How to add html code to yahoo iPage, specific in pagebuilder?

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My question is How to add html code to yahoo iPage, specific in pagebuilder? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... Crimonetly, I just clicked on your sig, which led me to this:.

And entered one of my domains in the ad..

Dude, you knocked my socks off, what an excellent, excellent job. I need to park a few domains over there! Well done!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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It looks nice, but I'm not so sure about ctr .... the links down the left rail are generic, the news things might tend to draw attention away from the only place where keyword links are represented and that's a tiny little spot on the upper right hand corner..

What's CTR like for people who use it?.


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Hey guys.

I am in shock .I was always looking for something like this and it even overcomes my imagine how good it could look.I intend to hire somebody to programm it for me and here it is generated itself by software..

Great,awesome, I will park here my entire portfolio -500 names if it will look like this..

BTW I just use for example my CostaMesa.TV and key words costa mesa- it is always not the same -according the name and key words.

Thanks for info roguewriter..

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You should click more often, you never know what you might find...

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Wow, best parking page I've ever seen. Is anyone using them?..

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I agree. The pages look great, but that doesn't mean too much if there's no conversion.....

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Yes, Ian has done a spectacular job, here is the running thread:.


Keep up the good work Badger!..

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What I have found is that the pages look awesome and they also get indexed by the search engines much easier. Being indexed is important and results in higher page views. The more page views, the more likely someone may click on your ads. There are reports of 20% increases in CTR and even higher increases in revenue. Personally I did get more page views but my CTR actually dropped. But I am sure this must have been a fluke.

The 1plus service is contantly being improved and the kinks are being worked out. Overall I think their service is innovative and industry changing and would certainly reccommend them...

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Not that I could ever know for sure, but my guess would be that it's not. Given the indexing point you made, I can see clicks going up. But I can also see CTR going down because there really are an very small number of keyword-targetted ads on that sample page, they're not highlighted and additionally aren't anywhere near the prime real estate on the page. I'd very much like to hear from others to see whether their experiences are similar..


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I have an account there and have dropped a list of domains to use this resource- just have been slow about moving my names to new DNS and doing the paper work-.

This week, this week- I am, now, making a resolution, (in public, no less!) to get the list of names in my acct, off sedo and up and running at

Time to start humming the trumpet fanfare from "Rockie" and get some David Byrne blasting out of the speakers, methinks. Cuz, this ain't no party! This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin around time, now..

Props go to Badger. You gotta figure that a package like this one had to be put together by one of our own...

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I can heartily endorse 1Plus! My first HostGator sale was completed a couple of days ago and the level of help and support I got from Badger was incredible...

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Thanks ever so much for your kind comments guys, v v v v v v much appreciated.....

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Seems that eaven with a XX page thread at NP and several month online members are still discovering

Prepare your servers.....


I mentioned at the.

Domainer meeting in BCN.

Last month.


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Hey Badger, I really need to ask - how the hell are you benefitting from all this when you don't charge a commission for sales OR PPCs? And how do you manage all the content on the thousands of pages? Anyway, I think it's a great job you're doing with your iPage site and whatever name you go with, I'm with ya!..

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I cant quite figure this out from the 1plus management panel..

On the news template pages there are 3 adsense ad units and 1 adsense link units - the maximum allowed by Adsense. When you go into 'customize park page' you are only prompted to ad adsense code for two ad units 468x80 and the 120x600..

Whats the situation with the other two ad units, do I get the revenue from the clicks or not?.



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Wow this looks great, I'm definitely going to take it for a spin..

I'm just wondering, I've seen some pages that had content generated from somewhere. This will improve.


And allow google adsense ads, but the only revenue generated is from my own google ads right? Clicking on, say, a news link will not bring me any revenue?..

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Cool, a new support thread...

We benefit Very very little.. Every 10th page view our house ads show. No commission on sales though and as we just completed our 60th sale this week, I'm hoping everyone appreciates the free service.. I do however thank those who have completed a nice sale that have donated some $$ to the cause...

Or course. If you enter your adsense pub number [written pub-XXXXXXXXXXX] you get the clicks....

Or, you can completely modify all the ad spaces by choosing the individual "custom" feature for a domain.. Found in your domains manager page. Here is a sample of a totally customised page..

Right, revenue only from ads not from news feeds...

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Since I lost my Google Adsense account (completely inexplicably, with no warning or notification, by the way) I havent been able to use, but I was getting some great earnings from it while it lasted..

When i've got more time to spend on the internet again i'll be sorting out a Yahoo account (sigh) and using once more! It really is great, thanks again Badger...

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Badger, can I list ADULT domains? I reckon ADSENSE doesnt like them, lol...

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Great looking iPage site Badger!.

I have alot of names parked there too..

Glad to say that I was one of the original members there!.

I was wondering if I could place my own ads on one of my. supported domains. I have several advertisers.

Paying on my property sites and could use the extra revenue.

The clicks would bring...

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I registered with 1plus yesterday but never received the password. I tried to recover it today but nothing has come. is their system working?..

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Were trying to install a new feature to allow users to have a gmail powered mail account... And being total buffoons when it comes to server configuration, somehow ive managed to create an MX entry thats screwed up sending out passwords... It will be fixed...

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Can you list domains on more than 1 parking service?..

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I always tell it like I see it, and I a believe in the future potential of My page veiws have increased but my CTR has dropped as well and my income is still 50% of what it once was on TrafficZ..

I was never making much anyway, about $45/a month on TrafficZ with almost 1000 domains. Now those same domains have been at for several months and are making about $25/month. I don't know why I'm getting many more page views but only half the revenue. But I'm going to stick with and hope this turns around. I trust Ian is trying his best to improve the service and he's a very honest guy..

At least two people have said that their revenue has increased on so I know some are doing better than parking...

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Woah, check it out....

Another .US fan in the making?.

A sign of things to come?.

That Badger is a sneaky one...

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Yeah I saw that...pretty clever...

I haven't really tried yet, but I don't really have many names to park anyway...

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