How do you calculate Points Plus values on "Nutrition Medifast menu" App?

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My question is How do you calculate Points Plus values on "Nutrition Medifast menu" App? Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Well I didn't want anyone to know I was having or had the bypass so I only told my parents. my partner and my best friend and I swore them all to secrecy. only to find out today that my friend has told people about it but even after proving it was her that told them she is saying she didn't. I feel totally betrayed and know I can never trust her again now. so along with loosing weight iv also lost my best friend..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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I don't agree with last answer. I think good friends are the ones you can tell your secrets to and know they're safe, so NO, she can't be your good friend if she betrayed you. one must analyze the reason for this and consider that your wishes mean nothing to her. having something to blab abouot obviously means more to her than your feelings. I'm so sorry...

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I have also only told my close friends. I find myself since my.


Being able to tell more people. I didn't really want the world to know but about 30 people do. I am fine with that. I DO feel it is my business to tell my friends and family, not the business of my friends, but at the same time, people that see me in a social setting that see me every 3 months or so are going to think I am dying of cancer or something. I have a lot of close friends, it was important for me to tell them because I need their help and support to make it through this all. As far as beyond that I will decide.

One of my friends did tell a friend of hers (I wasn't thrilled) but she told her because this girl needs this.


... SO I can't hold that against her, she is trying to help her other friend and save her and her childrens lives, her kids are already obese and they are under 5... I.


You and your friend get through this tough patch in your relationship...

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I totally agree with paatiwack ....Words of wisdom...sorry she lost you as a best friend...

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Is there something about having this.


That tests relationships?.

Due to the fact that I have to travel for.


And have had to ask for support (favors) I suddenly find myself looking at some of my so called friends and family members differently..

My feeling is that this is one of the most important things you will ever do for yourself..

People will be tested..

I go by the wise words of Bob Marley.

"People will always disappoint and hurt you. You need to decide which ones are worth it"..

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I think i'm a breed all of my own, because I believe if you don't want someone to know something...then dont' tell anyone. EVERYBODY betray's secrets, and it's always followed by shh don't tell anyone I wasn't supposed to tell you. Even if it is one person...everyone does it....

I tend to look at it from the angle....Why did they tell someone. If it was merely gossip...then I would do away with that friendship....but really...people talk about each talk about them...they talk about you...If it was intended to be harmless and not just gossipy...then i'd let it go after.


It through with the person, lesson learned as to what you can tell that individual..

I do understand the anger......


You get it figured out one way or another...


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I could never understand why people think they need to keep this.


A deep, dark secret. Look where it got Star Jones! She made herself look like an ass. I guess I am just an open book. I was very proud that I took the bull by the horns and got a handle on my life long weight problem. I also suffer from from depression and anxiety and have for over 13 years. I have a relative that has it too and is all hush, hush about it.

Be proud that you have made a monumental decision in your life and will be a better, healthier person because of it. It's a very positive step in your life. Oh, just tell me to MYOB!! LOL..

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I have to say that a true friend would have honored your wishes. If she goes and blabs this, what else has she told others that you thought was private..

I don't think I'd throw her out like trash, but I would let her know exactly how you feel. After some time, although your friendship will never be the same, you'll still have her in your life. You don't have to share your very private matters........but I think in the long run, you'll be happy that you still have her in your life..

Sometimes people just say things without thinking, and I know it's no excuse, but maybe, just maybe, she was excited for you and wanted to share it, or it might have just slipped out..

I still don't like that she did it, but if it wasn't done to be malicious in any way, then.


Will only lighten your load..

Good Luck...

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Another thought is....

Some people just have a tough time keeping secrets..

It doesn't make them mean, malicious or unfaithful as a friend..

You just need to look at the overall picture and judge for yourself if this person, this friendship is really worth it..

I want people who are close to me to know but there are some people out there who I don't really know at all and never will who I would just rather they MYOB..

If somebody slips and lets the cat out of the bag it wouldn't be that big a deal to me..

However I do understand how you feel Vicky...

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You look like a very lovely woman and should not be ashamed to be taking control of your life and health..

I was betrayed in a simular manner but about a different subject. I hold trust very near and dear to my heart so if you mess with it then thats it for telling you anything important in my life again..

I will say though that I forgave her and we talk now but things are not the same and after a little over a year things are still strained because she wants to know more about me than I'm willing to tell..

Maybe in time we can mend the feelings but for now she is still in my life and I know if I really needed her for something she would be there..

Friends are hard to come by and sometimes we have to teach the ones we have to become good friends and respect the feelings that we have as we would respect theirs..

Good Luck with your decision..


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Well I didn't want anyone to know I was having or had the bypass so I only told my parents. my partner and my best friend and I swore them all to secrecy. only to find out today that my friend has told people about it but even after proving it was her that told them she is saying she didn't. I feel totally betrayed and know I can never trust her again now. so along with loosing weight iv also lost my best friend..

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Don't get me wrong I'm not ashamed iv had the operation in fact I'm extremely proud it's just I don't want people I don't class as friends gossiping about me plus I class this operation as an extremely personal thing which is why I didn't want everyone knowing. if she had admitted it and apologized then that would have been ok and I would have forgiven her. but she sat there denying it and trying to work out how this person had found out. it wasn't a slip of the tongue because it turns out she told her over facebook. so I think it was pure gossip. and there is nothing worse than betrayal in my book.

