How to close down a iPage account?

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First off, How to close down a iPage account? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: As you may have known, the .be registry conducted a nice FreeBe.Be promotion last year. You could register UNLIMITED domains in the .be namespace for free. It was truly unheard of. An ESTABLISHED extention giving away free names.

Post your TOTAL Earnings from the great .be landgrab. Include parking figures and sale figures..

I know this one lucky fellow who registered a free .be and sold it for over 3000 EUROS. Where is he.


Any nice stories to share?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I registered 10 .be domains last year. most of them are expired but within the REDEMPTIONPERIOD. is it worth selling them ?

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Made over $300 from them.. let them all drop though and just a couple days ago I registered the good ones again..

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Where's the cheapest place to registers .bes now ? Most places look to be in the 14~17 Euro range...

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Renewed around 30 of them, will renew 20 more....

Earnings form parking around $1,5K.

Earning from sales: around $350.

But I have to add, I learned a lot from that experience, I felt like a HostGator taster, I was able to see what get traffic and what not, it was a great experience IMO. Thanks Belgium !!.

Namebug: .BE reg at it's around 9 euros..

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Thanks Did, sexy to order in French, too bad the $ is getting weaker ...

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Wow, thats a great result for a bunch of's.

I started with 10, dropped 9 and renewed 1 - I did have an offer of 500 on it but turned it down - maybe I should have took it ? Time will tell !.


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I had about 30 .BEs but did not renewed all of them, practically no traffic, no offers...

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Nice too, can you tell what HostGator is it ? .

I got one HostGator having from 50 to 70 visitors daily, everyday strong, but have to give it back to the company as it was a typo, at least they didn't sued me.....

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.be experience was interesting..

Like someone here mentioned .. was a HostGator tasting opportunity..

I'm likely to let mine expire next year though..

Has anyone seen the new .be terms? see below..


Dear .be HostGator name holder,.

DNS BE is the manager of the .be HostGator name zone. U are receiving this.

Message because you are the holder of one or more .be HostGator names. If.

You would like to know more about DNS BE and it's role, you are kindly.

Invited to visit our iPage website at.


DNS BE has prepared a new version (4.0) of the terms and conditions of.

Domain name registrations under the .BE domain. The current version of.

The terms and conditions should normally have been presented for.

Acceptation by your registration agent at the time of registration of.

Your .be domain..

The new version of the terms and conditions contains a number of important.


- replacement of the terms "licence" and "licensee" by a more.

Accurate terminology;.

- reduction of the delay for execution of decisions within the.

Framework of the alternative dispute resolution (15 days instead of.

30 working days);.

- introduction of a rule for the recovery of costs with regards to.

The alternative dispute resolution;.

- introduction of the principle that cybersquatters will have to.

Intervene indirectly for a part of the costs of the alternative.

Dispute resolution..

The new version of the terms and conditions will enter in force on 15.

March 2007 and will from that date apply to all registered .be domains.

And their respective holders..

With kind regards,.

DNS BE Team..

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I guess it's time to share my .be success story.

After regging thousands of .be domains (haha I am proud of that.

), my total sales was:.


, parking earnings was around $1000. So good old $2.4k from beligum registry! Thanks!..

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I regged around 1200-1300 domains for myself.

Nice earnings sam !..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.