How do I upload a my website from dreamweaver to iPage?

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First off, How do I upload a my website from dreamweaver to iPage? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. I personally don't see.


Going ANYWHERE soon...kind of like .EU or .WS!.

(Also, .COM is actually easier to type on Mobile Devices than .MOBI!).


No bias, though..




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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Thanks for the GREAT input guys!.


Keep the VOTES comin'!..

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Voted: Succeed!.

Now I like to read the news from.


By my cellphone!.


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I think it will succeed, and quite surprisingly too...

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I had so many chanes to buy excellent .mobi's but did not as I simply dont trust it, it's my opinion not a fact..


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I had mentioned this in another thread as well....

I strongly feel that the key to .mobis success is development and.


By major Compainies, if it doesnt hit the media (print/radio/tv/outdoor) the general public wont know anything about it, as they dont right now...

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It'll succeed..

I the moment I still think no.....

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IMHO I believe mobile browsers will advance to the stage where the screen size/technology/standards are good enough to warrant effective browsing of .com websites. People will want .com on the move, and to access all their favourite sites just like they do on their desktops..

The .mobi extension has surprised me with some of it's recent sales, but overall I do not believe it will make the "big time", but only time will tell..

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.EU = an unsponsored country code TLD that represents one portion of the world..

.MOBI = a sponsored TLD that isnt specific to anywhere in the world and represents an already HUGE niche industry, mobile phones..

Yea, not really much of a difference there...

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IMHO, by the time that happens, .mobi will have already long solidified it's position as the mobile internet extension, and the respective .mobi sites will have adapted themselves for full .com-like viewing with new .mobi-relevant features...

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Any extension will 'succeed' if all the domains regged in that extension get developed..

IMO, the 'if' factor for .mobi is simply how all of the major corporations will deal with the portability/functionality factor. They have not spent billions in development of their .coms just to see some domainer corner a good keyword for a few bucks and claim supremacy to the portable interface. Their .coms will be the primary feature in any given technology, just a question of adding portability to the .com - and they have the bucks to make the hard sell to their surfers. It may simply come down to branding, if .mobi makes enough noise for a long enough time, they may be accepted to a degree. Yet, I have my doubts...

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Why would companies invest into .Mobi if .COM's can be EASILY viewed on most Mobile Devices...and with the right code on ALL!.


I invested a little, but I'm cautious like some of you..


I SIMPLY don't see .Mobi "beating" .COM (which is by far the DOMINANT KING of the internet and will continue to be!)..

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I copied and pasted this from another forum, but the poster is a member here, and hopefully he won't mind. I think this is a very good summary to the - "why .mobi, if .com can be used if you have the 'right' phone, device, coding etc." -.


...the concept of .mobi, which basically states that the mobile web, especailly now, requires a simple fast loading to the point iPage site that meets the needs of the user in the mobile context on a very small (relative to the PC) screen. Its true that phones are getting more sophisticated, but right now, most phones are not sophisticated and have browsers that would choke on just any old site. So, if you were launching a serious mobile prescense, best is to go with standards that can reach everyone, not just the relative few who have higher end pdas or smartphones or the lastest special phone that for most part still have pretty small screens in any case..

The last thing I think is that while any .com (or .cn for that matter) can do this, I think people who like .mobi look at it as a perfect marketing tool for a new expereince - the heavily advertised mobile web iPage site - one that uses a form that all such sites will (no mobile.namne.ext or whatever form) use and requires that standards be followed that allow resolution on.

All or most.



Basically, the 'so to speak' bottom line, is yes other extensions can do the same thing as .mobi sets out to do,.


- you can afford the latest high tech mobile devices, or.


Codes etc. are appllied to.


Sites to detect the device, etc. etc. But, by the time all these different theories to 'why use .mobi' come into play so everyone can view all sites mobilely, 3-5+ years from now, .mobi speeds up the process now in the shortest and most economical way to the ultimate user - Joe Average. IMO...

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.MOBI certainly does not have to beat or equal .COM to be successful. As Jeremy says, somewhere in the .NET / .ORG range and there will be a lot of happy investors (and some not-so-happy, selection is always important)..

And development will spur more development..

Sid - I really appreciate your sig. I know there is not room there, but FYI:.

Thera - an island in the Aegean Sea that blew up in ancient times that some narrow archeologists are trying to push as Atlantis..

And #%&**# -it there is no ending "e" in develop!!!!!..

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It seems like the "almighty" GOOGLE prefers.




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