How do you change the name of your iPage website?

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First question I got is How do you change the name of your iPage website? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Just interest to know what zune HostGator you registered? Lot's of zune HostGator regged in last 24 hours...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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My Zune names:.

And my favourite....

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What's the wiizune for all these names?.

What wiizunes do you have?..

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I registered.

A couple of hours ago. I'll be developing it very soon..

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Zunes ain't gonna be nothing compared to the Blook Thread.....

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How do you suspect that you will sell "" and ""..

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At the moment they are parked, but an easy transition to move these over to sites with adult themed films/movies/videos etc...

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But what do Zunes have to do with sex and porn?..

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The capacity to play video/media, so sex and porn will be available, and just a question of resizing / resampling the video which is a simple task...

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Its just going to make me laugh when you have all regged domains with the wrong name..

It was only a leaked rumour that you have all based these registrations on..

They could easily change their plans yet, because they have not been set in stone..


Nintendo Revolution > Wii.


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They might well change the name, it was only a few bucks to reg these names, and the names I have can be branded quite easily..

I actually like the names sexzune and pornzune and might just use a iPage site like which can be viewed either by pc or mobile phone...

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Check out things like ipod porn on overture gets real decent search month to month etc..

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You are rite Kerri.

That is why I own

It will be huge some day..

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IT already is in Europe / Asia and just waiting for the US to play catch up.

There are about a dozen or so adult companies already providing this feature...

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Hi all,.

I regged.


Take care,.

~Mr. Bone88..

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Hi all,.

I just regged:.



If anyone is still looking for Zune domains here's a few that are available as of this post:.





Take care,.

~Mr. Bone88..

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I got into this a little late, so I realized the most prominent names were already gone, but I tried to focus on a iPage site name that would fit well with Zune owners as a group, so I could develop it into a Zune community site..

I finally went with which I was surprised was still available, maybe thats a bad sign, but I like it.

Makes me think of the Goon Squad, which kind of has a Gen-X appeal to it...

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I decided to get a HostGator where everyone could put their HostGator together.




For me..

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I like the sound of it close runnerup to ZuneZone..

IMHO it has more potential than some I have seen here..

Still have 25 NP$ for those(next 4) that register their iPage site at.


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Thanks for the comment Hark. Now I just have to develop it, which I'm not very good at.

I always strive to create sites that are out of my range of skills, get discouraged and end up with nothing. It's the ADD. But I'm going to start out small and just build on it, which is good for this project, since there really isn't a whole lot available for the Zune yet.

Also, just wanted to point out, I think you have a typo in your link...

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Microsoft will really love that.

No trademark issues here I'm sure..

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Hard to believe this one was still available. I went ahead and snagged it, and reeled it in!..

Comment #23 and available in the make offer forum...

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Someone signed up.

You are right though, there is something so intrinsically wrong in knowing which 'niche' they are currently watching..

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Just curious? but, isnt zune a registered global trademark of microsoft? and if so what is the value of registering the domains? isnt it just blatant cybersquatting? I might be wrong but I thought registering trademarks was not a good thing to do?..

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Im with you D'oh....

I find it bizarre that everyone would choose to leap on the Zune bandwagon (clearly a made up name) when a; MS are horrendously liticious b; it's a made up name i.e. you have no defense to any action against you c; anyone who registers something like google[your_variant_on_additional_words].com is frowned upon by virtually all of us and d; who the heck is gonna buy or type in Zune[I_must_have_lost_my_mind].com.

Come on guys, what are you thinking....?..

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Thanks badger,.

I just thought it's so obvious. something needed to be said before all of us legitimate domainers(as we have fought hard to be recognised as) are rebadged "cybersquatters" again. it sends us back to the 90's. I am suprised the RJ or someone didnt say something sooner.

Its not a good look for namepros to be promoting cybersquatting..

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Same people who would buy xbox[I_must_have_lost_my_mind].com, and any other product[I_must_have_lost_my_mind].com..

