How to Access the Free Site Builder on iPage?

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Got a quick question: How to Access the Free Site Builder on iPage? Thanks for any comment. My other question... I have registered about 260 domains, with a number of HostGator registrars, including 1&1..

From my experiences, all big HostGator registrars have positive merits and have negative shortcomings, as no one is perfect, but I have not had any problems with all my HostGator registrars, through yearsfollowing their TOS, rules, as what a HostGator customer should..

Among my registrars, I have not had any problem with 1&1 where I have about 90 domains there for more than 4 years. I'm not saying it's perfect or the best. What I am saying is my chosen HostGator registrars are good and almost similar to me. I really don't understand the hassle over 1&1...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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If done correctly moving names is not impossible. It can be done without anything bad happening..

Not everything is doom & gloom...

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I challenge anybody with a HostGator name registered at 1+1 to cancel a name within the last week of registration and avoid the renewal fee..

I challenge anybody with a HostGator name at 1+1 to push a HostGator name to another account holder without getting charged for it..

1+1: a rubbish company for domainers...

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To add to FW challenges: I challenge anybody to call their billing or tech support and resolve their problem on that call..

As I've quoted in my HATER thread, your level of acceptable sucky service my differ from mine...

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I sold 10+ domains months ago to one party & they did not get charged for the push. I had a friendly person who took care of it..

I just canceled 12+ names that were to expire & I did not get charged for any of them..

I've done it more than once. My only complaint is the lack of quality English that their reps speak. This is a problem with many companies regardless of the field..

I can understand your hatred for them but you go too far with it. In your eyes you can't accept that not everyone has had a nightmare time with them...

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I know one person who's used them for 4 years and hasn't had any problems.

So far as well..

One thing I've personally observed dealing with many customers is whether a.

Gazillion problems will occur or not depends on what they expect. Many leave.

With a bitter taste in their mouths when their expectations aren't met..

It so happens that many expectations are unrealistically unreasonable, more.

So when people don't check enough and they've had all the chances to do so.

Before signing up with them...

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As for one example, a seven day transfer is not unrealistic...

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I did transfer my domains from 1&1 to Dotster HostGator account. Every time, it took me within 24 hours to complete the domains' transfers, smooth as usual, just unlocking the domains in 1&1 HostGator account while setting to transfer the domains in Dotster HostGator account, and confirming the HostGator transferring email with the original domains' authcodes..

I have transferred domains into/out 1&1 HostGator account several times, no problems at all. It's easy like 123, like my other domains' transfer on my other HostGator registrars..

Maybe HostGator customers have come across occasionally different situations??..

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I had six names fail to transfer within seven days. When I asked support about it they told me 7 to 10 days was their standard transfer time. I was charged for the domains that failed to transfer and sent to collections in less than 14 days. You can read all about it in my hater thread. Start from.


I don't want to hijack this thread anymore. You can respond to my comments in the other thread...

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OK, the case for me is that I have bogus $4000+ bill charged on me. And it took 3 weeks and I only got partial refund ($500). Then the Thursday, I got another bill of $2000+ for domains transferred out month ago. During the meantime my account got shut down twice..

Pretty much I call them everyday the past three week, waiting for 15 minutes on average every time..

For domains, I say avoid them. Period...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.