How do I turn on the Medifast menu Bar in Window's Professional?

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Question I have... How do I turn on the Medifast menu Bar in Window's Professional? Looking forward for any response. Another question on my mind: There has been kind off a lull in discussions on here lately so I thought I'd ask a couple questions of anyone that cares to repond:.

What are some of your favorite things that you like to eat for everyday meals?.

I'd like to know what everyone eats on a typical day. Breakfast. lunch and dinner and in between, and what the average number of calories are you take in?.

What do you order when you go out? Are there ANY fast Medifast food places you can eat at anymore? I have heard some people talk about chili from Wendy's and that's about it...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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(WLS 12/31/07) Typical day: Breakfast, 1 fried egg (using PAM) and a slice of cheese on top. Snack: South Beach Bar 10g prot, before my daily walk, Lunch: Salad with Tuna/Salmon, or 1cup of chili or soup with legumes and some lf cheese on top. Afternoon snack: Fage yogart with fruit, Dinner: 3oz of chicken,fish,beef with a veggie/salad. I typically eat 5-6 times a day, fruit or cheese stix with some whole wheat crax in between. Dining out: Omelet with cheese, salad with tuna/salmon, or a burger minus the bun requesting no fries and asking for extra lettuce/tomato. I try to only eat one bread form of carb a day.


This helps...

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Hi! I am only two months out so I am still trying to find my groove but a typical day for me is:.

On way to work - protein water (15 g protien).

Breakfast - high protein oatmeal or egg with cheese (12 - 15 g protein.

Snack - low sodium V8.

Lunch - 3 oz protein (tuna or chicken) w/ 1/2 whole wheat tortilla or Wendy's small Chili.

Snack - 1 cup popcorn (LOVE IT!), 10 almonds and 1 oz cheese.

Pre Workout - protien water (15 g protein).

Dinner - 3 oz protein (chicken, lean beef, fish etc) 1/3 cup complex carb (sweet potato, 1/2 wheat tortilla, whole wheat stove top etc).

Pre bed snack - usually protein water or if I am hungry some nuts.

Sometimes I will cook for dinner and when I do that I will make something like mock lasagna (ricotta cheese, meat sauce and mozzerella) or Tacos (whole wheat tortilla, beans, meat and cheese with Fage yogurt for sour cream) etc..

I really just concentrate on choosing protein vs carbs..

Like this morning I was so hungry for some reason! So I stopped at McDonalds and got a sausage McMuffin with egg and took off the muffin. I had to sop up a lot of the grease off the sausage but all in all it was satisfying and 17 grams of protein..

I get at least 60 and more like 80 grams of protien per day. It really helps with the energy level..

For fast food:.

Wendy's Chili.

Taco Bell pintos and beans.

Chic Fil A non breaded chicken strps.

McDonalds egg mcmuffin (add meat) no muffin.

McDonalds plain cheeseburger no bun.

I am sure there are others but those are the ones I have tried..

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I'm 13 months out now and I can eat just about anything except breads, biscuits, etc..

I eat 1/2 cup of cottage cheese every morning for my first meal..whenever it may be. if i'm out and about, lunch may be a south beach high protein cereal bar or a campbell's soup at hand. dinner if i'm out and about may be mcdonald's grilled honey mustard chicken wrap, soft shell taco from taco bell, or chili from wendy's..

Like I said, I can eat anything now, but of course.. only a small amount of it. I love extra thin crispy veggie pizza (dab the grease off with a napkin). one slice will do me. shrimp and veggies are awesome. black beans and quinoa.

Grilled hamburger meat. broccoli... any type of veggie really! I love veggies, hate meat!.

At fast Medifast food places, I can eat wraps, salads, and chicken nuggets. at wendy's, of course their chili. I can hold half of a small..

For snacks, I might have 3 peanut butter crackers out of a pack... or some cubes of cheese... or some sugar free pudding... yogurt...more cottage cheese. I never really eat the same things over and over anymore..

I get about 800-1000 calories a day and i'm still trying to lose about 25 more lbs...