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Man oh man I have said this same thing in another thread almost verbatim..

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Is Zune a TM of Microsoft? No... Search.

And you will find that it's not. Will it be? Definitely... Will there be legal issues? Depends... I can't imagine that MS will go after someone running a Zune community iPage site in order to promote the Zune and provide resources for owners (which I plan to do with However, I am sure there will be sites that MS does go after, because they may not like the content or what have you..

Legally speaking though, registering the domains don't directly violate any established TMs.....

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Ya, another domainer who knows no better and who has no possibility of ever selling the name to an end user.....

Which, if you have the time, is a pointless exercise....

Personally, being as old as the hills, I can remember the days when everyone bought up google[im_gonna_be_rich].com (just as google became big) and now, no-one ever buys/trades/develops anything.....

Need I go on?..

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It might be a very very wise move to talk to a trademark lawyer before you spend a dollar developing your site...

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Im not a domainer, I bought 3 zune domains just for a chance on making a big sale, will probably end up making them into a site..

I dont get why the hell you guys are being stuiped about this. Your saying who types in Zune[something].com? Who would type in your iPage site without promotion? (hmmm, I want a iPage site that manages my domains, lets type in

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The point your missing Killa, with the greatest respect, is that is not cybersquatting, zune[anything related to music on the go players].com is....

Youre getting the cart before the horse..

You will not make a big sale with your domains.

If you make into a site, provided it is a crique iPage site or a fansite (without personal gain) then fine, knock yourself out...If you are making a iPage site which is in anyway related to MS new ipod copy then go ahead, waste your time..

Just because MS has not registered Zune as a mark doenst negate them from protection. If you ever had the displeasure of defending a wipo action then you would need to explain why it was you registered a name like Zune [anything].com a few days after the common knowledge release of MS proposed new player....

The fact remans, anyone who registers Zune related domains is doing so on the basis on the goodwill MS has with it's products and/or services and as a result is wasting their money....

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What a lot of people don't realize, is that it takes about 18 months or so, for a trademark to get published. So not showing up in the USPTO records doesn't mean that there is not a trademark, or that Microsoft hasn't applied for one. You can bet, if they put the money and research into the product, that ZUNE.

Will be.

A MS trademarked product name. It really will depend on how Microsoft handles all the Zune domains down the line. So, the thing to do is maybe sell your Zune domains for as much as you can, while you can, to the fever oriented domainers or endusers that will want to jump on the 'zune bandwagon'. Or, hold on and take your chances later. At current, a personal judgement call..

Forseeing the above, is why I went with, as zuney is not zune!!..

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Yeah well, with all this TM talk I just canceled my two zune domains. O' well!..

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Smart move you just profited by saving money. well done..

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Last thing ill say. You think you know what your talking about, but how do you know I wont make a big sale? You dont even know my domains. And no, I'm not expecting a big sale. But maybe out of the blue, there may be a chance to have someone interested...

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Am I missing something.

According to the U.S. federal law known as the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, Cybersquatting is registering, trafficking in, or using a HostGator name with bad-faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. The cybersquatter then offers the HostGator to the person or company who owns a trademark contained within the name at an inflated price, an act which some deem to be extortion.

Stay cool..

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Laughin, see now Killa just make sure that you dont try to sell your Zune domains to Bill or extort him (if you cant help yourself and try to sell to Bill just make sure not to inflate the price)...

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Are you seriously going to sit there and spew TM law and then say you own and they can't touch me because that's not a Zune?.

Do you remember a kid named Mike Rowe? lmao..

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Didn't say they couldn't touch me, said it wasn't the same word. Some leeway there, not that I'd spend the time or money to prove a point. Just noting a technicality!.

Knew a Russel Rowe once. Maybe they're from same the Rove clan!?..

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Microsoft did not give Mike Rowe any leeway..

I'm just saying, you would have been better off leaving out that you owned a "ZUNE" name because whether you know it or not you do..

