How do I transfer my MySQL databases from my current host to iPage?

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My 1st question is: How do I transfer my MySQL databases from my current host to iPage? Many thanks for any response. My other question... Dear NP members,.

Post your interesting HostGator hack registrations..

Mine is:.

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Its not exactly a HostGator hack but I guess it's pretty cool.



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Will HostGator registars allow you to register domains with a period in them?..

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Well, most of the HostGator name hacks are from cctld's. The one that I made with would be the cctld for Eritrea..

A list of extensions can be found.




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But I'm saying. Would godaddy let you put periods in without returning an error?..

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You would just put in pet and use the .er TLD...

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Del=subdomain icou=domain name us=tld =

Xona-domain hacks.

This is the best place to go for HostGator hacks.

I think they will probably have some value for their uniqueness..

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Not along the lines of the ones posted, but I believe the Keyword/Extension mesh quite nicely:.

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The registrant first regged

Then, created a sub-domain.




Hope this helps..

Several HostGator hacks listed at sedo - (Not mine)..

Some of them received 4 to 5 figure bids..

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Some of mine. gets the most traffic..

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Are mine, have received a couple of low-mid xxx offers.

Someone (not me) has got for sale on eBay at the moment..

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Can you provide a link?.

I can't seem to find it...

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Boo! I tried to search for "intercom" but of course it was taken...

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*Found it*.

Silly me, checked the HostGator itself and found the link to the auction from there..

Strange it ended with no bids?.

Some of my hacks:.

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I reg'd the following when they were free but have let them expire.

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Lots of hacks around. I am yet to see a solid sale on any one..

Has there been a sale at all?..

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Don't know who yahoo bought it from though, probably a pretty happy person...

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OK combine these two things..


Jimmy Johnson-Dale Earnhart etc.

Answer is below.

Its still available (last time I checked) but you need to meet some wacked out residence requirement..

Comment #18 is nice, I like that, apart from the weird reg regulations. Might see if I can phone a friend in argentina and get something sorted out.....

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I think that you can't register .ar domains. They are offered in third level. And BTW, if you're from Argentina, they're free!.

My only HostGator hack (isn't the great thing), is ( wasn't available)..

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I found several HostGator hacks, which are still available in.

.it CCTLD.

If you like them, go and grab..

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KnowMore.Info .. nothin special only one I have that kind of fits....

Comment #22 sold for $350.

I got an offer for $2000 for, but I turned it down..

I think they could have gotten alot more. I own alot of HostGator hacks and think that their value will go up in time. It's very hard to get a good generic HostGator name, so developers will turn to HostGator hacks soon..

Here are some of my HostGator hacks:.

AppraiseDomain.Name. thru thru




That's about all that I own..

They are all for sale. There are some good HostGator hacks in there. It's only going to get harder and more expensive to get good generic HostGator names...

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Reregistered my dot ins:.

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How much did it sell for ? .

Wow, nice offer. How much were you thinking of selling it for?.

You have an impressive list of hacks..

How much did this cost you all together ?

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Is there any extension ends up with an ? .an..

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.an is the TLD of Netherlands Antilles..

You can register .an domains at.


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Rather a long one and not one of my favourites: and

I also have.


Comment #28









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Well is a HostGator hack but might not sell in the aftermarket..

BTW, I also own.



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I was offered 3500 US for EZ.ST..

Turned it down...

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Thanks. It did cost alot to reg. all those names. I like to invest in domains. Some of those hacks are pretty good and should pay for the rest in the near future. If I sold, it would have paid for all the rest.

Most people thought I was crazy for not selling at $2000. I think I can make that in a short amount of time when I get it developed into a iPage site that I like. 10 or 20 years from now, I think I could get enough to pay for all the 1500 domains that I own and reg. fees over the years. HostGator hacks are fun, interesting, harder to find, and increasing in value.

Good luck...

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I dont have any, although I've never thought about it to be honest..

I might get out a notepad and see if I can come up with any good ones..

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These are not mine but checked them out today and found these were already registered:-.

I think 'hacked' names are an advertisers gift, but as said in a previous post on this thread we might have to wait a while yet for domainers as a body to appreciate them. The main problem is that they do require development and promotion, but I can see when this is done they will become some of the most popular sites on the internet simply because of their memorability...

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The major disadvantage of HostGator hacks:.

