How to connect C# program to the iPage remote mysql database server?

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My first question is How to connect C# program to the iPage remote mysql database server? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Just checked on and saw, to my very surprise, that the following are available:.

All are .vg ($34.95 reg.fee).








Go forth and reg away. if you feel that rep is deserved, feel free to add some...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Have you received any offers for you

Does idotz take paypal?..

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Not sure about PayPal, might wanna check this one out for yourself..

I have not offered any (6) of my for sale. I'll hold on to them 'til mid next year before I think about it...

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How coem you wanna hold on to them for an entire year?..

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1, i'm under no sales pressure.

2, would like to see which route the .vg are taking.

3, waiting for Vegas to get the idea that .vg could be "their" domain, much like the .md got co-branded "medical domain".

4, at $34.95 i'm not going to lose, if anything at all, i'll always get my investment back out for a 2 -


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I assume .vg is a ccTLD, but what country?..

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.vg = British Virgin Islands.

Namco seem to think it's 'video game' (see:.



In addition to the cool double combos mentioned earlier, such as; many others are free, I searched 16-21 and seen that, and are still available...

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Still available (none taken by me):.




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I'm feeling friendly today so here is a list of available 2 letter and 2 character .vg, if you look closely '' is available.

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IMO the best one to register was, which is taken...

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I thought that too..

So much so, that I bought it..

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I noticed up on eBay this week..

Very interesting for me, as I have and

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As of today, there is no more 2-character LL or NN .vg available for registration at regular reg fee. (all LN and NL are also gone, I believe. But, I haven't checked them all.)..

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There was a thread a couple weeks ago where it appeared that Bob Parsons had bought all the LL, LLL, NN, and NNN.vgs as well as the remaining ones from the other Adams extensions. When the dust settled it looks like the registry has removed them from the market at the ordinary price - in the Whois it says inquire to AdamsNames for the price..

In other words they decided that they could squeeze more money out of the short domains..


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I just sorted through a bunch of .gd and it appears that all the NN LL have been "put to sleep" by adams names.

I guess they are trying to kick up the pricing, I just hope they don't do it for renewals ......

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