How do you make a guest book on your Yahoo iPage Site?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do you make a guest book on your Yahoo iPage Site? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I wanted to publicly thank Paul as he did refund my money..

As I posted earlier in this thread, once Registerfly cleans up their act, I'll be the first one back on their bandwagon..

They have good prices and I love the terms of their reseller. I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater but Paul, please fix these issues with your software that's got so many up in arms..

Here's what I sent Paul in a PM:.

Paul, I don't know the first thing about running a company and I don't pretend to. As a novice, can I ask why you wouldn't want to ask your employees to be a little more friendly/helpful on the phone?.

People can more easily tolerate system problems if they are at least dealt with kindly..

Has there simply been so many complaints that you've thrown up your hands?.

Just curious,.


So far, he has sent no reply...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Lol - always nice to have a bit of humor...

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RegisterFly's continued existance is proof positive that ICANNT does absolutely nothing to protect domainers and the public from the actions of rogue registrars..

Newbie domainers beware. These complaints about Regfly have been going on for years, and when presented with issues from many forum members, Regflys response to the domainer crowd was "frankly, we don't give a damn" Somewhere down the line when you've foolishly tried Regflys "services" and lost funds or domains, you'll hear that line from them yourself, and it'll be your turn to post warnings...

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Here is what Register Fly can do to you..

I’ll keep this brief. For some proof of whats happening I present the case. This is but one of many examples of what is happening to me at Registerfly..

I attempted to renew this and many other HostGator names during the first few months of the year with all the issues with Renewals and Transfers and what not I assumed everything had been taken care of. I had multiple transfer failures on this and a number of other domains. I got so many email I just deleted most of them without reviewing each of them fo accuracy. My mistake number #1 was in not verifying the data presented to me..

Finally on 03/02/2006 I received confirmation of renewal as having Processed Succesfully. No, I did not verify this with the whois because I had Protectfly on my account and the whois went to them. I trusted the tools provided as I had for at least 4 years previously. That was my biggest mistake #2, never trust a net company to consistently provide quality services. I had no idea what had become of Registerfly and their system..

Over the past 3 months I have found that they have pulled this and many other scams to steal other names and traffic by swapping Whois records, DNS and by simply removing names from my account. They counted on me not to verify every single one of over 300 renewals per year and I did not do so. They got me because I trusted them. My mistake number #3 wa sin trusting anyone or anything to have so much power and control over my business..

For fact now this HostGator is still in my HostGator Manger and listed as not to expire until 02/2007. Below are screenshots to prove it. I built these images and the page you will visit within the past 30 minutes. This data is fresh as of July 10, 2006 at 11 PM EST. We’ll see how long it lasts after my post..

Image #1.

Is the HostGator as listed in my HostGator Manager with Register Fly right now. Looks like I own it and should be able to manage it correct?.

By viewing the CSV export in.

Image #2.

You can see that it still lists as mine in the exported files. This report was run today and now has 20 less domains on it than it did just a couple days back but no domains have expired. I have to request they be returned to the account. To date I should have 298 domains in my account but have only 276 right now..

By viewing.

Image #3.

You can see the empty whois data in my account. I have tried to change it but I get Invalid Priveleges errors. Why is it in my account if I dont have permssion to change it?.

Image #4.

Is the whois as provided by and shows ownership by someone other than me or Registerfly..

Image #5.

Shows the online records of the renewal as Processed Succesfully. One is to assume the renewal processed and the HostGator is still his. Mistake #4 was in trusting the online tickets to reflect honest data..

Image #6.

Is some other dudes ugly iPage website on my domain..

I would love someone to explain or defend this to me. Please tell me how you can manage a business with this level of corruption. If you still chose to believe this is an accident and not intentional deception and outright theft on the part of the company as a whole or some renegade loser employee you need to wake up. This guy bought my HostGator when I in fact owned it. Registerfly sold it to him and that my friends is a crime..

This is one of about 20 horror stories I have proof of. I am waiting for them to do the right thing before I line up with the others and we force them to deal with it. Please someone explain to me how we are not to be mad about this..

This document can be found and may be updated at.


Register Fly. If you want this to stop just give me back whats mine and I'll shut up..

Alfred Moya..

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Simple... Incompetent people rarely realize that they are incompetent. I worked for a company that used to be a great company. The owners were real people, who made you feel like part of the family. It was a rather small company, 7 million yearly sales, about 70 people, but with steady growth in an industry that was in a decline. So here we had a company that treated it's employees well and managed to make money when all the other comparable companies were losing money.

All the while people are trying to tell him whats going on, but he won't listen. He has his own plans and doesn't care what anyone else thinks....

He ended up having to shut down 2 of the 3 locations and "consolidate" into one... The financial controller he hired didn't do her job properly and it took him 6 months to realize that half of their bills weren't being paid. They had to cut benefits, freeze raises, and get rid of 1/3 of their employees. Everyone in the place was afraid of losing their job and pissed off that they had no benefits, yet he frequently held meetings and send out letters telling us that we had to perform better so the company could make more money....

I was one of the unfortunate (probably fortunate) people who got let go..

So you ask how can he run a business like this and not be ashamed? Simple... At the end of the day, he gets paid a boat load, drives home in his brand new car to his huge house and has lots of money to spend on all the nifty toys and gadgets that he wants. It's hard to see the struggle when you're complacent from the spoils...

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Yeah you are right. of the underwear and whats inside them half is hers..

That leaves me with one like Lance Armstrong...

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Good news for those of you that have been wronged by Registerfly, a class action suit against Registerfly is now potentially forming. For more info please see this thread:.


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Thats not such good news for anyone in my opinion. What if this puts them out of business? Those of us with HostGator names there better prepare to leave now or fall with them...

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This Just In....It has already happened...a couple of years is just getting worse....

I was with them in their early days but I escaped a couple of years ago......and I did post several warnings as well......but I think many still fell victim to cheap this and cheap that promotions.....

I guess it is cheap if your time and high blood pressure have no value......

I hope all works out well for everyone.....

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Why is BULK WHOIS UPDATE not working at Registerfly ? .

Any comments it purely a control panel issue...which is the answer I am getting from Reg Fly..

Or to prevent Mass Exodus of domains...I can't transfer them out easily unless I update all my whois records one by one......

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Why do they have all these problems to begin with? For me, it made it difficult to do the mass exodus... That was several months ago so it's apparent they haven't fixed it, nor do they intend to. Just advertise some more and get more people on the hook..

Whatever you all do, get your names out of Registerfly. I've said it for over a year now and at times have been beat up for it but I stand firm saying the same thing as I said a year ago... Get away from that company before you fall victim too..

Paul V... Does the cat have hold of your tongue my friend? What is your answer to what's being said? What's your response to the reputation that Registerfly has built on the web?.

Instead of cleaning up messes in the forum Paul, why don't you start with the character of the business you represent?.

Great news by the way on the lawsuit!..

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I still don't think a class action is good news. What happens if they go bankrupt? Can that be good for the HostGator industry? I hope they all do jail time and get gang raped by Ids patients for what they have done to me..

Today I received word that enom refuses to sell me back domains they failed to trasnfer. They claim they are keeping them for now...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.