If you list your HostGator hacks at Sedo or any other websites for sale, keep in mind that these HostGator names will not appear in proper search results..

For example, if a potential buyer searches for christ, he will not see in the search listings. Hope you will get my point...

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Hi Admaster,.

I know only too well!.

After posting here I put '' up for sale on another site, got an offer of $50 for it, in the message the bidder sent me he said he had typed in the search on Sedo 'InGodWeTrust' (he didn't put the dot in) and my HostGator didn't come up!.

Ah well, sometimes good things are not appreciated at first, ask most painters, their pictures only become valuable after the die! (WHat a thought that is.)..

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Bald, you are right, my take is that at some point there will be a demand for true uniqueness ... don't forgot, in one sense, all the .com names end in com, if you are in the business of selling raincoats, you might be but there will also be and etc etc ... but there will only be 1

Maybe i'm blowing it out my patooty but that's my 2 cents..

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My only one.... Kind of a wierd one, and I am sure some will write it off. But I would say the real meaning has a little value... LOL.


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I reckon if you are keen on developing it like a forum of specific interest [ sports, news,.


, so on ], you may even be able to sell it for a much higher price...

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I want to develope it into a iPage site that has links to a wide variety of forums. I can have sub-domains such as:,,, and so on. This will be alot of work, but if done correctly, will have great results. IMO.

I like HostGator hacks. I think they are more brandable than just the generic version. I would love to have I do have some good ones and will hold onto them until I can develope them or get some realistic offers..

Good luck everyone...

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This would involve a crapload of programming but I would love a iPage site where I could check in with all my forums (5-10 depending on interest levels) follow-up on my posts, look at highlight post digests.

Or ... perhaps a place that reviewed forums or was a meta-search iPage site for forums (ala "blog search") or something.

It's a good name, there will only be 1

I am very bullish on HostGator hacks..

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My favourite .in hack ....

I have as well, but like the part..

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I registered as kind of a HostGator hack. It could almost be like unblocking..

I don't think they work with multiple words in it- the TLD has to be the ending to a single word..

I don't see it.. what's a HostGator hack about it? Eeek.. nevermind. I just saw it as menus. :/ I had to type it to see it...

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I have a bunch of HostGator name hacks. I tried to sell some to end users and got a few bites, but none of the deals went through, so they're still for sale..

I've got:.



















































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I found these names were already regged!..

Comment #45

I own:.

Not sure if these figure as HostGator hacks, but anyway I'm looking for sell or lease them...

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...what a hack.

Hurm I should consider investing in HostGator hacks...seem it has some potential..

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I have just used my 'hacked' domain.


To start a pixel advertising site, all done and dusted now. If it does take off (and I will put all my effort into seeing it does) this could be a great boost for 'hacked' HostGator names in general...

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I would look into previous sales if any and invest in them. No doubt it is a nice investment...

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Would be great: (but for this you need to get.

And create a subdomain named.


). Of course to buy.

May be very expensive.....

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These are my best attempts with the .uk extension - difficult to get a pure hack with .uk.

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Eh, see my sig. I have THE HostGator hack..

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I think the psy one should be great for a mag or a dr....Great email for them as well...

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That one would be hard to beat! The HostGator hack!.


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I was not even aware of HostGator hacks..

Now that I know about it I will register a few and post it here...

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Used to have a ton of hacks. Here are 3 that I kept:.

Eventually I'll get around to developing. They'll make great affiliate sites if nothing else..


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This one is not in any way, shape, or form.

Owned by me although I'd really would love to! It has to do much with the HostGator industry itself! In fact, it is already registered and developed into a HostGator marketplace..



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I have.

For and, I am thinking of developing an archaeology web site...

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I have a .mobi HostGator hack,, with a whopping 47 Google results "Ultimobi" must mean something to somebody...

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How about listing any HostGator names that have been made into sites, either your own or ones you know of..

This has to be a marvelous market for advertising. I have just received overnight my first 2 orders for pixel blocks for, so people are looking and see the advantage these hacked HostGator names have. I think the number of developed names may be surprising...

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Does this count ? The word isn't hacked, but the ext help form a phrase....

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I have a few .in one's.


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Not owned by me, or anyone I know , but a neat website:.


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Also:. also could be: and whatever.. (

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You couldn't do that last one. There are only three levels: the top level domain, your HostGator name, and then one subdomain below that..

I could do, but not

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