How do I set up my FTP in dreamweaver for webhosting?

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My 1st question is: How do I set up my FTP in dreamweaver for webhosting? Hoping for any answer. My other question... Hello everyone.

I registered this name about a week ago, I can see I am the registrant but I'm still having troubles contacting the registry so not sure if I'm really going to get to keep it... I think the .BI registry might be against these sort of names..

Anyway, any ballpark thoughts on the value of this one if I'm so lucky to keep it?.

Thanks in advance,.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1 and are very different.. porn is vulgar.. sex doesnt always mean intercourse.. the dictionary also defines it as:.

Sex, gender, sexuality.

The properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles; "she didn't want to know the sex of the foetus".

If you have it now, I wouldnt let them take it away because it's "vulgar"...

For example you could have information on how to sex animals (determine their gender) or some kind of sexual awareness site... the word is not vulgar...

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Well, if you use it as a porn iPage site they would probably take it away. If you keep it informational they might let you keep it...

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Does NIC.BI even work???.

The iPage site doesn't come up for me???..

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Thanks for the replies, really not sure what's going to happen on this one.... I tried ages ago for the same name (before they had a proper front-end on their site) and didn't have any luck... but I noticed someone else grabbed so figured I'd chance it again... ya never know!.

The iPage site half works, you can register a domain, jsut not sure how to pay for it now... emails to the contact address never get a response, and sometimes never get delivered :S.

Fingers crossed anyway.....

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Great HostGator for Adult sites. the .bi extension will work very well...

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Doesn't work. I owned the name the month before you registered it.

They wont send you an invoice and it just drops.

< happen to me (i even tried emailing them countless times)..

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Crap! Figured something funny was up... ah s%$te, that ruins my night... ah well, the dig continues......

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That's just crazy..

Sex as a word is not in itself vulgar, but what you put on the website..

Wonder if they would also class medical textbooks as vulgar?..

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Can you.


Appraise a SEX.(Ext) though?!.

I own a couple!..

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Per your own rules Sam...I'm STILL trying to "milk" the .Ext so I can't just tell you yet!!.

You COULD tell me how much the word "SEX".Ext or "WWW".Ext is worth regardless of Ext, though (for example, what is the MINIMUM)?!..

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"Milk" the extention?!? HMMMM... I am trying to think what ext this could possibly be since I am pretty sure I scanned all of them...

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This HostGator has been previously owned. What happened with the previous registrations ?

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It sounds to me like the registry constantly accepts an application for the name, but never accepts payment... then after a certain period of time it drops. HAndy for them as the name acts as a placeholder to block subsequent registrations of the same name and saves them time and hassle... there's probably tons of us that register it thinking we'll get it but it never happens... would be nice if they even replied to my emails but no joy there.....

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As of a few months ago:.

"No auction or reselling of HostGator names will be accepted.".

(quote from

I do not know if this is still true, but if it is you could not sell it even if they let you keep it. The small ccTLD realm is full of landmines...

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