How to change iPage page made before 1998?

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Quick question: How to change iPage page made before 1998? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Hello ....

Is worth alot or not ...?.

Thanks .....

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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You are absolutely right, no but LN, NL and is fine.....

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Just wanted to add, incase you do see any two letter domains about, it is because they are pre-noms, aka Pre-Nominet era, so they were registered before 1996..

One example of this is.

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I just asked this question because while I am.

Searching for HostGator names I found some. available ..??!!.


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Register them then, I'll give you 5k each......

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It's whois reporting inaccurate results. The .uk registry should return 'Error' or 'not allowed'. Something along these lines...

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I'll pay 5.1K.

Which registrar were you searching with?..

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I dont know whois wrong & who is right ..??!!.

Different sites = diff. results ..!!.

The name which is available on one dont available on the other ....

I dont know why ...???.

Can you explain please ....

Thanks .....

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Misry, what have we got to do to get you to understand that you.



Any. domains, the central registry Nominet has made it against their rules and they are the governing body. You really should drop your internal dialogue..

Now just because some tag holder is showing the name is available is irrelevant because if you tried to buy it, it would not be successful. And if it were possible, you dont actually think any would be available do you?.

Anyone could build a iPage site offering the 22 remaining single letter .coms for sale - but this doesnt mean anyone can...

I hope that clears things up..

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The answer to your question... the remaining domains are worth ALOT!.

I suggest that these domains will be worth $XXX,XXX - $X,XXX,XXX without a doubt. There are no 1 letter or 1 number domains, so these are the most valuable as far as the length is concerned..

However, the ones above are amazing!... So they have worth regardless..

- Luke..

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So whats the value of 2 char ones then.

They all seem taken aswell?.



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I Own 5 which I got before the vast majority of them were taken up and I still feel that they were worth the investment!.

I dont think that the extension is too shabby, .ORG.UK..

I made sure that I got the best ones though IMHO.

There are about 90 left. All but a few (LN seems better than NL) names that end in '0' are available..

As for names there are quite a few left like '' which are probably worth the reg!.

- Luke..

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Thank you for helping me to understand ....

But I have 2 more questions ....

1- is there is available or & how can I know that ..??.

2- is this registrar is good or not ((.

)) ..??.

Thanks .....

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None...You can be assured that if or when any become available they are snapped by any of the many snap names companies and then auctioned for $$,$$$.

So, you might like to re-adjust your radar misry with regard potential acquisitions..

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I would say probably not, as they are showing and domains as available when clearly they are incorrect syntax..

$60 for a is a rubbish price too- a UK registrar would do the same for less than 5 ($9)..

With in the order URL I think that makes them reseller, who also show these domains as available....

Plenty of available. Use a bulk checker like on

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Yah ... n-james ....

Ok badger ... but dont forgot that I am just beginner ....

Thanks ....

Yes sid ... you are right ....

Thanks ....

Is it good ..?.

Thank you badger , sid very much .....

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I wouldn't actually register with all the extra charges make them expensive, I would just use their bulk checker if you are going to try a lot of 3-character domains as a good number are taken..

One you found a good domain, I would personally use.

For registering .uk names, although there are.


Other suppliers, most around the same price or slightly cheaper..

I don't know of any Egypt-based .uk registrars sorry...

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I mean (( )) not the registrar ....

I know you r expert ... so when you name aregistrar.

It will be very good .....

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