How to edit php.ini file on iPage webhost?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How to edit php.ini file on iPage webhost? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: I have always used GoDaddy for my .mobi purchases, but comparing them to some others, they are more expensive. I was actually considering registering some .mobi names with as they are a couple of bucks cheaper than GoDaddy. If I was planning to maybe sell those .mobi names later on, is it wise to stay with GoDaddy or consider the cheaper alternative?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Don't use GoDaddy. I used to use them and brag about them all the time. At one point I had 30 domains with them. They keep cutting slack and getting rid of coupon codes and whatnot. Plus they send you one email every day about "NEW! 10% off ANY DOMAIN!" type crap when it's just the same exact sale over and over and over again. Bob Parsons is just a money-hungry selfish guy that cares more about cents than making sense..

I used GoDaddy from 2003 to 2006 and now I just use because they're not throwing stupid ads all over the place or cheezy one-day sales that are really just rebadged everyday sales..

Yeah, stay away from GodAddy or whatever they think they're called...

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I would use Moniker to buy .mobi names. GoDaddy is good too but it costs $5 more. I would rather pay the extra to have my names with a company I trust and I am familiar with such as GD and Moniker than to save a few bucks and possibly risk losing my mobi portfolio or something...

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How could you risk losing your mobi portfolio?.

Thanks to all who replied. In regards to GoDaddy, I was just over at DomainState & came across these to threads about how bad GoDaddy is. Just recent threads from yesterday & day before. What's your opinions on these:.



Just went over to DomainSite to search for a few .mobi, entered some rubbish combos to test them out, one of them, after taking ages to see if it's available, it says that it's taken. Wondering who would've taken such a crappy domain, went to GoDaddy to double check this one & the other one & GoDaddy said it's available. What's the deal here with DomainSite??..

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I personally like to stay away from godaddy.I started with them but as I learn things i'm moving into better options..

They're not that expensive even though there are other registrars are cheaper than them. What worries me is their credibility. They bringing down sites that been ordered by third party without investigating the matter... latest,Godaddy & Myspace.



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If I were buying the name, I would feel more comfortable with it begin at a registrar I recognize, in this case GoDaddy...

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Anyways, I register mine at Moniker. I have names at GoDaddy, and I am indifferent towards them. Never had an exceptionally good or bad experience...

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GoDaddy is great, and despite what you hear it has amazing customer service. I have very few domains, so I am definitely not a "preferred" customer. They have good deals, and for the wimps who are afraid of seeing them advertise their products... boohoo...

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I agree with the spirit of the above message..

I would certainly not drop GD because of the price. Underneath GD is the abyss of abysmal registrars..

GD is great when the special offers are running, but otherwise I prefer namecheap because the interface is friendlier for me and the push process is simpler..

Anyway, ignore the anti-GD whingers!..

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Um... you can turn off that setting on your account details/settings page.....

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Its so good for pay me more! thank you a lot !..

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I have think that selling .mobi names registered at is a plus to normal GoDaddy customers. I have been thanked for introducing one to a cheaper registra for .mobi domains..

The guy who runs is a Namepros member. TK, I think...

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