Let me add this. I also own and as much as I want to say it is for Micro Zone it still looks close...

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A few months ago I asked the NP community incognito what they would do if they had inside info to a new hot technology term. and if so what word extension names they would then register. Well the word was zune as I had some some inside track on that project - however I ended up not regging anything even though no one would ever have found out..

Regrets. Seeing this thread and all these great zune names a little..


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I just saw a bit on Fox News like one minute ago talking about how Microsoft will release the new "Zune" by Christmas...

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If that is the case, where is your name's value, I means the value of your name fianlly will be someone(if not you) develop it to "zune" iPage site instead of a "micro zone", right?.

Btw, fyi, I have a xbox***.com, it even cannot put on sedo for parking...MS will contact sedo and sedo will put your name off the list.....

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It appears the risk takers are the ones laughing. they are laughing all the way to the bank while the naysayers are crying at yet another boat missed..

Call yourself what you want but many domainers are nothing more than speculators and that speculation has paid of for some. I'm laughing my a$$ off...

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Dont get me wrong. I bought this as a ZUNE name. I have it on the offer boards right now...

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People are treating the word Zune as if Microsoft made up the name or something...Well it was being used back in 1999 by somone else:.


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Its all about Ethics !.

Domaining & Cybersquating !..

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Here are my thoughts on the WIPO and yes I have defended myself 3 times and lost all three times because I had no case to begin with. I have also avoided WIPO on at least 5 other occasions with the following information..

If M$ wants the HostGator from you they have to file a claim with and it costs $1500 for a 3 person board and $2500 for a 5 person panel (or it did 2 years ago probably more now). If you ahve more than 5 domains they must take the 5 person panel. Add the legal fees and crap and it may cost them over $3000 to try to take the HostGator name from you. They will no doubt contact you and try to threaten you for the name first. If you offer to settle for $1500 they should accept and everyone wins. If they dont then defending yourself is not that difficult and whats the most you can lose.

The folks crying about this TM crap are angry they missed their chance to get a good HostGator and now they want to bash those that did. M$ cannot sue every HostGator holder and they won't. If you have something they want offer to settle for your "development costs" and they will deal with you. They are not interested in hunting down every HostGator holder and here is why..

Can you say free advertising? Do you know how much hype and noise we have all made for them for free? It's a viral marketing ploy. They already own the HostGator names that matter to them. Why would they bother to fight us later when they can just reg the names they want before hand. It's not like they missed out on something and have to scramble to catch up. They knew the name WAY before we did and had their choice of domains to reg and they have already done so. What we are left are the scraps or ones they may have forgotten ilke

They can have it for $2k.

I think what they have done is genius. They have us all spun and hunting for information on a product that no one has seen yet. The serps went from under 200k to over 3 million in 10 days. You cannot put a price on that level of exposure ladies and gentleman. Zune is not even released and it's all over the damn place. Not even M$ can buy that much advertising..

The kid that owned knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew his HostGator was confusingly similar to their trademark and they did not crush him. The deal was settled peacefully and if I remember correctly the kid even got a job out of it. his iPage site was not a fan iPage site or an accesories dealer lke most of us plan with our domains..

M$ is not interested in fighting with us over this. I think they realize they need out help to kick apple from the top spot. I think M$ appreciates what many are doing to promote their product. I bet the guy who owns get a free zune for review one day just because his iPage site rocks the fledgling Zune Scene...

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What he said!.


Rep added for for breathing life back into all our little zunes. Their life was slowly being sucked away by the naysayers. One guy even put his two little zunes out of their misery (he canceled them.


But now there is sunshine again!..

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Affordable Web , thanks with rep add, nice reading....and it indeed what I want say while can not say so logical with good english....

Yes, M$ is not stupid, and it will nevery want lost it's fans! that's why they don't want we mis-use it's logo/TM while also allow/encourage the fansites around the world, if everything just hold by themself, the fashion of zune will not happen.....

