How to create a webpage in iPage?

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Got a quick question: How to create a webpage in iPage? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I'm just curious if there was one main guy or gal that thought it would be a bright idea to start buying random HostGator names (like way back when they were first available to register)..

Just wondering if there are any cool stories out there I might not have heard...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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He's still got loads of sweet ones too !.





Sexo_com .......

Overture with ext of 15931 !!!.


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1997...I was on the internet for one year then, I bought my 1st home computer in June 1996 for $5000 from futureshop. I joined the internet in September 1996. I was using some old search engine called squirrel or something and I was browsing with the old archaic Netscape Navigator! I used to chat on the IRC - Internet Relay Chat. My webprovider had a simple webpage builder and I made my own homepage (one of those ones with the huge long names that ended in "~yourname") Man...those were the days..

Weren't .com names $100 each back then? I didn't have that kind of money to buy just ONE even though I remember checking to see if my first name and my IRC nickname was available. I had no idea how to BUY or anything to do with iPage hosting or registrars, I thought it was a.


Process that only large companies could utilize..

Ahhhh hindsite is always best, no?..

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I started my first Internet dial-up company in 1993. Had I known of how the HostGator industry was going to grow, I would have been hording them, even at $35 per pop...

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Future Shop...yeah, they got me too...about 300 hundred less then. Internet ready, IRC ready (I had just discovered MIRC) all.

I wanted was to get on the net...they saw me coming.

But I never even had a concept that I could actually buy a .com, didn't.

Even know they were available to the average Joe,.

At that time in my life, it was 900 and 976 numbers...which way to go,.

Horoscopes or porn, $35.00 bucks a minute...Now it's on the net....

Geeeez......hindsight, you hit that one right Kerrijo..

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Yeah Rick Schwartz definitely has visionary credentials. I'd have to put that guy Yun Ye in the same category though. His portfolio sale to Marchex for $164 million woke up a lot of wall street types. Again cite dnjournal cover story for the details. And then there was me, who registered a couple of ridiculous .com domains in 1995 that are still worthless even today...

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I don't think that any name registered since 1995 would be worthless..

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Yeah that was some sale eh !!.

I just can't imagine how many years it would take for them to ever get their money back in PPC - thats if it lasts that long ??.

I bet loads of those names are'nt really that great too, just there to beef out the portfolio - I wonder what percentage of them actually receive decent steady traffic ? .

I must admit, I can't really get my head around it.

Have these Wall Street types been sold a dream ? .

I Just found this.

.....looks like it was'nt that risky of a gamble.

The portfolio Yun Yee sold for 164 million were reportedly generating about $19 million a year in revenue !!!.

Works out to a price of about 8.6 times the annual revenue.


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