How do you change where your domain name goes to in iPage?

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First off, How do you change where your domain name goes to in iPage? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hi NP Friend,.

How many domains do you own?.


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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I own 9 developed domains and 1 un-developed.

Tooooo less..

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About 300 but I am not really sure. I should start selling...

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400-500, I'm surprised at the number of people breaking 500..

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I thought my 280+ are way too many. i'm so glad i'm not the only domainaholic in this forum you guys know any DA (Domainaholic Anonymous) program?.

Hello i'm xman.... i'm a domainaholic..

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500 ~ 1000 OR More.

About to clean some out though..

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"Hi, xman.".

Lol My amount always jumps/declines. I make deals quite often...

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I haven't really made any deals yet. At this point i'm just on the stage of collect and select. I know I will sell some of them..some I will definitely develop it..and some I will let go or let it expire...

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I only have 9...havent sold any yet still early days..

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Sometimes it's a good idea to just stockpile for awhile. I've been in domains about 5+ years now and I've sampled a lot. So I manage to make a lotta deals some good, some poor. I'm still waiting for the big payoff...

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I was looking at the figures after I voted all curious as to how most of the voters had 500 plus domains, and then I see that only 52 people have voted. considering the fact that np has about 50 k members, we need many more votes. looking forward to seeing how the numbers change...

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Not sure how many I have - less than 10, and i'm letting all of them except 3 (possibly 4) drop..

I don't really like having HostGator names that i'm not going to develop, so I barely have any, lol...

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I own about 30 .coms/.net and about 350 .mobis..


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Approx. 15 (.com).

Approx. 3 (.biz).

Approx. 1 (.net).

Approx. 5 (.ca).

Of those, approx. 10 are content websites..

I say "approx." because it can change in an instant..

I'm addicted, in my own right...

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500 or more....

Sigh... Summer is coming = time to drop domains..

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I have a lot coming and going but it's somewhere around 50..

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Just over 3,700 at last count...

Been in the HostGator biz just over 4 years and the Adult net for around 10 years....

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100 - 150 and lots of .mobi in that.....

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I am nearly 200 Domains now. Hope to expand my Portfolio to 500 in early Mid 2008..

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I have only one.


3 HostGator at the moment but m hoping to acquire a few more soon...

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Im at 150 even....I told myself at 20 I would buy no more but.......I seem now to buy every first of the month, and I only sold 1..

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Thank you all!.

Feel interested in the number of NP members owning 500+ domains and there are several huge collectors here owning 1000+ domains..

I'll buy some more domains, sure...

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My portfolio has been fluctuating from 650-800 domains within the past few months...

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