How to create dvd Medifast menu and subMedifast menu ?

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Question I have... How to create dvd Medifast menu and subMedifast menu ? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Ok i'm not sure who said this in a past post .......but I have to say I hear you ..Is it better to be fat and have your skin fit or thin and have skin that hangs ......I'm at that point right now .... I no I will be getting my tummy done but what about the resti went to the gym the other day and was.


To one of the trainers she told me I would never build up enough to fill out the skin unless I want to look like a body builder i'm a little down after hearing that and right now don't feel that I want to go to the gym as it's not going to help anyways .......

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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I understand what your saying as I would not change a thing about being thiner I feel awsome !!!!!!! I just feel down as I feel that I will not be able to fix it my tummy is covered that no propb but it's my legs my upper legs and my arms ..........

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It's interesting. The skin thing was never even a consideration for me in the process. But I'm also a 52 year old guy - I suspect that is part of the reason. I never thought it would be an issue and the small amount of loose skin on my belly and arms doesn't bother me. But the skin on my back is now 'folding over' and getting pinched when I sit in a desk chair. I find myself pulling my skin down now before I lean back - a minor inconvenience at this point..

Make sure to read Callie's recent posts on this subject - it has been a much bigger issue for her and she is well versed in the topic. You may find some help and insights there...

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That trainer doesnt know what she is.


About. No regular trainer in a gym designed for thin people knows anything about conditioning for people recovering for obesity. Get a second opinion for your concerns from an informed party, and give the skin time to bounce back...

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At 28 loose skin is one of the major factors discouraging me from having.


I hate the thought of having to cut up my body to have it removed. I'm sure my skin will fair much better since I'm so young, but can't imagine life with a bunch of "old folks" rinkles - no offense.....

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Allnewme Callie just got her skin removal approved for her tummy and thighs so you if you haven't done your consult yet make sure you put in for the thighs to see. If you have a great deal of skin haning in that area it may be covered. I didn't know I could do that or I would have. My arms I will jsut have to live with. I never noticed any other part before my stomach skin was removed but now other parts are coming in to view I wish I could fix but I'll learn to live with it cause I don't ever want that huge stomach back again. Don't let it stop you.

Talk with Callie...

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I just sent you a private message, but wanted to answer here too for some of the others who may also be curious. But I've been using a cream called Nivea My Sillouette on my upper arms for quite awhile now, and I absolutely love the result I've gotten. I have no hanging skin on my arms, no bingo wings here, LOL. They're a little bit jiggly and a little stretch marked, but to me they look like totally normal 32 year old arms. I've posted pictures of my upper arms here in my photos to anyone who wants to check them out..

Next month I will be undergoing a panniculectomy (apron skin removal) and inner and outer thigh lift. My insurance is covering this. I'm not sure how I snuck in the thighs, but I just asked about it and when the plastic surgeon did his request he wrote I have acne and abseses that have required draining and skin infections from old rash scarring. Which are all true. The skin on my upper thighs don't hang horribly like an apron, but they are pretty loose and jiggly enough for me that I know getting my tummy done without the thighs will just look crazy if I try to wear a swimsuit or something. I just threw the thigh idea in at the end of my consult and the doctor added it in.

Wish you the best, and.


That helps!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.