How do you publish a web site on yahoo iPage?

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First question I have is How do you publish a web site on yahoo iPage? Hoping for any response. Second question.. I got an offer for

The offer was for $2000, but I'm not sure I should do it. I'm thinking about hanging onto it for a bigger offer. Tell me what you think I should do...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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I agree, it is a nice name but I don't think HostGator hacks can be worth nearly as much as a premium .com, or other .tld. $2000 is great for this domain, and you wouldn't have to pay that large renewal fee to renew it...

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Take it.

It is a good price for that domain.


Comment #3 sold to for an indisclosed amount some say in the 5.000.000 range.

If you develope it you may have a chance to sell it for big time...

Thats I'm sure what the buyer has in mind to do.....

But if your short on cash and need the money , maybe sell than..

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Take the money and run.

IMO it's a decent offer for a HostGator hack with an exotic TLD..

Big sales of exotic TLDs are rare, even with premium keywords.

Sales like are the exception, don't forget it..

Unless you have more lucrative plans for the name, seize the opportunity...

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I would keep it but that was just me..

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I would hang on to it personally but the choice is up to you and how bad you need the cash. The better question is did you negotiate it up to 2k or was that the first offer? If this was the first offer made you could probably counter it back at a higher amount...

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I would take it too.

I don't see the appeal of HostGator hacks (if that is what it is called ?) but I don't know anything about them either.

Have there been any/many other previous sales with these sorts of domains ? .

Good luck.


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Sell it now...without any hesitate...u get a great deal.....

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It depends on how confident you are that you can make more with the reinvestment of that money. sold to a big company, and is just a step down. Normally I'd jump at $2,000 too, but I've got a knack for finding great bargain names at around that price, so I would feel more confident with the money than with that name. There was a time when HostGator hacks like that were worthless, but they're becoming more and more popular. They're still stigmatized for the most part right now, but especially has gotten some people to see that such names can work out well. If I were you, I would at LEAST start run a forum on the name while you have it, which is easy enough to do with phpBB...just a general all-around forum (see a place like MySpace for how you would split categories).

Even if you like $2,000 and would take it, I would counter with more, $3,000-$5,000 depending on how much or little you need the sale. Barely anyone offers the most that they can and are willing to on the first offer...

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I think it's a no-brainer: Sell!.

Why Yahoo is trying to brand, I guess I just don't see it. The same goes for in my opinion...

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$2,000 is good money for a HostGator name. I would sell...

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I wouldn't register the HostGator for reg fee...and you're thinking about not accepting a 2k offer?!?!?..

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Come on, you must think is worth more then reg fee...

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Unless there is something out there in the .ms market, not really. In my totally honest opinion, I wouldn't register that...

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Sell!!! Sell!! Take mama out on the town, give her a little bit of it, and reinvest the rest!!!.


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In a chanting rhythm..





Take it and reinvest the cash. IMO..

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Accept it it's a good price for .ms ext and congrats in advance...

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Hi..dear, in case you not aware the special thing here: -> forums.

But anyway I agree 2k is good enough......

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Is this official??.

What's in the mind of Yahoo! developers??..

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Any information on the buyer?.

It could well be one of the people.

Suggesting you sell... lol.

Serious, dig deep into the buyer...

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You should take it..

$2,000 is a once in a... not very often offer...

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I decided not to sell it for $2000. I did sent a counter offer. I like the HostGator and HostGator hacks. Most HostGator hacks are taken which tells me that they are a popular "BUY". With so many taken, development is just around the corner. I would have loved to reg'd It apparently sold for a large sum.

I'm glad there are some domainers out there that wouldn't reg. them, leaves more for me. I also reg'd and will sell for more in the very near future. It will only take a couple of developed sites to prove this point. These domains names are worth some good money. I had an offer of $2000 for one. That's more than reg. fees.

I think the next best thing or better thing is the HostGator hack!..

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Take the money and run.........

U'll not get higher offer...

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I would have sold in a heartbeat, very few high value HostGator hack sales. Rather own 10 than ''...

Comment #25 for millions of dollars? I know Yahoo has made some bad business decisions in the past, but this one......

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I would take it and run. I hate hack DNs and think they are useless when it comes to the average computer user. All it does is confuse them...


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Wasn't a really developped iPage blog network?.

I remember them in my stats..

There's a huge difference in Yahoo buying a developed network & someone buying a HostGator name...

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In my opinion that's am amazing one-of-a-kind offer on a HostGator of this nature. I would sell right away...

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I would take the offer and reinvest the money...

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The problem with hacks is in the marketing (unless your marketing plan is internet-only). It reads well but doesn't pass the radio test. You'd have to spell it out and emphasize where the "dot" goes because no one even knows the .ms ext exists. As was mentioned above, it's one thing for Yahoo or another co to buy a developed network that happens to be a hack but seriously, you could buy for less that 5 mil. - much much much less...

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It's not the keyword "foru" that's being used - it's "forums"..

I may have sent you an offer for this HostGator a few months ago.

- nowhere near $2k though! If you're ever planning on developing, don't sell. It could be worth much more. If you aint gonna develop - sell!!..

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Trouble is, it would never get any benefit in SEs for "forums"..

I'd have snapped their hand off...

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I wouldn't try to market this on the radio..

I think in the near future I will try to get it developed. I agree, if this HostGator was developed it would make me alot more money than just the $2000. undeveloped is worth ???, developed was worth $5 million ( I've heard). undeveloped is worth $2000 to someone, developed is worth ??????..

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I am always going to be a forumer first and domainer second. If it was me, I would have invested in vB, a nice skin for it, some good hacks, mods, and paid posts, paid for content, and sold it after a month or two, for $XX,XXX...

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Since you declined the offer, which I personally am surprised by, I would suggest developing it, as JBebbington commented. Unless the forum is highly developed, (vBulletin isn't necessary; phpBB will get the job done) you most likely will not see an offer higher than $2000 for this domain. The reason for that is that the word "forums" is broken at an awkward place. It's not between syllables, rather, it is in the middle of the second syllable, which may make the HostGator harder to remember..

And, if you want your plan to grow, people will inevitably pronounce the name or talk about it verbally to others. I don't see anyone referring to it as "forums", and "for-you dot M S" is hard to envision, as well..

Aside from that, it's a decent domain. Personally, I would have sold, but regardless I wish you the best of luck with your domain. I'd try to develop and sell it before it comes time to renew..


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