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I probably eat more cheese then anything..I love it. I'll have a sf yogurt in the morning and a cup of.


, or some cottage cheese with no sugar added fruit preserves. I'll roll up a slice of turkey breast with some smoked gouda or smoked swiss for lunch or have a salad with turkey chicken or shrimp on it..

For dinner, I make alot of boneless chicken breast or fish. I absolutely love sushi, so I have sashimi every chance I get, which is an awesome source of protein and super low on fat. I must admit, I havent been able to give up my carbs, but I dont do any sugar at all and when I do bread or pasta, I make sure it's high in fiber and protein..

You'll go through different phases, I have the habit of liking something and then eating it for breakfast lunch and dinner and then after a few weeks I cant even look at it. Like almonds and dried cranberries, ughhh, cant even look at them now, but I ate the hell out of them about 2 months ago..

And as far as going out, If it italian I get a caprese salad, asain i'll do tofu lettuce wraps, and lots of beans and cheese if it's mexican...

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I am 2 1/2 years post-op and I am a salad whore! Almost everyday, I have lunch salad. I don't eat lettuce, waste of space and no real nutrition. I like cucumbers, tomatoes, marinated tofu (in italian dressing), carrots, celery, crabmeat, etc. I eat about a cup or so of salad. It goes down great, no problems at all. Makes me a happy girl! :-)..

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I am 6 months post sugery and I eat almost everything except most carbs. unless they are whole grain. Here are some of my meals:.

Breakfast= fat free cottage cheese with fruit, or sardines(packed in water)on whole wheat crackers, or eggbeaters with cheese..

Lunch= 3oz. lean meat (left-over from dinner) and vegies or salad. I use fat-free or reduced dressing and only dip my fork into it so I don't waste calories..

Dinner= 3oz. lean meat and vegies. If I am eating out I can usually find something on the menu that gives me this, but I take 1/2 home for the next day's lunch..

Snacks= reduced fat string cheese, edamame (soybeans), beef jerky or any other low-fat, high protein item..

I was told to limit my calories to 1200-1500. I.


This helps...

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(6 months out).

Breakfast foods.

~cottage cheese.


~scrambled egg with 2% cheddar cheese.

Lunch foods.

~1/2 deli sammy (ham & cheese).

~1/2 peanut butter & Simply Fruit sammy ~grilled chicken or fish w/ a veggie.

~tuna salad kit and 6 crackers.

~whatever sounds good.

Dinner Foods.

~Whatever protein is in the fridge & a veggie.

~Homemade mini bagle ham & lf cheese pizzas.

~Easy Mac Cup - 220 cal, 4.5 g fat, 7g prot.

~Chili, beef veggie soup, bean soup.

~Cheeseburger (sirloin) no bun or 1/2 a bun.


~string cheese & reduced fat crackers.

~Apple wedges & Peanut butter.

~cottage cheese & Pineapple.

~100 calorie popcorn.

~Milk w/sweet & low brand strawberry.

When I eat out I order whatever sounds good. I have found that no matter what I get, it's never as bad as I think it is. I ordered a Country Biscuit Breakfast at Bob Evanslast week. 659 calories 24 protein 16 grams of fat! BUT I could only eat 1/3 of it. I ate everything off of the top and left almost the whole biscuit and potatoes on the plate..

Thanks for posting this! Nice.


I love seeing what everyone else is eating so I can get new ideas..

When I record the meal, it was only 219 calories, 8 grams protein, & 5 grams fat..



Thanks for getting it started. I always enjoy.


What everyone else is eating so I can get new ideas. I REALLY want to be Eggface when I grow up, though. I can always get good ideas from her website..

Take care,.


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Hello - me again! I wish I could go back and edit my last post! It was all over theplace there at the end. BUT that's not why I popped back in..

I forgot to mention that my new most favorite snack Medifast food is Pork Rinds! They have 8 grams protein per 1/2 oz and only 80 calories. Very salty and crunchy. Yummmm...

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I love fajita pita's it's only 250 calories and feeling. I'm 18 months into mine and I can eat anything. So I'm trying to really watch it...

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