How much is the first payment for iPage's web hosting plan+low cost blog hosting experience?

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Question I have... How much is the first payment for iPage's web hosting plan+low cost blog hosting experience? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. My Opinion Of The Current Moniker Auction..

1) Auctioneer Went To Slow Throughout Entire Auction..

2) Multiple Mistakes Were Made Between Who Heard Whos Bid. At One Time I Heard Auctioner Ask The Winning Bidder If He Minded If They Re-auctioned The Sold HostGator To Settle The Matter And Then Another Time He Tells A Bidder Who Was Late With A Bid, Too Late Sir..

3)no Control Over The Auction, I Felt As If Moniker Was All Ready Counting Their Profits Before They Even Finished Their Work. They Ran Through Names Quickly At The End Because They Didn't Work Fast In The Beggining. That Put Alot Of Hurts To Someones Wallet And Or Portfolio And Maybe In Their Faith In Moniker..

4)what Was The Point To Keep Anybody From Looking At The Silent Auction ? I Have Two Reasons. They Wanted Us To Pay $499.99 Which Would Go Towards The Price Of A HostGator We Choose. But If Your Like Me, Im Selling Im Not Buying So I Would Not Pay. I Just Want To Look. What If The Other Reason Is To Actually Keep People Out Of The Auction ??? Except High Rollers And Such. That Would Leave The Floor Open To Them And Insiders To Buy At Rock Bottom Price.

My Opinion Only..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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The lowest opening bid I think I heard was for $500. So if someone didn't have the $500 to pay to get in (which was then applied towards a purchase) they certainly didn't have the money to be bidding in the auction to begin with... If I were selling a HostGator in the auction, I'd rather have a conference room full of people who were starting their bids at $500, rather than 10x as many people bidding on it who couldn't afford $500.....

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Can only imagine the complexity of everything that goes into one of these auctions. It's safe to assume that each succeeding auction will improve based on lessons from prior ones..

On the upcoming New York auction, it could be a very high profile event (as in mainstream news coverage - CNN, FOX, NBC, etc.) and my hope is that Moniker will go for as streamlined and professional an event as possible. Good.


, press releases, targeted direct mailing such that New York players in finance/media/real estate (outside the domainer circle) get a heads up..

Could be another big springboard for Moniker and the industry ... like a GoDaddy Superbowl commercial,.


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Having a minimum bid is fine. But as one who had to deal with going to auctions in the early 90s, having a $500 unrefundable entrance fee is pure greed. If one wants to participate, they should have to pay a $500 'refundable' fee to get a paddle. That way if they don't buy, they get their deposit fee back. That.

Is the way.

Auctions are conducted. But to be charged $500 to lose a bid, because it was higher than you could afford or wanted to pay etc., or you just want to watch and learn for future auctions, again is greed. Many times once you are in and ready, you may see a name (item) you overlooked, or pick up some scoop on something that may make you decide to make bids you weren't planning on. But why limit the 'auction to' audience, by forcing to people to pay $500 just for the priviledge of being there, if not to keep potential new buyers out, and/or being greedy?..

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It is not easy to organize such event, they still have a lot to learn...

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It Would Be Nice If Us Domainers Could Have A Say On Which Names Are Entered, Say Some Sort Of Voting System For The Stronger Names. Hell Towards The End Of The Auction They Ask The Crowd To Just Call Out Numbers Of Domains They Were Interested In. Seemed All To Shabby To Me, Poorly Run..


It is not easy to organize such event, they still have a lot to learn. ???.





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From what I can recall some sort of voting occurred to see which domains people were interested in. I recall this for the adult auction & I thought it was available for the Traffic one as well. I could be wrong about that though..

As far as which names are worth more, that is a pointless argument. Any name could be worth anything to the right buyer. So there is no right or wrong answer. The only answer would stem from what an average person might think which still leaves a lot to desire..

I agree with you about the $499 to see the auction being ridiculous...

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I'd be bidding on domains in the silent auction right now if it wasn't for the $499 non-refundable fee. As someone else already mentioned, I don't want the possibility I could be outbid in the final seconds and be out $499 with nothing to show for it. I understand Moniker is putting in a lot of work with this auction and I commend them for putting on such a great event; however, a $499 refundable fee would bring in more bidders...

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One suggestion might be for those who put down the $499 fee and do not win anything...that they will have the deposit returned as $499 credit at moniker (no cash)..

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That would work for me. I'll easily spend that amount transferring in and renewing domains within the next few weeks...

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I have to disagree, With the money moniker took in on commissions and the money that Monte makes daily... There is plenty of credible event planners with auction experience to make an event like this run smoothly and flawlessly. This is just another questionable moniker event..

I have been to enogh auctions to know that if there is a specific number of lots available and each lot could take 1 minute to 5 minutes they need to better access a thier time management skills or at least contract someone..

Listening to the auction itself I was not impressed with the auctioneer, My impression was that this person seemed like he owned some of the names and when bidding did not get to what he expected he quickly looked down at Monte and said sorry Monte it's not enough....

Monte should have had 2 corrals going for bidders and all names being offered would have had a better or more equal time for exposure to buyers...

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I Agree, Few People Are Making Money. Matter Of Fact I Had To Damn Near Beg To Get My 3 HostGator Names On, Last Auction I Was Told I Had Made The List Only To Be Told I Didn't Make It At The Last Minute, Come To Find Out Some Of Monikers Buddys Got Upwards Of 250 Names In The Auction , Don't Believe Me ? Look Into It. Seems Like Everyone Is Making Money But Us. Just Wish A Third Party Company Would Come Along And Shake The Cage A Little...

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