How do you get the email/messages app back on your blackberry Medifast menu?

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Got a question... How do you get the email/messages app back on your blackberry Medifast menu? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... All the ladies how has your boob size changed?? I am puzzled as to how I started at a 44c and now am a 40DD. Got measured because I did not believe it. Now I refuse to even consider a DD, so I tried on 40C and 40Dthis is just after 3 months!!! Debbie..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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I was a 48DD and now a 36D or DD, however a lot of it is stretched out skin probably because I was 53 when I had my.



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I really think that most woman don't wear the right size bra.. I think that we all need to go and have a professioal measure us. We would all be surprized at the results. As for me I think when this is all said and done and I reach my goal weight I will need a boob job ... LMAO.

Linda :)..

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My around size went down from a 42C to a 36D in 6 months. My boobs were the first to go. The only thing that is really filling in the cup is my side flab/fat...I have to find money for a boob job once I reach my goal "girls" are no more...

Comment #4

Boobs...what boobs....

I think I left mine in the operating room...cause they aren't here now....

Ok i'm lying...but really...whats left of them is making sure my shoes are tied.....

Can't wait to get the plastics and get these girls lookin in the right direction again....



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I'mat 14 days out and the ladies are leaving the building and what is going to be left will be helping me to watch my steps lol..

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I'm convinced that the first 10 lbs that left me were from my boobs. Seriously, I have nothing left. It's pathetic. Weight loss and the history of nursing two children for eight months a piece has pretty much dried up the goods...

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Started at a 50DDD, now at a 38 D or DD...depending on the bra. I agree with Linda, we should get professionally measured. My daughter went to a place where they measured her...she is 5 feet tall, weighs all of 100 lbs dripping wet but wears a 32 DD...places don't make that size...

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Started out a 40DD and now wear 36D, postop 3 1/2 months. I look at them and feel sad...they need a major uplift. Of all the "problem" areas (arms, tummy, etc.), "they" would be the only area I would agree to have fixed, even at my age (57), I'd like them to not touch my tummy. LOL..

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I started as a 52DD. Not just big around, but big boobs...too big, always wanted to get a breast reduction. At 9 1/2 months post op, I'm in a 42D..

Now, here is my concern. After years of "making due" on bras, I found a brand I LOVE at Catherine's clothing storeI recently bought a couple new bras and wanted to buy the next size down as they were on sale. Sadly, I learned they don't come smaller than a 42 back to the drawing board I guess. I need support, don't mind underwire, and do like some shape to the bra itself. Any brands you'd recommend? (No question there is.


For the girls in my future)..


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All the ladies how has your boob size changed?? I am puzzled as to how I started at a 44c and now am a 40DD. Got measured because I did not believe it. Now I refuse to even consider a DD, so I tried on 40C and 40Dthis is just after 3 months!!! Debbie..

Comment #11

I'm only six weeks out so I haven't lost much there "YET" :P.

I'm waiting! What would you ladies do...get a breast augmentation or a boob job? I've also been thinking about this as the girls have never been great anyways but I'm not sure which way to go ;).

Hugs... Kris :O)..

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Started out a 44DD and now I am a 32D, but the biggest change was they headed south! it was the first thing to go sadly. I told my husband that if it gets an worse I could just tuck them into my pants top!..

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Since we are both women in our glorious 50's, I will assume gravity has been as unkind to you as it was to me. As I lost weight, I realized I was more or less stuffing saggy skin into a bra. I had a breast reduction in September and went from a 44DD to a 34C. I love it, no sag, I don't look top-heavy, and I never have to wear a bra. Just cute little camisoles!.


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Okay you need to remember to that all bra's are sized funny.

I started 46dd and I was to big for that I fell out of them but I refused to get anything else.

Now the last time I tried on them you cant even tell I had a bra on cause the cups were to big where when I put on a 40dd it fit perfect.

The the strange part is they were both dd.

As of now I am in a 40 d and if I drop another size I know I will be back into a dd.

As the inches drop in bra sizes the cups seem to all be differant also..

Comment #15

Started out at 42 38 C and they are getting a bit big, but not sure I can squeeze into the 36 C yet. I tried it on...and I can clasp it, but the cup size now seems too small. Does that make any sense??? Sagging at this point is nothing that a good bra can't fix. I'm only 6 months out so no surgeries on the radar just yet...

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Wellllllll.....I started at 44C and now am a 38B LONG!!! But I am 52 and married 28 I just roll them up and stuff them in my bra! LOLOL I'm not concerned about a breast lift at this stage of my life. My daughter talked me into an underwire bra to lift the girls up. I'm not a big fan, because after about 8 hours, it feels like I am wearing two horseshoes! LOL.


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Sorry so many of the comments had nothing to do with your question. One of the things I found was that alot of the bra size (not the cup size) was trying to compensate for all the back and side fat I was carrying. After 8 months the size is shrinking while the cup size goes back and forth. I am sure he back and forth is also due to my skin tightening up at regular intervals as I.

Lose weight.

And gain conditioning. I agree with the comment that all bras are not created equal, so trying them on is the least you need to do to make sure you get the best fit. BTW, I always found Bali bras fit like crap for full-figured gals even before I gained all the weight. I LOVE Delta Burke bras and buy them whenever I can at the discounters. At this point I wont pay more than 5 or 6 dollars for a bra when I am growing out of them every 6-8 weeks or less...

Comment #18

Before my.


I was a 44 DDD. Once I lost down to my ideal weight I was in a 38C. I had a breast augmentation with enhancement done a little less than three years after my bypass. I would do it again tomorrow. It really helped my self esteem...

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As always you guys have come through, informative and funny!!! We should look into picking a great doctor and ask him to give us a discount on the.


:) Thanks, Debbie..

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I have not had.


Yet, but I can say that I believe that the bra sizes for bigger girls run slightly different from the bra sizes of smaller women. I once went into Victoria's Secret with my sister and asked them to measure me. The girl put the measuring tape around me, looked me in the face and said, I honestly don't know what size you would be in this store. I went to Lane Bryant and got measured there and they told me I was a 42C. The girl at Victoria's Secret would not have known my size because they don't sell it there! But that is just my opinion...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.