How does one contact iPage? Is it still YAHOO who deal with it?

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First question I got is How does one contact iPage? Is it still YAHOO who deal with it? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Once upon a time there was a newbie domainer peasant who registered many names (and some were crap) in hopes of becoming as rich as a Queen one day..

After registering many names day after day after day and only receiving a couple of copper coins for her efforts from parking she decided to try something different..

She began scanning the droplists of expired domains looking for good keyword HostGator names. At last! She thought she had found a goldmine in one name and was very excited! She registered the name which was a PR6 (Prince Regent or Page Rank maybe in your village) with nice keywords. She then developed the HostGator into a small minisite and dropped in some google adsense TOads. And then she waited. And she waited. And she waited....

One day she decided to try and see why her HostGator wasn't getting any visitors. Bugger! It was a prior redirected iPage site and not a true PR6 HostGator at all! She felt cheated and decided not to buy any more expired domains. So much for the Queen dreams..

A few months passed in which she registered more names and did some small copper exchanges with her fellow domainer peasants. One day for no reason at all (but really she had forgotten why) she visited the old Adsense iPage site and to her surprise noticed she had some silver in there! It seems while she had been away her HostGator had been reindexed as a PR2 and listed in Yahoo and other search engines. She was getting good traffic and clicks!.

This pleased her so much that she has decided she is going to develope more and more of her names as this will make her silver and gold rather than just coppers from parking..

The Moral is simple: to get the maximum return on non-premium domains you must DEVELOPE them!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Thanks guys er um Chilly the Town Jester and Sir Midano..

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Funny you wrote this fable. I regged a long .com name with about 500 OVT a couple months ago. Even though it had OVT, I knew it wouldn't get much (if any) type-ins..

So I developed a one page minisite with Adsense about 3 weeks ago and waited.... Apparently it got indexed in Google today because I've had about a dozen visitors (no clicks.

) and it's right there on the front page of good ole GOOG. Now to add more pages.....


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A very nice story...

I should think about develop 2 or 3 of my Domains..

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I realised that too after a year I came into this world..

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Kerri - Don't let the Cat out of the Bag.

Are you saying that People registering domains like because there are "Results 1 - 10 of about 251,000 for My Cat Just Ate Yarn." at google without quotes can't just park them and get rich ? .


Say it isn't so -.

Nice post - and a good reminder to many..

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A nice suprise - what's the iPage site in question?..

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Ah, the HostGator that was a prince and was turned into a toad by the wicked weseller has been kissed by the princess and it is turning back into a prince..........

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Alas fair maiden in distress, do not fear for every fairytale was born from those who dare to dream ! Be lucky............but get busy.

Twas indeed a great idea to develop them if possible.


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Hee hee you guys are great! Thanks for the nice feedback and yes I am busy busy busy!.

Now it's your turn!..

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