How do I unsubscribe from

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First question I have is How do I unsubscribe from Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... What function has the code "tep_session"? What happends if this is removed?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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The tep_session_name is where the naming for the session is given which would be osCsid if it is catalog side and osCAdminID in the admin side..





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: 26 August 2004, 12:06..

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It is in the Admin side. I have changed this now,but still get the same error...

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I have now commented out line 95 and 96:.

// set the session name and save path.

//  tep_session_name('osCAdminID');.

//  tep_session_save_path(SESSION_WRITE_DIRECTORY);.

I can now access the admin-site (shop/admin), but that's it..

Now I get other error on all the tools in the admin "HTTP 404 - Can't find...".

It seems that the shop is working properly, but when I'm going to the admin and have a look at orders (and others admin-sites) it can't find the pages...

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Is all of this path correct.

I note that there are two instances of..

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I suppose so. I haven't added anything without the URL and the shop-catalog in configure.php..

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I found the error, but don't knowwhere to edit..

When I use the adminpanel I have this link.


But when I uses the links the /shop/-folder disappear so th url is like this:.



I nedd to add the "shop"-folder in a file, but don't know where..

Could it be in configure.php? If so, where should I edit?..

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Working now..

But now I have another Q..

When I'm trying to update the orders from Pending to Processing it won't change..

No mail is sendt out either to the customer..

Any suggestion?..

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Case closed!.

I did it!!!!!!.

I have made a way round the register_globals (off).

It was a heck of work.

So I recomand others to wait for next version of OsC..

Specally if they are n00b like me.

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: 26 August 2004, 23:28..

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How did you do it ? .

And you found any bugs so far?..

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I comment out some commands, but I do have bugs..

I will only use this till the next version is up and running..

I don't recommand others to do the same as I did, but wait for the community to finnish the next version..

I don't recall all the things I did, but mainly just went into the files where I got the errors and commentet the line out so it wouldn't be a part of the active-script..

If you are going to try this, remember that this can cause some risks in secure-matter, and errors..

Those errors won't stop people to shop, but when you have an new order you have to write the ordernumber to find it. Like my script is now I will only see new orders in main admin-site, and search for it by number in the order-page..

Spoot: Was this good enough x-planation?..

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Kind of a frightening explanation - sort of like fixing a broken TV by hitting it with a stick - but yes, good enough, and good you got it running! Thank you Terje -.


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I know!.

That's why I say that "Don't try this at home"! Wait till the new version is out..

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What makes you think the new version will be any easier? It will just serve to level the playing field and make us all NEWBS again. LOL.

MS2 is very functional. Has many useful contribs. Is also well known by many community memebers..

MS3... Will be NEW! And from what I have read is structured differently so that most if not all current contribs will fail to work on it. This and the fact that we are not familiar with the final versions makes a good case to continue with MS2 if you need to be vending products NOW...

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It will be easier because in MS3 the register_globals will be adjusted to work even if it's set to "off"..

That's the problem today for thoes who has upgraded servers where that value is standard "off", and server-providers won't turn it on...

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