How to create website restriction for iPage?

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My 1st question is: How to create website restriction for iPage? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. I might need to reevaluate my typo perceptions....

I have.

Basically it gets ZERO hits... I am beginning to find this somewhat incredulous... I mean perhaps... ermm at least 1 hit a day? NO!!!.

Any ideas as to why not? I mean... I thought a typo like that might do quite well...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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The typo is very strange thing, I had a few typos, but they never did much...

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Before registering typos, consider a few patterns:.

1) Even generic typos have potential TM liabilities.

2) Typos with missing letters or phonetic typos (i.e. outperform other types of typos.

3) Even if you get hits, the PPC will be low generally given that often the visitor is looking for a specific site..

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Typos can be extremely lucrative, but you've gotta know your audience. You need to research how stuff gets misspelled or fat-fingered. Celebrity typos are big, same with sports teams, and then the obviously major-website typos..

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I strongly agree on this, mate. Save time, save money, and save domain...

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Sometimes the login just does not work like you would think...

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Login nearly always works for me, netzilla.

Phonetic typos are normally the best, and of well known domains, not like as your typo, but yootube or youtub...

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Best in terms of traffic, worst in terms of lawsuits...the sweetest apples are sometimes poisonous.....

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You are right... oh well it cost little more than reg fee and I can always sell it on hehe.

However... just because a iPage site has been dropped doesn't mean it isn't lucrative... I picked up a 10K/month all direct type-in traffic (no.


) from TDNAM.. ok it cost.. but the previous owner just let it expire..

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Not at the moment as I am selling it and the buyer has asked it kept quiet.

However TDNAM often has names with 5000 and 10000 hits a month expiring (I think recently divox or something has 82000 hits a month and just expired that went for 4K) - I think people bid too high on TDNAM based purely on traffic estimates so I tend not to use it so often because of the prices...

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To me, a Typo has to be a NATURAL typo, not just a rearranging of the letters or adding/subtracting one at random..

Remember the rule? "I" before "E" except after "C" and that sort of thing... a GOOD typo might be the inverst of that rule... THIEF versus THEIF, FIELD versus FEILD for instance..

Others might be the "silent e" or perhasp the "ps" in pshychology being substituted for an "s"..

There are some dropped letter typos that work, but again... it must be natural.. for instance, gives me around 1000 hits a month and a pretty good little bit of money. The "x" is dropped... it's a natural occurance to have 1000 type-ins per month..

Finding one is hard considering that OVT generall groups the typo in with the correct spelling (so you can judge how often the typo occurs) and Google's API is only understood and used by a select few domaineers that are smart enough to write code to create a Google version of OVT (after which people simply don't believe the results because it's not mainstream)..

Typos are a roll of the dice sometimes, but if you stick to what's natural, you might be able to make some ching..

Good luck!.


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Great thread with some excellent advice. Other typos threads have been started before, but people usually don't share their secrets...

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Register'ed 10 typos 2 years ago, never dare to do it ever since..

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I have a few .be typos (shhhh) that make double their reg fee every year. Used DRT to find them (they used to have ovt w ext). Overture used to be a very powerful tool in my belt, but ever since about 6 months ago, the servers have been too busy for efficient bulk searches...

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Typo's are a science. If you do a search for typo's (keywords not: domains or traffic, but qwerty and typing lessons) you'll find there are five known typing errors:.


- nrtwork.


- networ.


- googgle.


- yootube.


- netwrok.

The last one, like yours, mostly occurs when both hands are out of sync:.

Netwrok - r = left hand, o = right hand.

Netowrk - w = left hand, o = right hand..

That knowledge always helped me when picking my typo's...

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Which one of the above is the most common typo?..

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IMO, phonetics are the best kind. This is especially because people who can't spell will think they have landed on the correct iPage site and are much more likely to click your ads as opposed to somebody who realizes a typing error and leaves your site. THis leads to a much higher CTR...

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Why is that link under the google jobs page?..

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'cause Britney is a whack JOB any way you spell it.



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