How do I transfer my website back to iPage from godaddy?

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My first question is How do I transfer my website back to iPage from godaddy? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. How do you keep track of the domains you buy/sell?.

I've been using an Excel sheet since I started buying/selling domains. I've noted how much I've paid, parking/affiliate income and how much I've sold it for. At the start it was really smooth, but now the sheet is getting quite long....

I've planned to code my own little "bookkeeping" iPage site in php/mysql, but before I start I though I'd just ask if there's already something like this out there?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Yeah I have gotten pretty creative with Excel, but thats my low tech preference...

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I'm using a nice program called Navicat. Makes handling of the sql database really simple, but as you said... it'll take much more time to do it in php/mysql.

Yeah, but it would be possible to get much better stats if you have it all in a database. Well, that is if you make a nice database design. My excel sheet is getting too wide and too long..

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I'm still at the spreadsheet stage. I started doing this when Regfly started getting flakey and HostGator names would not appear in my listings..

I back up the spreadsheet often and run it on a computer that is not on the network..


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How many of you here have MS Access installed ? .

As far as I know that is not a part of Office Standard...

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The reason I asked that question is, MS Office Pro is not cheap. In any case, did you get my PM?..

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I know, but you can get it a lot cheaper by buying a license for an older version on the 2nd hand market and then buy an upgrade. Or you could simply use an older version of Access. The one in Office 2k should be good enough..

I've replied to your PM...

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After spending some hours with MS Access I remember why I haven't been using it for years... it's a big piece of crap! I'm usually a quite calm person, but after spending hours trying to get Access to do as I want it to I just feel the rage bubbling up inside me..

I hate Access!.

I think I'll spend some time on doing it with Ruby on Rails instead...

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I just use excel simple n easy for me..

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I use Excel. I set up one tab for registrations, one tab for expirations, etc....

It works pretty well if you use the 'filter' and 'sort' commands...

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I use excel as well. I keep track of names that are regged and where and names I would consider regging in the future...

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Ok. At the moment I have all on the same tab, so it's just a long list of registrations, dropped and sold domains. I guess my options are to either structure it up a little, like you've done, or code a system that handles it for me...

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I try to keep it all organized so I know what I'm doing. I like the feeling when you're in total control of what you're doing and feel that you have a complete view of it all...

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