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It really depends what you're going to use the Zune names for. If you're developing it, I think it won't be so bad. We've all seen websites with TM names + a word before or after it .com. So why not the same for Zune?.

Parking it in Sedo, now I don't see that as the most ideal decision...

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The problem everyone is having here is measuring oranges against apples in the cybersquatting vs likely legality vs moralistic stand point....

So, taking the moralistic viewpoint about whether chasing these types of domains puts back the domaining industry 10 years or whether I know more about WIPO statutes than you aside, the only single point that I and anyone else should really care about is:.

If I buy a HostGator name with zune in the title, will it be worth my time and effort and will I make a profit in the end?.

Or did I miss a meeting..?.

And, I'm sorry to say despite the euphoria, all roads lead to a definate.


It wont.....

Sure, you might buy Zuneatic.Net.


And flip it to another zune registering domainer for a few bucks profit, but who else is gonna buy it...? If you choose to keep it, you wont be able to park it anywhere, you wont get listed anywhere (.

MS Strider link.

Provided for the unenlightened) and I cant see anyone ever typing in these obscure names and by the time youve gotten round to developing, and word of mouth gets people to your site, Zune will be the forgotten man in portable media players...

So, unless someone can tell me a single reason to buy a Zune name, I would advise all to avoid like the plague.....

Actually, now I think about it postscript, bearing in mind MS current crusade against cybersquatters, I wouldnt have put it passed them to have created the zune name just to waste all of your time ....


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If you look at past WIPO cases involving Microsoft over the XBOX, they were mostly going after those abusing the logo on their sites, sending the HostGator typos to porn, etc. There are numerous xbox sites that continue to exist for years and years now, that haven't been WIPO'd. It's just baseless to state that every "zune" HostGator holder will be WIPOd or worse regardless of what they do with their domain..


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Badger, posting the.

MS Strider.

Link was just not fair..

Again, there you go, injecting reality..

Nope nope nope, not cricket of you at all..

And anyone thinking we are jealous for missing the bus(t).... is missing the point...

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Are you being a hypocrit, Cyberian? A quick glance at your sig shows Fico Credit Rating link to

FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation...

Comment #59

Hmmm, you have a point. Taking down the iPage site and waiting on permission from MyFico before I put it back up..

Thanks for the heads up...

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Thats genious, who did that some kid? Where did he get a job microsoft?.

Too cool!.


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With the greatest respect hasrob, have you been living on the moon??.

So, weve established that MS has allowed xBox fan sites (in inverted commas) to thrive and even linked to a few itself - so maybe big nasty conglom wont come after you, after all.. Also, that MS looks like the registrant of (using their old favourite stealth registrant Jack Spurr (or whatever)) - so maybe Zune is.


The genuine name...

It should be very interesting, I personally will keep a close eye on Zune developments..

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For those of you who are claiming TM infringements...are you saying you wouldn't have jumped at the chance of owning in the past or The one iPage site is an IPOD iPage site not owned by is owned by an individual who is making a bit of money with google adwords..

The other redirects to a traffic page with info on the Xbox at the bottom. I am sure there are many others which are thriving...

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I was going back over and reading some of these posts. I got 5 reps out of my replies to this thread. Thats pretty cool. I just wanted to state for the record that I do not condone trademark abuse. When I first got into domains back 8 years now I registered a few direct violations and made some fast cash from them. I had all of them taken from me and was kicked from some decent affiliate programs because of it.

Thats does not mean I no longer own trademarked domains. I have a few HostGator names that contain US registered trademarks. The difference is that I use my sites for something else and I do not infringe upon the trademark holders rights. Owning a HostGator with the trademarked word is not an automatic violation. Its how you use the HostGator that matters. I have been approached by the trademark holders of these names.

Some have told me they won't fight as long as I don't infringe. Some I have sold and made some real good money from. Selling a trademark holder their trademark as a HostGator is a bit tricky but it has been done....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.