How to change neighborhood Medifast menu picture on Sims 2?

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First of all How to change neighborhood Medifast menu picture on Sims 2? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Hi folks after your advice on how you would have dealt with this situation I faced was not a successful outing 8wk post op.i went shopping in england uk and went into a pub with my family and bought 2 latte drinks.i asked the bar staff if I could have my drink in a take away cup and my husband had a normal cup and saucer, I had told the bar staff that I had.


And wouldnt be able to drink fast it in the pub despite that been the reason for my take out cup, anyway another staff later approached me when we were drinking and curtly told me I should not be drinking it in the pub as it was cheaper to buy as a take out and therefore wasnt entitled to drink it there even though my family had there cups and sauces, I was amazed and cross about this.i find it difficult eating out at times as we do have special requirements at times, I told the girl I was still gettin over stomach.


But she wasnt interested at all.then later that day I tried a drop of soup and god did it sit heavy and could feel it trying to return and this was while desperately trying to find a public toilet,not easy when desperate, did not want to be sick in the street or in to a bag in public how degrading but managed to dive into a pub and ran to there bathroom where I finally releived my self of the awful discomfort, it's like a comedy, anyone else had this sort of trouble and urgency when out. how would you have handled it and any tips when you are caught short and need relief after eating how to do it descreetly when out and about lol.sorry for a long topic ,..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Thanks for reply paatiwack.sorry you having probs too,it awful when it happens isnt it? we could do with some sort of id card that explains about gbs to Medifast food outlets.yes Medifast food containers are good idea,i do take one when I go out to eat,take care.i did complain about her attitude to her manager and she apologised and said we wouldnt be bothered again,..

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Aren't you glad the pub owner where you uses the toilet didn't tell you that the porcelain was for paying custmers only and to get your shit out of there? LOL.

As for the bitch with the attitude, well that would have takne me about a nano second to change her tone of voice, maximum. Life rarely gives you the pleasure to just blast someone when their being an asshole..

You see in this country you would have ended up in a chain resturant or.


House where nobody would have cared whether or not you had a paper cup..


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Hi doubleb .the pub owner didnt get the chance to say anything to me as I flew in like a whirlwind and legged it to his bathroom and just let go in the sink,so glad no one came in,i would have won the olympic sprint I can tell you lol,when you gotta go you gotta for the woman my hackles were rising but my family made me ignore it,..

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My doc actually gave us a card explaining about.


And that we would require smaller sizes and most places always accomodate and don't hassle us. you will learn in time the feeling of eating one bit too many to help prevent throwing up especially when out in public. I"ve had to do driving down the road before. Not fun at all. Unfortunately there are some nasty people out there. Things will get better..


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It sounds like an awful experience, I'm sure she just didn't understand, and perhaps was having a bad day..

I will admit that I will often scout out toilets when dining out, and sit on the ends of a row just in case. Most of my friends and family understand, and some can even predict it (apparently I turn a lovely shade of red when i've eaten something that isn't going down), though I am pleased to say that it does settle down. (though.


Is trial and error!)..

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My Dr. gave me a card explaining what I had done and I've only had to show it a couple times. So far no problems about letting me order off the junior or senior menu and also bringing me a take home container right away..

I would have ripped that waitress a new one, I don't put up with that crap any more. Attitude change, anyone?..

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I carry an airsick bag with me. I can't be sure what is going to set me off. It is in a small envelope that I keep in my purse. And car. And....

I can't speak for the attitude of the pub bitch but I have had run in's with some restaurants that would not honor the card my doctor gave me. At first my hubby and I agreed to simply not frequent these places anymore but I finally decided it wasn't worth the few cents I might save if they charged me for the lesser amount of food. I have never heard of there being a problem with drinking out of paper cups her in the states. lol But you can be sure the rude behavior is abundant here..

One thing I would recommend is getting familiar with a pub that is GBS friendly and give them all your business. I know that sounds too obvious but I have discovered once they see me as a regular they love me and treat me special. They know I will be bringing my family and friends with me..

And unfortunately for the anti GBS stores I will not let it go. I send a letter to the owner and tell them what they are losing out on..



You have better luck and feel better about going out soon...

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Hi sue and evryone thanx so much for the repies.i am a little newby at taking my pouchy out to dinner lol. now we went out again last night and went to my local carvery and they were great.i had a childs menu and only managed gravy one potato with stuffing and then put meat in a container.they put lemon in my water and attitude way different.i dont like gb people to have is areal special need re food.i am not going to let it spoil the benefits my bypass is doing though just put it down to their sure me and pouch will hit the shopping mall again lol...

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I am 4 weeks out and have learned the skill to hold whatever I need to until I get to the bathroom. I was at first embarrassed to throw up but being caught at work now I turn it into a joke. Ive been out twice without waitress issues......

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.