things. This would be to their benefit too they'd get better commissions on many of the auctions if they showed "ending soon" and included all the extensions...

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You're right Dagersh, it seems there is still a case of extension discrimination.

My bad.....

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If anyone gets a reply from Sedo after writing them about this, please post it so we can see if there seems to be any more positive news to look forward to.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.