Someone has asked why I'm ill (when I was recovering) and she jumped in with a sarcastic comment. which I told top to stop. so I really shouldn't be surprised she has done this. maybe she is just jealous because she wishes she could afford to get it done. either way her behaviour is not one of a best friend...

Comment #12

My grandpa used to say " if I want ppl to know that, I've got a mouth, I can tell them myself". I love Kaurato, but I don't agree with her philosophy, people don't always tell secrets. I don't tell them, never was one to do that. I always figure it's not my secret to tell. I chose not to tell ppl about my.


For a very good reason and would feel really betrayed if anyone I did tell let it get outI know an awful lot of their secrets too and would never reveal any of those. Believe it or not, there are some good business reasons for not wanting your.



Comment #13

Sorry you felt betrayed by a friend. Bright side: the curtain has been lifted and her true nature revealed. Consider yourself lucky to eliminate her toxicity from your life..

~Michelle "Shelly"..

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I agree with Eggface. I had a similar situation with my "best friend" of 12 years. The past year has been full of trials for me and she showed her true colors. I didn't tell her about the.


, but my ex decided to take it upon himself to tell everyone. Now they both talk about it freely and never once stopped to consider my wishes or feelings. I feel double betrayed and I will never trust either one of them again. I have moved on, I'm still nice and friendly to them, but to me, they are just people I know, not friends...

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I'm just sorry that happened to you. I do think that good friends should hold secrets when asked to do so. I know that you have been through a lot since the.


And I just feel bad that you now have this situation to deal with. So sorry..

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If only it was that simple. I'm now getting messages on face book from my friends friends husband telling me he knows and kind of threatening to tell people. I'm worried Cus he knows a lot of people I work with. what a pathetic man. if only he put this much effort into his own life maybe it wouldn't be so rubbish..

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Sorry you were betrayed by your close friend. You know how many of my friends begged me not to go thru with the.


....their reasoning was that I would change....well I'm about 18 mths out and I have not changed but I have found they have......I be excited to tell them I was in size 2 and now all but 2 have stopped.


To me...I think it's sad....I think your friends should be happy for you and share in your excitement ...I have finally decided they weren't true friends or they still be my friend no matter how small I got...

Comment #18

I am so sorry this seems to be snowballing, Hang in there and maybe try to just step completely away, even from facebook..

I don't know that much about it but if people feel they need to know something then they can come to you to find out and then you have the chose to tell them...

Comment #19

There is room for.


For everyone definitely in friendships so dont throw away the friendship over this one incident. Talk to her about it and try to recover from it. I believe you can..

Comment #20

I'm sorry your friend didn't keep your secret. I agree that there is probably a difference in whether this was done to be gossipy or with best intentions perhaps in response to folks wondering if you were sick or something like that..

I"ve found that there are some people who simply cannot keep a secret. My mom is one of these people. She stayed with me for a wk while and after I was in the hospital to help with my son. She was literally incapable of telling people that she was going to be out of work or leaving town to visit her daughter and family and had to tell people that I was having.


She knew that I was not specifically hiding this but also not broadcasting it indiscrimately. So, then she started telling people that I was having stomach.


And, not surprisingly, had friends asking if I have cancer. Its ridiculous. My sister and I have said a thousand times that it isn't that odd to visit family and that an explanation isn't required but she simply can't do it. This has impacted her over the years with upsetting people by sharing more than she should. This time, I decided to let it go. My dad died last summer unexpectedlty and that experience has made me try to think twice before I get into arguments with family based on how much it really matters...

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Here is a motto I live by: "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." Just like "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.".

That does not mean that you cannot have this person as a friend, but the friendship will change and you will never forget this. You now know that you cannot trust this person with truly secret details. That's why true intimate friends are very few and far-between. When you find one, treasure them..

Lesson learned...

Comment #22

I am sorry about losing your best friend. However, as for people knowing about your.


, I wouldn't worry about it. After you shrink people will guess that you had some kind of help to lose that much weight so fast. Also, I have found that the people in my life such as my co-workers were my best "cheerleaders" as I went through the process. Good luck...

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I'm really sorry that your friend betrayed your trust. This is sorta like a catch 22. You can try to keep the means a secret, but everyone will still notice you've changed..

I don't think it would've worked for me keeping this.


A secret. How could I ever hide losing 150 lbs from anyone? And in such a short time, right? I agree with a little of what everyone has said. I can see both sides of this, and am not exactly sure how I would react..

I'm like a few of the others and have been an open book this whole time, telling people that probably didn't really want to know I had.


But I'm not ashamed, I truely feel lucky, like I won the lottery. Secrets hurt everyone involved in the secret it seems. I try to be open and honest in most situations. But I guard the private stuff about myself with a brick wall and don't tell anyone, because like karla was saying, EVERYONE talks about EVERYONE. You just have to look at what the intention was...

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It's hard to come by Good Friends anymore in Life and it's sad She let the cat out of the bag but in life we all make mistakes and hurt people we care about who knows why we talk about things we should not talk about but we do. If She was Your True best friend and this is the first time She let You down then talk to Her and tell Her how She hurt Your Feelings but don't walk away from Her for a Mistake that we all have made at one time or another in Life..

Think about it and maybe Pray about it and then make up Your mind Good Luck..

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