How do you make a 'drop down Medifast menu' in powerpoint?

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First question I have is How do you make a 'drop down Medifast menu' in powerpoint? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... Okay while I was at church we dont start service untill 9:30 and we always go early usually we are there by 8:30 and we sit in the same spot each week and our church's sacrement room is very large.

We got there a little later this morning we showed up just before 9 well there is this one family who sits usually 4th row up and usually get there about the same time.

Well they got there just a hair before us only one of em was in there yet the rest were still comming in the building they took our pew and it's not like the church was full yet only a few of us get there that early well the side we sit on the only people on that side this morning was the other family who usually sits the 4th row up.

We didnt complain they took our seats we just went the row infront of where we usually sit.

And my gosh they horrible they like talked constantly and they have 3 kids one is about 6 they said the other is 2 and they have 3 mth old.

The baby is so quiet and she is as adorible as they come the oldest is also super quiet but the other one all he did is wine.

We got like little comunity sitting rooms in the church and there are some people who like to hang there and listen from that spot.

Instead of taking the fussy one out for it they stayed there and kept telling him stop and he was having a fit and it was really annoying I coulnt hear our speakers cause he was to loud I try really hard to not be rude so instead of being rude I bit my tounge.

There are speakers through the entire building and 12 other rooms 2 comunity sitting rooms.

They even have a room in the womans room for nursing mothers.

There also is full size gym and stage there along with a full kitchen and 2 mens rooms 2 womans rooms and a handycap bathroom a library a room with computers for geneology and a office for financial things and other kinds of important matters and meetings.

With a church the size of what we have why did they need to sit there and let him disrupt.

If they took him in the other room he could of been able to play and they would of heard service on the loud speaker in that room.

When my girls were little I use to stay in the comunity room and listen from there so they could crawl and wander there and be able to play and that way there they wouldnt disrupt the rest of the church.

It really agervated me that not only did they take our spots that they know we are in every week but then they made it so we couldnt really listen and had a lack of respect to just take him in another room.

Do you guys think I am in the wrong for getting agervated and even a little upset/angry.

How would you guys feel in the same situation..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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As someone who has worked in churches for many, many years, I totally agree with Brett. You had every right to feel frustrated, Amy...

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By the way, Amy, you look fantastic!!!!!! LOVE your profile picture!..

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Sounds like your.


Was tested in a way that let your control yourself today!..

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You showed great restraint which is good but I totally understand your frustration. Not often, but on occassion we have parents who keep their small children in the service when there are 2 nurseries, a cry room and a children's serive, and when the child misbehaves or has a fit they don't even try to take them out and calm them. They stay and let it distract everyone. It does get annoying but I agree with Brett don't let it interfere with your soul...

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Sorry to disagree, but I would have either changed pews or, better yet, offered to take the child into the cry room/nursery for her. Then she could have enjoyed the service (which she may have needed the most) and I would have sent some building material up to heaven for my mansion. :)..

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Welcome to the life of the congregation. The whole "that was our pew" thing confuses me, but I do understand unwanted.


B/c I have the attention span of a flea in church. I would encourage you not to engage in turf wars, competitiveness or overfocusing on the actions of others when you are trying to have your worship time. That is the time to focus on yourself, not others. You can only control your own actions, so hopefully the next time this comes up (and it surely will), you can have a game plan for how you are going to keep yourself settled and focused without going negative on others at your own expense...

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Hmmm. I was raised in a home where where children were not allowed to disrupt others in a public setting. If we acted out, we would immediately be removed from the public setting. If we were misbehaving, we usually got 1 and only 1 warning. Then there were consequences. We grew up know that warnings were not idle theats.

If we chose to ignore the opportunity - as kids are driven to do - then there were definitely consequence. I did not grow up in a harsh environment. I grew up in a very loving environment with about the best mother anyone could ever.



I see so many parents today who simply ignore their misbehaving children (or in the case of the very young - infants, etc., behavior that cannot be helped) - they issue warnings without consequences; something I refer to as the "Johnny Don't! Syndrome". Kids ignore warnings when they know there are unlikely to be consequences. Parents also seem to be immune from incessant.




Of their own children - because of this, they often appear to be being deliberately rude when in fact, they have simply turned down their own irratation level with the behavior..

They way my mother handled this situation seems better to me but perspectives on parenting have certainly changed over the years. I claim no unique lock on the truth...

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I have a 4, 5, and 6 year old. I would love to take them places like church and have them learn about God, but this is why I don't. I really did want to start going to church so that I could pray for my son with the heart defect, but I am so scared of people getting offended, because it's impossible to keep the three of them silent for more than a few minutes. My kids are great and well behaved and are not wild animals. But they do get whiny sometimes, and ask tons of questions about everything around them. I chose to pray and read the bible at home, and have a relationship with God by myself..

Let go of your aggrivation, those parents are probably aware and sometimes even I freeze up in public with my parenting skills...

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Well, here goes. I think the pastor should tell these ppl that there is a nursery available (mine would). Above all, we are there for one reason and one reason only and that is JESUS. If you can't keep your mind on Him around these children, you must move. Satan is trying to disrupt your.



These children need to go to a church that has a "children's church" to keep them occupied and having fun while they're.


About Jesus. Pray for them and try to help organize such a church at your church. It's very hard for little ones to sit quietly and still for long periods., Yes, Brett and Jerry, I had to too, but it's a whole different world today...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.