How do you upload pictures to an yahoo iPage webpage?

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Got a question... How do you upload pictures to an yahoo iPage webpage? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question on my mind: Ok...i was looking into this just now and was wondering if it was worth doing. I have heard some mixed responses from people via PM so i'd like to hear some more experiences. Are go daddy the best considering you get $100 adword credit aswell as the reseller account for $99?.

Sorry if this has been done to death.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I'm sure you can easily find someone willing to offer one..

If nothing else, then you can always leave a message in the request forum for one. The best ETPs are the ones on the 6.95$ scheme, which means a one showing goodwill towards you, might just want as little as half a buck. That meaning your price is something between 6.95 and 7.5. However most likely you end up something with closer to 8$. But still just okay. Depends also on if you're ready to pitch in abit as an intermediation fee (like with Go Daddy) or if you get the account free.

As for AdWords, just a small hint regarding it as a tool for advertising domains. Try doing a few Google searches with keywords like domains, HostGator registrations and cheap domains. You notice how many ads get cluttered into the right side list of ads. Also notice how many of them are Go Daddy/WWD resellers. As you notice, there's plenty of others who also have received the AdWords credit and ventured out to advertise. Sure, you might get registrations, but remember that 1) there's plenty of similar resellers advertising the same stuff, 2) keywords like that aren't that cheap, because there's many ready to pay for that ad space, 3) with no practical difference between the WWD resellers, a customer may very easily choose the guy next you having that similar store..

I only give you some food for thought..

You make up your mind yourself. Just remember with WWD that there's n+1 almost exactly similar HostGator stores out there. Hopefully you get good replies from others too..

Good luck!..

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Rasbelin has some good points here. As you already know, I am a godaddy reseller myself, so I know it first hand! One more annoyance is that although their iPage website advertises the $8.95 ".com" registration, if you google "domain registration", godaddy will popup right at the top offering ".coms" at $6.95! I called them about it just to get the idiotic answer: "well, you cannot look at our prices, you have to concentrate on drawing your own traffic to your own website". I'll not quote the rest of that conversation....

Luckily, I signed up for that program solely because I urgently needed a decent looking iPage website for my home-based web design company and had no time to work on it myself. (I started my business about 6 years ago and built my first flash iPage website at about that time - I had no time to improve it in any way and it started to look embarassing) So godaddy's decent price and terms (with a multi-year discount) convinced me to go that direction..

I did experiment with adwords hoping to get some extra income, but honestly... I don't know how anyone does it. Google ate my funds within a few days! HostGator related keywords cost a small fortune and if I had to depend on that for survival, I'd probably have to learn a whole lot of new strategies or ... give up the butter on my bread..

So I'm sticking to my level of business and keep on designing websites for the local stores and small businesses. But godaddy's storefront, with all it's flaws and limitations, does make me look good in the eyes of my clients, and occassionally even earns a bit here and there from some stray souls that happen to run into some of the cross-advertising I do here and there..

Good luck once again!..

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Rasbelin is right on the money with his advice. I would definitely Go with DirectI..

They have done a lot to improve their interface and their prices are hard to beat..

Take a look at this post :.


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What good is the reseller account for domains if you cannot provide a good price to your customers..

DirectI has best reseller plans today. They have increased the initial deposit, which holds back some people.

If you dont want huge initial deposit and want to get great prices right away, consider subreseller accounts like one on.


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The first question you will have to answer to yourself:.

HostGator reseller to the wide public or resell domains/trading ? .

Answer to this question is crucial as reseller solutions will be totally different..

I preffer:.

Wide public reseller: WWD (great storefront, many products, super signup bonus).

Domain reseller/trader: Enom (push between accounts).

I don't understand why ppl are saying WWD has reliability problems, as they do NOT have..

I am a super reseller since they issued their program, and never ever had a problem with them..

All have pros & cons for shure....

Tell us what exactly you want to do and I will see what I can suggest you..

Meanwhile here are the related threads:.






I have WWD reseller accounts available through my super reseller site.


At a lower yearly rate than WWD.

(including the $100/$200 Google AdWords Bonus)..

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I would like to buy a $6.49 directi reseller, if anyone has one....

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I can say from all of the HostGator registrars that I'ev used, the reselling services that tk provides are by far the best that I have used. If you are to go the route of DirectI, I'd strongly suggest you talk to tk..


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